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Clean And Refurbish Cast Iron – Hobby Farms


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Pork Pot Roast 100 mile diete

So before I forget here is the recipie for the Pork Pot Roast that I did the other day in the crock pot.

Everything, pork, potatoes, onions, veggies, green tea grown in Ontario, even the cherries I put on top where from within the 100 mile radius, all from Ontario.

Pan seared the Pot Roast in my Cast Iron Frying Pan,
Put some Green Tea in the bottom of the Crock Pot
put in the Pork Loin Roast,
added in 5 large Potatoes (Ontario Whites)
– poked them with a fork a few times before putting them in
put Veggies on top
added some cherries on top for a bit of sweetness

Covered the crock pot, cooked on High for 4 hrs,

then on simmer until Dinner time of 7pm

Took it out, cut the string around the pork roast as it just fell off the fork.
Awesome Taste


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