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Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day while you’re out and about doing your thing,
Remember Vets in Respect.

They saw, they heard, they felt, they still feel emotions am memories leading into, through and out of Hell.

Burning embers of fire, ashes of misery run through the air. The question is are these the images of the past, images in memory or of the now, the current firing through their thoughts?

Fire and ashes, memories, people gone in death, while some live daily with the ghosts of battles of conflicts and friends past. Some wake and look for missing limbs, some never awaken at all, the bodies are their the mind is stuck or has fled. All remember all have been bled.

Soldiers and warriors march by you some seen some not; all are there, their comrades waiting in the mist of time and fog of battle. Warriors in the mist and fog wait for their comrades in arms, friends. Unseen they watch and attend for them time stands still.

Your free, your thoughts are your own, your space safe and secure. When you shop or talk, when you travel or sit, your safe and sound. Your freedoms of speech while you move about your daily lives, paid for with their service. They stand; they stood in front of the fire so you don’t have too, so you never have too!

Soldiers, warriors both before and present gave their lives, gave their bodies and limbs, gave their minds all given freely nothing asked for in return.

YOU – Can you not give them just a little respect pay some thought and give but some of your time on Remembrance Day or any day? Just to hear the words thank you from your heart will be payment for all! With Respect Pro Patria

~Ed wild_E 2014-11-11



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Easter update, Good Friday & Grandpa

Happy Easter to you and your family

Sorry to not be so chatty in the last while, Too much No work and sickness, not enough Work and moving forward with better luck and health.

Good Friday, my last grandparent died. My Grandfather was 101 1/2.. LOL he loved that he was 101 and a half. Although he would say he was 111 he got a little confused sometimes.
Regrets, I could not go to see him since I got sick. Not knowing what it was kept me from seeing him even at Christmas. I did not want to get him infected and die from what was almost killing me.

Since My Grandfather was a very Staunch Christian, it is fitting that he was taken to the next adventure on Good Friday. I am sure he is with his Loving wife my Grandmother, his Brother and Sister in Law who died in January in church.

He touched many people in his long life, we are all better people for knowing this kind heated man.

Some of my Favourite  memories;
Watching the fish and the water fall down the wall in the basement fish pond he build using the wall and floor that he modified into a rock wall waterfall and an in-ground fish tank/pond for the winter.
Watching the fish swim in the outdoor, in-ground fish pond in the shape of a heart for his wife my Grandmother. With lilies planted for the fish and for my Grandmother who loved them as well.
Wandering around the gardens at both the house and cottage
Magical times at the Cottage, build by the 4 of them by hand. Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle.

Cottage; reading and playing in the upstairs loft, that overlooked the living room, warmed by the wood stove that was in-between the living room and the kitchen
Learning to read, adventures on the high seas in a Canoe and sail boat. Travelling by the high seas to distant islands and scouring the shores and causeways by canoe. (high seas to a little kids anyways)
Hiking the trails, Bruce Trail, Heather’s Caves Trail, bush trails and the awesome trails around the large Water Falls near the Cottage and town.
Getting fresh spring water in the old copper milk containers from town and bringing it back to drink.
Watching my Grandfather plant more Water Lillies in the lakes and ponds around the Cottage, creating beauty and tiny eco systems for the good of nature and the sights for humans.
Helping to remove and get rid of Leaches that were tenaciously hanging on to his legs and feet after the Water Lilly plantings.

A kind and gentle man who was warm and caring, a man who smiled with his face and his heart. When he shook your hand and drew you in for an embrace you knew that was his way of telling you that he loved you!

Watching him turn up the hearing aids after Grandma would call out loudly Dord.. Dord her secret way of calling him, her special nic name for him. In a house so full of women, that he learned to turn down the hearing aids as he sat there, drinking Tea and eating cookies.

Always Tinkering around, he created many little inventions to make their lives easier in the house and the cottage.

One of the al time best things was a funny little thing, funny that I even remember it actually. He asked me to describe what a computer was to him (actually he asked a few times )
I responded, it is like a TV, Radio, Fax, telex, answering machine, writing desk all rolled into one. Eventually I showed him my laptop and my Aunt D’s Facebook page who lives in France as a Missionary Trainer. I dictated a message for him and uploaded a picture that I took with my phone onto my Facebook page. Has impressed and laughed and laughed.

For someone in his day, to write a letter, have it travel by ship, train to England and have it answered in O lets say 3-4 months, I am sure that a lap top computer and Phone with camera and messaging systems in place must seem like George Jetson, ultra fantastic To the Moon Technology.

Born in 1911 during the Great War, soon he emigrated from England with his Brother Al and moved to Canada.

One of my Favourite photos is of My Grandfather and Grandmother when they were still dating. Taken by him at a picnic, they are looking at each other smiling and laughing, wonder what they were talking about that made them so happy or was it just being together? Luckily he showed it to me and I retouched the photo up, so that it could be seen better. Happy to be a small part of that photo, it brought me closer to my Grandparents.

They bought a house that was at the top of the city, he explained this to me in his Nineties while I was driving him around.
We went on a tour, he showed me some of the old houses that were part of the farmers fields and setups where they bought some of their fresh produce a few blocks north of their long time home.
A few blocks North of the Danforth in Toronto, was the top of the city when they bought their home so very long ago. Now it is a continuous mass of houses, buildings all the way up past Barrie.

