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My views on the Latest Election Call !

Canadian Politicians
We do not need an election; we need real leaders not kinder garden sand box drop outs! What a bunch of d****h**ds wasting our money, do nothing Politicians.

I will never vote for another Politician again, I will only vote for real people, business leaders, people in business, Lawyers/Liers = standing on soap boxes blatantly playing games with Canada, what a waste another useless election after another useless long break for Parliament, their Xmas breaks or summer breaks would make teachers drool in envy, why do we let them use our money in this illegitimate way?? The entire government including the petty bureaucrats need a good spanking and to be put on probation!

Note: this election I will vote PC, because all the other parties have just lost my vote, I am fed up.
Perhaps I will vote Green Party though, I will look into that, to see if the Green Party Rep was for the election or not!


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