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Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day while you’re out and about doing your thing,
Remember Vets in Respect.

They saw, they heard, they felt, they still feel emotions am memories leading into, through and out of Hell.

Burning embers of fire, ashes of misery run through the air. The question is are these the images of the past, images in memory or of the now, the current firing through their thoughts?

Fire and ashes, memories, people gone in death, while some live daily with the ghosts of battles of conflicts and friends past. Some wake and look for missing limbs, some never awaken at all, the bodies are their the mind is stuck or has fled. All remember all have been bled.

Soldiers and warriors march by you some seen some not; all are there, their comrades waiting in the mist of time and fog of battle. Warriors in the mist and fog wait for their comrades in arms, friends. Unseen they watch and attend for them time stands still.

Your free, your thoughts are your own, your space safe and secure. When you shop or talk, when you travel or sit, your safe and sound. Your freedoms of speech while you move about your daily lives, paid for with their service. They stand; they stood in front of the fire so you don’t have too, so you never have too!

Soldiers, warriors both before and present gave their lives, gave their bodies and limbs, gave their minds all given freely nothing asked for in return.

YOU – Can you not give them just a little respect pay some thought and give but some of your time on Remembrance Day or any day? Just to hear the words thank you from your heart will be payment for all! With Respect Pro Patria

~Ed wild_E 2014-11-11


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Political Correctness = Bullcrap

My Country should do this,
our Province should do this,
the Region should do this
and the city I am in needs to do this…

Sad that nobody has the cahoonies to do what is right anymore, except actual Present and Past Military Members.

Pro Patria, and I very much mean…. Pro Patria .. Latin… look it up… non RCR types/wogs and logs along with civies !

political …. correctness on the way out

Soldiers know peace, they pray for peace for the alternative is Hell on Earth.
Defend your freedoms before it is too late. In the old days People from all over the globe came to the Americas, Canada and the USofA where they left all the old crap and hostilities behind in the old world.

Now the Muslims pour into the countries, birth themselves into the countries and try to force Sharia Law down our thoughts. They try to restrict and rescind all the social gains for Women in the last 100 yrs. They try to commandeer everything in their path as the one and only path.

Yet, they are one of the children of the Book. Only one, not the one.
There is so much to say, some will unsubscribe some will cry foul, yet others will think, yet others will agree, hopefully all with think for themselves!

Pro Patria, while we still are able.

ps… big gov and big militarized outfitted gov employees with little training who are only a small step above Mall Cops in training and thoughts. This is you as well, get a grip and give the land back to the people !

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We Blog Naked

OK did that get your attention? LOL

naked badge

naked badge

Well so sometimes I do blog Naked, shock O horror (although I am not nearly as buff as I used to be so don’t peak in the windows..)

After visiting Mexico first then a UN Tour in Cyprus then living in Europe, what is the big deal with Nakedness. If you’re so inclined Sky Clad, in the Buff, As Mother Nature Intended or as in Birthday Clothed, Birthday Suit. Go to the Naturist and Nudist Camps and beaches, all body types, nobody judges you, people get along, they have nothing to hide !

North Americans are so uptight about it that we now have soooo many issues due to something that is natural. Sometimes it is not a mater of being naked just a matter of not getting dressed in a hurry! I tell my dog that I need to put on my fur when she looks at me, too funny.

Now I also blog Naked as I am bearing my Heart and Soul, letting you into my deepest darkest thoughts and fears. I was told that for therapy for PTSD and Depression to be more open, honest and let the deep thoughts and emotions out! Well as evidenced by some of my blog posts in the last little while, I have done just that.

Some say good going, some criticize, some question, some just come and read then leave. Now since I started doing this Naked blogging of the Soul and Spirit, let alone the buff posts, I am much more calm than I was before. For a couple of weeks though, I was pouring out emotions, emotions dripped from my eyes at the slightest thing.

Sometimes Ladies you do not understand that we were told from a young age to close those doors to emotions, put them aside, hide them, lock the door and throw away the key. Too bad, that is why we die earlier I think, plus some other things that I will not get into here, right now. When I opened the doors it was like opening up the huge Barn Doors and everything came out at once, I was overwhelmed overcome by these new flood gates or another way of expressing it would be the Tsunami of emotions that poured out onto everything! Shocking

Naked Award by Miss Four Eyes 
Well if your still reading; MISS Four Eyes 
has a very interesting blog, interesting readership (some naked, some just out of the shower, a couple in the bath??? ) She, funny Girl lots of fun posts and comments, very neked comments (say it like a redneck now.. neked)

has an award for Naked Bloggers, her award is if you’re in the flesh Naked, though I have noticed that her comments and articles are naked in their emotions and thoughts as well!


