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Found this method for combating cancer

While surfing some old links for some new info, I cam across this article. This article on Cancer is very pertinent for me today. The Authors do not want to sell you anything, they just ask that you read, nice change.

A very promising method for combating cancer

“Cancer is a scourge that afflicts hundreds of millions of people. Hopefully, someday there will be a completely effective ordinary therapy. In the meantime, however..,”

From the site, books on Cancer

We are happy to make available two excellent books by Eydie May available free of charge for use by individuals:

How I Conquered Cancer Naturally

and its companion book:

Eydie May’s Natural Recipes for the Live Foods Gourmet

with Chris Loeffler.


Read with caution, ask you Dr. I just think it is interesting info, I am just passing along for you to look at, that is all.


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