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What Is Your Job After The Apocalypse?

This is an interesting selection of questions in the quiz.
There are of course not as many questions or answers as there should be. There are also not as many choices as I would have made.

graphic of group standing at edge of shattered land and city


The answer to my job was what I thought it would be though!
Then I took the quiz again and the job was what I thought it would be, so;

Camp Leader
both are what I expected, so what are your jobs?

Job after apocalypse



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On my way to Buroak.ca

So, soon I will be on my way to visit with Lucas the fellow who runs Buroak Wilderness Adventures

This is to take a look at his camp setup and see one of his demos and instruction seminars for a follow-up review.  There will be some photos and hopefully a video or two for the review.

See you soon or pop on over to Buroak Wilderness Adventures and we will see you there along with Zelda the Prepper Dog (sort of like a guide dog but she brings me sticks he he )!
Cheers ~wild_E

p.s.. he will soon have some advertising space at CanAmPreppers.net as well as at the forum !

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Canadian $enators

Obscene ! 
Canadian Senate, do not need these overpriced political votes ! .. Only a few with low to $$0.00 for travel or expenses, the only few to perhaps call, Honorable !

see the link for way too much info and way too much $$$$
I know bad grammar, but golly jhesh Batman, this is so far over the top it is in the realm of the un-real





Base Salary of Canadian Senators

All Canadian Senators make a basic salary of $135,200.

Extra Compensation for Additional Responsibilities

Senators who have extra responsibilities, such as the Speaker of the Senate, the Leader of the Government and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, government and opposition whips, and chairs of Senate committees, receive additional compensation. (See chart below.)

Title Additional Salary Total Salary
Senator $135,200
Speaker of the Senate* $ 56,000 $191,200
Leader of the Government in the Senate* $ 76,700 $211,900
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate $ 36,500 $171,700
Government Whip $ 11,200 $146,400
Opposition Whip $  6,600 $141,800
Government Caucus Chair $  6,600 $141,800
Opposition Caucus Chair $  5,600 $140,800
Senate Committee Chair $ 11,200 $146,400
Senate Committee vice-Chair $  5,600 $140,800
*The Speaker of the Senate and the Leader of the Government in the Senate also get a car allowance.


they also get Living and Travel expenses! see the first link
Some have claimed as much as $250 k .. yes 250 thousand dollars for travel alone, with an additional $30K for living expenses, bringing some of their income to about $300+ k per year, plus,,, plus… plus…

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Simpler is Happier







van in meadow nature sunny day

my favourite afternoons,
In Nature

These are my goals for the rest of my life. Does this mean I want to live alone and grumpy like a Hermit in the woods. NO !

I do wish to live in the Bush up North, live simpler, create my own food, build my own Home and enjoy Life. Since some have wondered, some have criticised and some have complimented. Well now this post will be filled with links on a regular basis that show that others have the same dreams and aspirations.

So if your offended, go back to your HUGE carbon footprint life, walk away now! Others will find some of the links to be enlightening and peaceful.

Simpler Healthier Lifestyle

Here is a big shout out to a Lady who created a guide to Minimalist Health and Living
find it here;  http://www.tinyhouseblog.com/minimalist-health.pdf
he is wanting everyone to download this, share this, give it away as it is Un-copyrighted !

Simpler Raw Vegetarian foods
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/foodandyou.ca

Simpler Wild Foods
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/EdibleWildFoodcom/255985697755345

Hoping to get a property up North, looking to build a home from the land. Small footprint and eco-friendly home. Ideas depending on the terrain include: The $50 and up underground house, Yurts & Gers – Wiki Yurt, Tony Wrench Round House, Salish Pit House and a PDF of a Salish Pit House, Ojibwa Wikup or another Ancient structure , a Winter Pit House that is half underground with straw bales and a living green rough, Celtic or Viking Longhouse.

Lifestyle of simpler Living ideas

Here is a big shout out to a Lady who created a guide to Minimalist Health and Living
find it here;  http://www.tinyhouseblog.com/minimalist-health.pdf
he is wanting everyone to download this, share this, give it away as it is Un-copyrighted !

Site that shows how to live simpler and cheaper

Forum for Vandwellers as well as a subset who live Cheaper and freer

This page is for modifications to Vans for short term and long term living

Here is a special page that a person did some amazing re-fits on a North American Van

‘technomads’ since 2006, their blog

Bus Conversion page

So those are a little fast for you, well there how about a Gypsy Wagon

How about Small Footprint Homes

Tiny House Blog

The Tiny House blog also does videos and Derek is very funny!
http://tinyhouseblog.com/tag/derek-diedricksen/  and
Dereks blog http://www.relaxshacks.blogspot.ca/
https://www.youtube.com/user/relaxshacksDOTcom/videos very funny and informative

Shout out to Ernie and Erica with their Natural Building blog, they also are huge in the Rocket Mass and Rocket Stove movements

pic of bulrushes at side of pond

Bulrushes, so versatile, edible, fire starter, cordage, building material

Energy Heating Fire

Converter page so you can determine you usage of power

How to have Electricity being mobile

Princess Auto for anyone in Canada and they ship to the USA as well. They have, lots of everything but furniture unless it is for the outdoors


Hobo Stove Directory

Rocket Stoves, starter info



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Living in Tents and Alternate Structures

Q. How long have you stayed in a tent?

A. What do you want to know about living in a Tent in the Winter?
I have done so in the past on more than one occasion, and will do so again soon.

Lived in Tents,
all told total time or per occurrence?

Experience From Artic Warefare and Artic Survival, pre military including Cadets, military training in the Prairies and Northern Ontario, post military in BC and Mid level Ontario, quite a bit of time. Now to be fare some of the time in the military was in Tents, in Underground Shelters, in Vehicles and in some shell scrapes, under ground sheets and in Bivi Bags, all told, about 2.5 yrs total under tents or ground sheets. Longest stretch was aprox 4 months, though there were some times in Vehicles and trenches as well.

Least comfortable was the time in the hammock and time on the side of the Mountain in the Peranies/Peraneese (sp) Mountain Range in France. In France I had a new sleeping mat and it was slippery, although warm if you stayed on it all night! The Hammock was the get in and it wraps around you type, not the type with the wooden rod top and bottom that keeps the mesh away from your face and makes it easier when you have to get up quickly to pee in the middle of the night 0_o

Now, thinking on it some more, the total might be about 2 yrs higher as I forgot to add in Winter Camping and Spring, Summer and Fall camping both during my time in the Military and Pre Military and post military. Really not 100% sure, but from 3.5-6yrs total??

That also includes the times that I made Debris Hut / Wickup and other related survival shelters, during the summer and winter months.


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