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What I did for Prepping this week 6th March 2011

On another blog someone posted that with the price of gas going higher they bought Locking Gas Caps Well here in Ontario Canada where the price of gas is an all time high of $1.27 per Ltr (aprox $5.08 Gal US) that was one of the things I forgot to buy today thanks for the reminder. That is on my list for Monday now!

Found more info on a previous topic on how to eat your survival food. Now I know a lot more about sprouts and seeds and beans, so I will be buying a hand operated WheatGrass press it is only $54 Cdn and will make the shouts edible with lots or goodness in them.
· Then to order or make some trays for them to sprout in.
* Bought another small Blue Barrel for water tight storage, might leave it in the vehicle with all my BOB stuff in there not sure, I will be buying 1 every 2 weeks for the next 2 months.
* Playing with Fire is fun, now.. I am making expedient lamps and learning about wicks, I now have a few different ways to make the lamps some more elaborate than others as some are down right simple.
* Looking for parts for a portable Rocket Stove, for heating and making a smaller Cooking Rocket Stove as well. The Portable Rocket Stove that I am designing, am now looking for parts, now to make this as it is hard enough to get the parts, image after WTSHTF ?
* Will be making a permanent Rocket Mass stove, in the spring so found some great examples to make it work for me.
* Was looking at the pricing for some Canvass for my Yurt I will be making soon, so that when I need to move out of here in the next couple of months I do not have to be in my little camping tent.
· Found some local businesses that sell Anti-Biotic and Hormone free Beef and Chicken, bought some this week, it tasted yummy and less stress on my mind about the additives.
· Found info on Three Sister Gardens, very cool ideas for the interaction and symbiotic relationship planting of gardens. The Three Sister Method involves Corn, Squash and a climbing Bean variety.

On the Permaculture forum, they were talking about making portable rocket stoves, though the design was more semi permanent, I actually thought about it, and have come up with a great real portable design. Though finding the items here is difficult, no wood stove items in sight around here any-more, only gas.

My work is starting to get busy again, thank the Gods for miracles. This coming Sat there is a meeting for writers that I have missed the last 3 months so I will make sure I get there this weekend. Perhaps, I can make time to come up to the property before or on following Mon & Tues. I would love to stay at the property, but thoughts of freezing in the rain right now.. just not my thing any-more.. LOL wimp.. As it will cost me about $45 for the gas alone, I want to maximize the visit.

While up there, we will look for more cougar tracks! Kinda hooked on that know after the camera crapped out on me 😦
On the plus side, went to Staples and got a 4 gig card on sale (only $13).. yipppieeeeeee for me, now I can take about 5k pics.. LOL yes 5k way to many..

Now the next is not survival related but relaxation and skills that will increase my dexterity and Eye Hand Coordination, along with some fine detail work that will come in handy in the next 2 yrs or so.

I STARTED CARVING AGAIN.. Ya for me.. and about time.
Right now I am carving a Celtic Knot on Basswood. Simple and easy yet elegant and peaceful!
· Need to get some more Carbon Copy Paper, I need this as my drawing and artwork leave much to be desired, LOL.. a lot to be desired is an understatement really!

What did you do for Prepping this week or month so far?


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Looking for Land for Sale or Lease

Hello Ontario,

I am looking for land for sale or lease, or barter, For Sale By Owner or Property Manager.
Looking a secluded place, with woods and privacy, so bare lots are not in the running, looking for anything larger than 3 acres, and without utilities is fine, though a well would be nice. Price range lower the better, as I am getting Divorced again!

Will be using the land for Weekends, getaways and camping. Long-term goals would be to build a place to live in this year round. I would also be interested in sharing a corner of a larger property; in turn I could offer security and some upkeep to the property and outbuildings. If there is a workable house on the property I could rent this out for you and do the maintenace that it might require.

Thanks for looking and helping out.



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