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FarmGal’s 3rd post and Permy Links

Howdy, I am reposting/repressing/reblogging (not sure of all the differences here!)

FarmGal’s 3rd permy info session is here, http://livingmydreamlifeonthefarm.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/hugelculture-making-hill-beds-for-garden-use/ Search through her site and find some interesting Recipes, do this after lunch and not before! Also look for Oxen/Ox training of Girl, the name of her Female cow who is being trained as an Ox. Very cool indeed

Why do this;

  • ok, I am lazy?
  • She has great info, Farmgal has so lets get you the info from the person who actually went to the lecture, who has some great hands on experiences. So in essence from the Oxen’s mouth, cause she does not have a horse, but is training to Cows to be Oxen, explanation is cheesy right?
  • As part of my journey and for my own memory reasons, I document some information and share it with whomever feels like reading this.
  • Aquaponics Family is another example, I am totally impressed with them, totally EH! (he he, now look at the sentence and say it like a valley girl, with the Eh like one of the hossers)(hhmmm too much caffeine for me, but it is fun and I like to write like I talk, the world is too serious already)

Next you will find a link to a post that was done a while back by myself with links to the leaders in the Permaculture Fields. I will probably be editing the links soon to include the Aquaponics Family and a few other sources for Aquaponics information. Another great innovation that can be done in your basement, you garage or backyard.
Here is the link to their site and to their profile


view of aquaponics Family photos with a raised aquabed with plants in it

view of aquaponics Family photos with a raised aquabed with plants in it, no fish shown or jumping though


Now I am think that if you take some lessons from the lecture series from Prof Will Hooker Prof. NCS in the USA – follow through to a great and interesting presentation and video series on Permaculture pay attention to his house visit lecture #5 or 6 where he talks about his small Frog Pond and fist ponds and the effects on the surrounding nature

add in the ideas from Geoff Lawton and Here is the link to the Permaculture Australia site and AgroForestry and Food Forests.

Read up and watch info on Bill Mollinson Here is a link to a Wiki article on him and Sepp HolzerHere is a link to his Farm and info Website

All of the sources above have video links to those who are too tired to read, so Google and YouTube the names and come up with some Videos to watch, get the family interested.

A Farm For the Future – very well presented and easy to watch a great intro video for you, your family and others around you. (British)
How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, this was surprising, so all encompasing and teaches us all that you can do it on a Nation Wide Basis!
Cuba Power of Community  How Cuba survived Peak Oil Crisis (slovenski podnapisi) full name to search for
Next search for Videos and PDF’s, books by Jean Pain on Jean Pains methods of Bio Heating and Bio Fuel (that is a real I opener, so easy to at least cut the costs of heating houses, barns and the like and all the info is from the 80’s and proven time and again)


Bill Mollinson – Global Gardener Series
Geoff Lawton and Here is the link to the Permaculture Australia site his speciality is Food Forests so search for that and his name

Of course my personally Fav of all time, Sepp Holzer and his books, video series and short YouTubes made by other people who visited him!

* Now you can start by planting some 3 Sisters Gardens, smaller and uncomplicated, eventually grow into the Full Blown Permaculture and Aquaponics Routes, this is a natural progression. You can start all of this in your backyard or basement, in your new or existing Homestead, on your wild and natural acreage or in your tree lot or hunting camp. Want to help keep the animals out, Sepp Holzer suggests that you plant food for them in lots of areas in your property. Plant lots of Lettuce, they all love lettuce. I would do a 3 sisters garden technique for them and you then, seed lots of areas in your property and in the ajacent property. Just dig a little bit, cover with some soil and walk away! Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. The only cost is some seeds.

Why do this, plant for the animals, my answer is WHY NOT!  We as Humans are greedy, we take over all the land that we see saying it is ours, the animals have been here for 50,000 yrs or more, and that is just for the modern version of the bears! Give some thought and think on it, ok. We take over everything, kill off the forests, the fields and swamps, where to they live, where to they get food. Well if I was a hungry animal in the wild, I would learn quickly to look for humans, since they are everywhere! Ok, let them look, now plant stuff in their path, find game trails, out of the way areas of your paddocks, fields, swamp or wetlands, plant food there for them. Propagate some the natural foods as well, such as Jerusalem Artichokes, Aramath, Nettles and the list goes on and on. Remember, you can forage in these areas as well, take some of the natural foods, enjoy them, take some others and replant them for others.

