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Videos of my Cane Corso x Great Dane

 She is a female Cane Corso crossed with a Great Dane, she weighs about 135lbs, is about 3 1/2 yrs old.

Cane Corso x Great Dane with a very big stick they are strong and very quick dogs

Here you can see her paws and a very quick zoom by, by Zelda.

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Miscellaneous thoughts post

Miscellaneous thoughts from this week;

Two nights ago I stood watched the 3/4 Moon rise over the tree tops, the Moon was glowing Orangey Red, it was very cool. Zelda stood beside me watching the Moon rise as well. I love the Moon especially when it is in the 3/4 phase, so neat and lovely she is. Now I do not talk to her, sing to her or worship her, though her beauty is awe-inspiring. She is the other Woman in my life, Zelda my teenager puppy dog and the lovely face of the Moon.

As we were getting ready to go inside, the Coyote Singing Network began. There are about 5 groups spread out around our rise of land, they sing to each other of the days events, catching up on the gossip and chatting with each other. Zelda has stopped growling and barking at them unless they are closer than the Ravine below. Since I challenged a group of them last year in the evening time, none that I am aware of have crept up to my camping place.

orange red moon rising not my image over trees

orange red moon rising over trees not my image

Miscellaneous comments, I hear all the time from the few people I know especially females that are aware that I live in my Camper, how horrible or how sad. Really SAD, why is it sad, when I spend so much time out in Nature, mornings, daytime, evenings and night times.

While you sit in your Sticks and Bricks house, I watch the Moon Rise in all her glory, listen to the chirps of the insects, watch the birds in their aerial acrobatics over the meadows catching bugs. Or when they  soaring majestically on high invisible currents of air. For the last few weeks I have been enjoying the sights of Firefly’s dancing upon the meadow below and frittering in and out of the tall grasses on high near me.

Right now as I look out my Van window, while I update my blog I am enchanted by the dance of Dragon Fly’s as they go on their quest for tiny morsels of Mosquitoes, boy o boy do I love Dragon flies for that!

Miscellaneous sights sitting here, it is quite easy to get lost in the profusion of colours that is the tall grasses and plants, some of whom are now about 5′ tall. Endless colours of greens, flowering buds of Blues, Whites, Purples, Oranges and every colour imaginable. Wheat in their singular beauty of gold poke through in clumps and stands of tall golden perfection as if placed there by a Goddess from the old religions, to allow us Humans the sight of perfection itself. Placed by the Goddesses so that we may be close to The God as well.

Miscellaneous thoughts of people sitting in their toxic man-made environments, watching TV, playing on the computer for endless hours, while I sit, looking at the Bounty that is Mother Nature or wandering in the tall grasses letting the sights and smells infuse my awareness, allowing my hands to gently stroke the soft plums of Tall Wheat. Thus miscellaneous thoughts of sadness for what we have become, us descendants of explorers and conqueror of worlds and lands, warriors, farmers, poets and woodcutters, lost and adrift in a sea of Technology and empathy,  so much more lost in ways than those out at sea may have been.

Miscellaneous wildlife sightings; The two family’s of rabbits with their young, one at the entrance and one group at the cliff face of our landing area in the rear. Two families of Chipmunks, a family of Racoons, a family of Vultures who soar overhead silently, then swoop down teasing the dog as she lies in the gravel sun tanning. Families of sparrows, finches, barn swallows who do their aerial acrobatics catching lots of mosquitoes and the two very colourful groups of birds, little yellow bodied with black winged birds. Back at the entrance the family’s of Doves have taken to flight and now fly up to the wires instead of running down the middle of the roadway, like the little bunny’s they have learned the art of Get Out of the Way! Lots and lots of Butterflies, Moths of every shape and colouring and camouflage.

The wasps and hornets I could do without!

Miscellaneous thoughts on Religions..

Christian Background, I now consider myself more spiritual,

The God, the One God, God Almighty is the same God, the God of all People, the God of the Book the Old Testament. The God of Muslims, Christians and Jewish, the same God.
We little brained humans can not really wrap our head around what God is anyways so why go to war over simple terms, thoughts and words that are spoken by People?

What’s in a word? The Great Spirit, Jehovah, Lord, Allah, etc, they are only words from Humans, variations of words, variants of words to represent The greater being that is God.
My Grandfather and Grandmother were Ministers, they did the Lords work. One of my favourite quotes that he said all the time was;
Humans are small God is great, does it matter the name of the religion or the name you call God? No, it matters the goodness in your heart, your deeds, your thoughts and actions. Be the best person you can and help others, this is what God Wants. Sounds good to me!

Fixed the door to Zelda’s little house so now she does not have to bend down so much, she dips and walks in and out now.

Miscellaneous musings on Sleeping Dogs, laying in the Sun, sun tanning DOGS..
Well now, how many times now have I silently sat or stood watching the little Bunnies or Chipmunks run by my sleeping dog.  While she lays sun tanning or sleeping or enjoying a good lay down, they watch her and creep by.

How like us Humans, how much creeps by us, as we do not pay attention, as we scurry on our self-important errands and lives, priorities all askew. When we live Closer to Nature, Closer to God we enjoy more, see more, feel more, sense more. Of Gods plans of the Universes Plans what are we missing because we have forgotten how to listen, how to see and how to feel the World around us?

Got to say since I do not watch TV or even have one set-up, I don’t normally think I am missing things normally. Yesterday at a Liquidations place I picked up some movies to watch and Season 1 of the Walking Dead.
wow… just wow.. was hooked after the first 15 min of the first episode. The shooting reminds me of Lost the Series and I loved that series as well. Now I had thought of watching an episode a night, yaw, that did not happen. Watched all of them, all yesterday afternoon!
Hooked, hooked line and sinker! Now waiting to get my hands on Season Two episodes. Was told in a forum that there was a Walking Dead marathon all weekend, Seasons 1-3 damnation now I am a missing TV!

These are my thoughts,
Miscellaneous thoughts on my
Wilderness Return Journey

x Thoughts on Movies from others

There is a movie I think it is an indie type. It is called “The Divide” It is about a group of people trying to survive a post apocalypse and things start to happen. It touches on a lot of trust issues that we will encounter if SHFT happens and you have to bug in a shelter with a bunch of people.

If you are looking for a movie that fits our subject matter, is entertaining and you might learn something from…
DEFIANCE ; starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber.
Based on a true story.

The Day After ; Starring Jason Robards is a T.V. movie from 1983 that is available on Netflix and YouTube.

I suggest watching the show “the colony” if you can find it. You can download both seasons from thepiratebay.se. It’s a little bit over the top sometimes, but there are a lot of useful ideas and handiwork techniques that can be learned from it.

The show in a nutshell this is a mock SHFT scenario where a group of survivors has turn survive for 60 days in a certain area, forage for goods, fend off marauders, etc. Done in a reality TV format. I enjoyed it. Wish they would bring it back for a 3rd season LOL.


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