Here is her interview on Blogging Naked with Julie the Chicklitasaurus’s Blog

naked blogging badge

I blog Naked


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US Navy Captains Take on Canada

Some Canadianism from an American Sometimes there are little items that are really worth sending on, I think this is one of them..

One American’s View –
David Meadows is a retired US Navy Captain and the author of numerous books and articles on military subjects.This message was on the U.S. Military.Com website. It appears that Mr. Meadows knows one helluva lot more about what our military is doing than most Canadians.

On April 22, 2006 four Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. Respects and heartfelt sadness go to the families of those heroes who stand alongside the U.S. In the Long War half a world away. While we focus on the war in Iraq , the fighting continues in Afghanistan where side-by-side the U.S. and one of its most loyal allies, Canada , engage there-emergence of the Taliban.

Canada is like a close uncle who constantly argues, badgers, and complains about what you are doing, but when help is truly needed, you can’t keep him away: he’s right there alongside you. We have a unique relationship with Canada . We have different political positions on many issues, but our unique friendship has weathered world wars, global crises, and the ever-so-often neighborhood disagreement.Canada has been with us since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism.

In February 2006, without fanfare Canada , leading a multinational force combating growing Taliban insurgency, increased troop strength in Afghanistan to 2,300. With the American military stretched thin against rising instability in both Iraq and Afghanistan , an ally that increases its troop strength is inspiring and deserves our respect.

Katrina was another example of our close family-like relationship. Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. Two days later, the Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue Team rushed from British Columbia , Canada to Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana . In this Parish of 68,000 Americans, the first responders were Canadians. Overall, within the devastated Gulf Coast area, it appears Canada was the first responder outside of local efforts. They worked 18-hour days, going door-to-door alongside Louisiana State Troopers, rescuing 119 Americans. While FEMA ramped up to surge into the catastrophe; while the administration and Louisiana fought for the politically correct way to respond; Canadian aid was already at work.The Canadian Forces Joint Task Group 306 consisting of the warships HMCS Athabaska, HMCS Toronto, NSMC Ville de Quebec, and CCGC William Alexander sailed to the Gulf Coast to deliver humanitarian supplies. They stayed,working alongside U.S. Navy and Mexican warships, to provide aid to Katrina victims.Katrina was not an anomaly of our close relationship.

When Hurricane Ivan devastated Pensacola , Florida in October 2004 Canadian humanitarian help was there also. Canadian power trucks roamed the streets and countryside helping restore electricity where Americans had a unique experience of running into workmen who only spoke French. Canada took a lot of undeserved flak for failing to leap into Operation Iraqi Freedom when our administration sent us galloping across the desert. But Canada remains one of our staunchest allies in the war.

When United States military forces were fighting up the highways in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Canada quietly increased troop numbers in Afghanistan and continued Naval operations with U.S. Warships in the Persian Gulf .I was at the Pentagon on 9/11, stationed on the Joint Staff. During the early hours after the attack, the United States closed its air space and ordered every aircraft within our borders to land immediately at the nearest airfield. Canada immediately stood up an Operations Support Post. With civil aviation grounded, aircraft destined for the United States were forced elsewhere. Most landed in Canada .

Re-routed travelers and flight crews were hosted at Canadian Forces facilities in Goose Bay , Gander, and Stephenville , Newfoundland ;Moncton, new Brunswick, Halifax , Shearwater, and Aldershot , Nova Scotia ; Winnipeg , Manitoba ; and Yellowknife , Northwest Territories . Canada rapidly mobilized its forces. Within hours,the Canadian Navy was on alert with ships preparing to cast off immediately for any U.S. Port to help victims of the 9/11 attacks. Canada ‘s Disaster Assistance Response Team prepared to deploy from Trenton , Ontario . Canada dispersed CF-18 fighter aircraft to strategic locations throughout Canada .No politics. No negotiating. No questions. They were just there. Canada would have fought any adversary that approached the United States that day.

Canada has been such an integral partner with the United States in the Global War on Terrorism that on December 7, 2004 when President Bush awarded the Presidential Unit Citation to Commander Joint Force South for combat success in Afghanistan , he was also recognizing the secretive Canadian Joint Task Force 2 commando counter-terrorism unit.The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded 30 Bronze Star medals for heroism in combat to Canadian Forces personnel. Some of those 30 died in action. Many of the others were wounded. These Canadians earned this American medal for heroism fighting alongside Americans. When we recall our own dead heroes, we must remember that these warriors gave their lives not only for Canada , but also for the United States .Canada is more than a neighbor. It is a close family member with the gumption to disagree with its brother to the south but always be there when disaster strikes and America needs help. For that, I salute you, Canada , and extend my respect for the sacrifices given by members of the Canadian Forces. What an awesome Country you are Canada.