Remember become Land Stewards and not just occupiers, work with Nature and Nature will work with you. God loves those that help themselves. Maybe if he sees you helping the animals with food, he will send some helpers to direct the animals to the safer wild areas and away from your Gardens! Just a thought, just a thought.

Now any comments or links to Aquaponics, Permaculture, Hugelculture, AgroForestry and FoodForests not covered are welcome to be put as comments at the end of the blog, so please share with others. The Government will never really help us, so lets help ourselves.
p.s. spam will be deleted as a matter of course!

cheers and looking forward to your comments and links ~WildE

goofing around in submissive manner

goofing around in a submissive manner

She is bored and watching me write this right now, thinking come on Human/two legs, lets go play fetch! My thoughts are its, windy, snowing, raining all at the same time and I do want to. Stamps foot, crosses arms
sentence just to see if your still reading 😀





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Food Forests or Producing Hedgerows-Farmgal Style.

Food Forests or Producing Hedgerows-Farmgal Style..

Ok, here is FarmGal’s 2nd instalment on the lectures this past weekend on a course for Permaculture in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

Hope you enjoy, also look to back postings for more info on Permaculture and Permy links.

cheers WR or WildE

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Rocket Mass Heater Plans

I have seen people who build covered decks that are really mud rooms. In these Mud rooms they put the heaters, so it frees up space in other areas. The last one I saw, had the deck so long it covered both doors, massive heater with stone around it. Just use some computer fans which are 12v, use even the small 1.5 or 2 watt panels to power them. The excess power can be diverted to a small 12v deep cycle battery, I got mine from a used Electric Bike dealer. One could put an addition onto the back, even insulated Canvas would work, then you increase the mobility of the RV/Camper while creating extra room and a place for the larger heater.

Now I am working on two projects, well actually 3 projects.
1st was simple, I gutted an old Kerosene heater, put in a small catalytic propane heater. I am using the old cabinet from the Kerosene in order to make it safer as well as direct the heat better. Last night, I put an old brake rotor on top, since it is solid metal it took a while for it to heat up, likewise it will take a while to cool down. So there is some mass.

2nd my mechanic uses the old oil he takes out of vehicles to heat his shop. He puts them in some soup cans, 3/4 full then squirts a bit of BBQ lighter fluid into them to get them going. After a while, he will put some wood on top, to really get it heated up. Heating cost $0, although you need to clean the chimney more. I have two portable camping wood stoves now. One brand new the other cost $40 with the home-made chimney.

3rd Will be making a rocket mass heater for this coming Winter and Fall, enough of spending so much money on Propane. I will of course use the propane as an emergency supply or a quick warm up, while the rocket mass heater is doing its thing.

Now seeing as this is a vehicle, RV there is not as much room in it as I would like, so the outlet pipes will be modified. I have picked up some used (although maybe never used at all) gas heater pipes. This will be for the outlet of the Rocket Mass Heater. Since it is already a duel pipe system, the inner pipe, the smaller one will be for the exhaust. The outer ring will be filled with Vermiculite or Perlite. (almost the same, slightly different but very similar) They both hold and retain the heat, are both very lightweight.

Next I will attach a cheap copper or other metal pipe to it, this will be the outside air, so it is warmed as it travels along to the Rocket Heater. The heat and fire will draw the air so no need for a fan for the fresh air intake pipe.

Next, since I finally found a local supplier of Clay, I can now make my Portable Rocket Mass Heater. The base will be a concrete slab/patio stone with some clay bricks with air gaps, so the floor does not get too hot. The combustion chamber will be a Propane Bottle, modified of course. Inside and outside will be the clay to absorb the heat. I will be using a 20pndr for size reasons. Since the Rocket Mass Heater is so efficient, picking up small wood from building sites and other small wood sources will provide the bulk of the fuel. In this I might experiment using the used oil as well. There is a few hundred gallons kicking around this place and I already have the permission to use some of it.

The exhaust since it burns so well, and the way rocket mass heaters work, it will just travel along the floor under my living wall, into my storage/workshop area in the back, down one of the sides that has an opening for the back doors.

I will post a pic later of the Modified Kerosene Heater with the Propane Catalytic


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Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead

Lets try this repost, sharing from Mother Earth News again, hoping it goes to the first page

Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead.

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Of Great Pyrenees Llamas Donkeys and other large Grd Dogs Permaculture Defence

I have seen and been involved with different situations where the use of Llama/donkey(s)/LGD is the best combination.

Grt Pyr dogs are very hard headed, strong willed (like lots of breeds of dogs) and need very strong rule from the people on the farm/location from what I have seen. Twice the young GRT Pyr dog attacked me, and I blamed the owner, not the dog. I also soon did some work with the dog and it was about 50% better right away. The owners took way more work and after 2 sessions were only about 5% better! hhmmm…

That dog was only a puppy, although big, neglected and non-trained for anything. The owner read an article on-line that said this is the best guard dog for chickens and bought one! He and His wife did no research at all on big dogs, or on this dog, they raised little yappy dogs (poodle looking things), all of these dogs, barked all night, every-night, everyday, all day….. They also wondered why the neighbours did not like them very much.. hhmmmm again…

Donkeys with Llama(s) seems to be a good mix but you also have to have the Big Guard dogs as well.

All dogs need You to have training or instruction on how to best deal with them. Beating a dog does not make it a good guard dog (saw that from experience very sad), it just makes it Mean spirited and rightly so or takes the spirit right out of them. I have seen Grt Pyr dogs that are very non-threatening, but attentive to humans who come onto the property, they watched and were concerned with the humans, but so long as the person did and acted normal with no bad intentions they were fine.

Other large and mid sized breed dogs, work great as well. My personal experience is that any dog raised or trained properly will not hurt your livestock, period. The human is the worst factor here as they think they know everything and are reluctant to learn or change their ways. Large dogs take up to 3.5 yrs to become adults some mid sized breeds take from 2-3 yrs. Consider each stage of the year to be similar to ours 1st yr, kid, 2nd teenager, 3rd young adult. Get the dog, per your thoughts, lifestyle, interest and interaction levels.

Edit.. I am thinking that you might be able to find a couple of mature, older dogs, who will be good with the animals so that the little pups get trained by the adult dogs as well as from the humans, this might be good too. You might just help save some older dogs lives as well!

Grt Pyr and other large breed stock and guard dogs work great if understood and treated with respect and understanding, my personal favourites are as follow, Rottweilers, English (Bull) Mastiffs, Belgium Malinois / Melamois, then Great Pyranees (of which I saw lots in the mountains of France and Spain in the Pyranees Mountain ranges doing a great job).

I do not know about the 1 rule for the Llama, but there are lots of farms in the area across Canada with only 1 Llama so it might just work that way. These places had almost all of the animals in very large paddocks all together. A small pack of donkeys, 2 or more and guard dogs, 2 or more seem to be the best mix. When I was young I saw border collies work in a team, 2 guarded and herded the sheep and goats away from the two coyotes, then the other 4 herded, defended, nipped at the coyotes right off the property.

Later as an adult, I also watched from a distance, from start to finish, when the two coyotes first sprang into action from a ditch, that the goats attacked them, then ran, then turned and attacked defended, while the donkeys, charged across the field to their aid. These Donkeys brayed all the way there, so the dogs, came running and herding at the same time towards the coyotes as a team. We watched as the 2 donkeys put the coyotes in high gear in the opposite direction as 2 of the guard dogs, herded and stood guard with the sheep and horses. The Llama was sort of beside these dogs and watching the coyote as well. The other two dogs caught up with the donkeys and all of them chased the Coyotes off the property. I do not think those two came back for quite a while.

Now how did I see all of this I was driving by at the time, there was a curve in the road around this small homestead. So I watched this all as I was driving up to and around the small homestead. I also pulled the vehicle over very quickly, grabbed my ever present Compound Bow, with its quiver of arrows that were always mounted to it’s side. Why, because of the little kids in the yard. The two dogs who stayed back were also guarding, protecting the little kids who were in the yard and watching all of this as well. The dogs made sure the kids did not come into the pasture, by barking at them too! The Homesteader came out, saw me, I pointed to the field where the action was, and we watched together as this all occurred. He said afterwards that he used to get raided all the time by wild dogs and coyotes, but since he had put this combination of Llama/donkeys/dogs and perhaps the goats (can not remember what he said about them) in the paddocks that nothing had gotten to the chickens, turkeys, peacocks, sheep, and goats. We shared a very nice glass of homemade Lemonade together.

My way of thinking is that this is Permaculture team defence for your livestock. Like Permaculture in general, it is a phased array of many things working together in union and unison in a great big encompassing whole. Permaculture may take a while to get everything all together, but it works the best in the long run.






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