(edited to put back in paragraphs, sorry if they are not 100% in the right place)

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Spoken Word Poetry on Posts and words

(Read, to be read aloud like a Poet Laureate with a beatnik heart, spoken aloud with a cadence set forth, The Spoken Word Poetry on Stage performances)

Here I sit,
for too many things, for you, for others, for answers, for reasons, for hope.

Where are the poets and philosophers of yesteryear?
Are they now dead, gone consumed by the fires and ravages of time?
Perhaps they are reincarnated in the vestiges of self, shadows or former glory.
Perhaps they are fully reincarnated as Filmmakers, Song Writers, Playwrights of the day.

Here sit I,
wishing for a modicum of their talent, a modicum of talent that I believe I possess, evidenced thought former photos and images created, words that flowered and blossomed on the blank white page into a river of thoughts, emotions and expressions given forth from some old and newly tapped well of inspiration.

Sitting here, attempting to dispel the dullness, the cold inside, desperately attempting to open the shutters to allow the Sun’s warmth and rays to shine on this cold heart, cold spirit, dulled and tarnished like a doorknob to the dungeon entrance.

This self made dungeon for sure, made bitter and cold through and through by the hatred of self talk, echos of words remembered, words shot and flung out into time and space by people in moments of nastiness  spitefulness with mean spirited verbal attacks.

Opened up doors, opened up wells of feeling during moments of hope brought on by memories from out of the past.

Doors that should have remained closed and closeted perhaps, the eternal optimist,  the eternal dreamer, the eternal believer in shared feelings that may have not existed, though may be welled behind other doors themselves. Convoluted emotions, twisted feelings around shriveled up hearts, minds that are shattered in their present altered state of closed off corridors and rooms hidden from view.

Here I sit, me yet not me, what was is perhaps no more, what was meant to be may have no future. The future that should have and would have existed given choices made in opposite directions the path left empty and untrod upon.

Sit I here, in the warmth of the air, cold inside, broken and shattered like the reflection in the pond after the hand has scooped out the water of life, but ripples radiating outwards.

I wait,
I wonder,
I try to call forth the muse of creativity while steadfastly avoiding the void.  For to gaze too long into the void is to fall, to lose oneself forever.
Longing for the fingers to convey the allowed words, to create the flow of thoughts that will set me free, I await the rush.

Tenderly now I probe seeking  searching, sharing thoughts, fingers conveying hidden and thus far unshared words, emotions, thoughts and hopes. Remembrances of fingers brushing the skin on the cheek, brushing the stray hair away and up, finger tips warmed by the internal heat of another. The heat also of creativity, longing for either, afraid of one or both, afraid of opened doors soon to be slammed shut again, splintered and shattered on the broken hinge.

Here I sit,
for too many things, for you, for others, for answers, for reasons, for clarity of purpose, for clarity of mind.
The Blankness and Desolation of Blank Pages reflect the shattered and poor words I write, calling for the Muse to arise once again.

The Desolation of lost and useless hope, I sit, I ponder in darkness within and without, alone this night, alone this life, alone this soul.

Here sit I

Here sit we, the culmination of lost, of hurt of hatred of abused of bruised, of tendernesses, of shared love even if so brief, of shared memories, of shared dreams, wants and desires and hopes for the future, now all clouded up with the past, shadows and shadowed skittering and chittering like some small animals seeking hidden passageways while predators circle and peer. Looking to pounce, talons ripping, beaks and fangs gnashing endless death of body, spirit, soul, creativity and passions, die broken in the fading light of day.

Here, sit,
share, feel, comfort, hold, caress, kiss and blossom like emotions set free. No, again why, why not, allow, do not attempt, hear and hearken to pain and suffering of opened doors to inside feelings and hopes. Again hopes die or fade in the waning sunshine of yesteryear or is that the present or perhaps time yet to come. Crushed on the ebb and flows of Time.

Hope springs eternal, hope the saviour, hope the destroyer, hope the desolation of ONE. Hope while visions and memories are made, were made, will be made again, gone like the sunshine replaced by the darkness, the night settles.

Sit, here I vanquishing the beast inside again, the page fills, struggling for hope of creativity, though allowing these words to take shape, form to struggle free, to keep pace with the mind already chapters ahead. Is there hope?

Here I sit,
for too many things, for you, for others, for answers, for reasons, for the end, for the beginning.  I wonder as I sit, here.

.. a song from days ago, played on the radio, reverberates endlessly in the thick skull of the eternal being of hope; “What a Fool Believes” and “The Rose” songs flow together, around behind and in front of each other, endlessly like dueling radios at a beach, the peace of nature, shattering the voices of the night with the tones of Poetry Sung in this present, defined present by the past, the future, the now.


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