He lived in his Home until he was about 97/98 yrs old, the only home they bought, lived in from mid 20’s to early 30’s, man that is a very long time! Longer than anyone has been alive in the family.

Along came My Father T, My Aunt H and Aunt D,
then came other little grandchildren Hey that’s me 🙂

Innovations at the cottage for Lunches bought my Grandparents some needed down time from Grandkids;
Reading Lunches
Exploring Lunches
Puzzle Lunches
and the ever popular, Treasure Map lunches all designed to get little inquiring, noisy Grandchildren out for some much needed Time so they could have some quiet time alone.

Random memories;
Toby Mugs
Glass Paper Weights
packing the car for trips ( stay out-of-the-way! )
Generations of Chipmunks at the Cottage, that ate food from your hand, your arm, your shoulder and from the lofty tops of your head, for some of them.
Ultra smart Dogs named Tuffy and Butsy, who could open little cupboards on command and get out the treats.
Cleo the little dog,
a Cat who acted like a dog, cool cat! 

Photography that he took and that my Grandmother coloured
Toast, he loved his toast in the morning with butter on it, but it had to be held up with a knife so it would cool, then he would put jam on it.
Me I like toast warm, not cold.

Church was a big part of their lives as well.
Churches near their long time Home, Church up at the Cottage, Visiting Churches overseas in Great Britain and in the Middle East.

At 98 yrs old he had to go into the Hospital and Retirement Home, there he continued to be of happy spirits, smile a lot and generally make everyone around him happy.

Everybody at the Hospital, the Retirement Home, always said what a Joy to be around him!

Survived by;
My Father who is coming back up here from Down South
My Aunt D who is flying in from France
My Aunt H, who was the main caregiver for many many years, during his last few years in the Family Home as well as at the Hospital and Retirement Home and is to be commended for all her Love, caring and attention to her elderly Father that is deserved. Not easy that job, but rewarding but not easy.

Survived by 3 levels of Grandkids, that is a lot of generations to boot
Friends, Neighbours, Cousins and everyone who met him.
born in 1911 you have lots of friends and relatives proceed you, though I never heard him complain about that.

We are all better people for Knowing him and from the Luck granted to us from being part of his Life.

Rest in Peace George T, my Grandfather
forever in the Hearts and Minds of people who you touched along your long journey in this life
1911 – 2013


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Re-Blog – Legendary Chris from GrammomsBlog

Re-Blogging this from Grammasblog,
Loving tribute to her Late Husband. This is a moving story full of laughs, introspectives into his life and character as well as some sad moments as well.


Today March 2, 2013 marks the 5th year since my soulmate Chris passed away from metastatic Prostate Cancer at 47 years old.  I want to focus my tribute to him this year on his life.  After his funeral held here at home, I received many letters of condolence from friends including alot of cherished memorable stories about his young life.  I’m going to share these with you today.  Remember, that much of these ‘adventures’ took place before I even knew him, so I take no responsibility for his actions (disclaimer, lol).   Enjoy a good laugh – Chris would have wanted it that way.

“Hi everyone. I just thought I would drop a couple of lines for ‘MAC’:   ‘Smitty’ was at the garage the other night and jumped on the subject of Chris known to everyone as ‘Mac’. There were quite a few people who knew him as Chris but when you mentioned Mac…

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Picasso Life Lessons

This morning while driving back from Ottawa from my Great Uncles Funeral I was listening to the CBC. Now driving tired is much better when your listening to something entertaining and fun. My two favourite CBC hosts were on one after another; Michael Enright and Stuart McLean, each with their own brand of humour and insights.

Michael Enright was interviewing the Curator of the Ontario Museum in Toronto where the Pablo Picasso exhibition is being held this summer. The Curator and Michael were discussing Picasso’s life work through the different stages of his life and his different styles throughout his life.  They made a comment that will forever finally get Picasso and the comment was very simple and brief. Picasso became the most famous when he started to paint “what the mind sees and how the mind works at seeing and what the brain sees”, the others of his time and up till then had only painted what they saw and how they saw it through their eyes.

now I finally understand Picasso a bit better and want to see this exhibit

Through this simple statement of fact in this casual interview in a style of talking to one another interview, I finally get Picasso. The exhibit is about Picasso’s creation of works, his thought process and how he achieved the transitions from one style to another style. I may never fully appreciate the Cubist style he envisioned and created, but I now have a greater understanding of it and in a small way a glimpse into the Masters Mind in how his mind saw events and realities.

My Uncle died a month ago and the Celebration of Life was held this past Saturday. I had been reflecting on my Uncle, our similarities in how we saw the world and how we interacted with it. We both tend to laugh and make jokes in awkward situations and sombre moments both trying to diffuse the situations or events to liven or lighten the moods of others around us. We both have weird laughs and make people smile when they do not want to, make people smile when they need too and make people smile to make ourselves smile. In effect, I tried to glimpse into my Uncles Mind to see how his influence in my life had helped to shape me.

Stuart McLean talked about life events, presented another rousing tale of adventure of our hero Dave and his friends in the Vinyl Cafe. This story revolved around fishing and catching fish. Very appropriate as some of my best memories are of my Uncle and the rest of the family at their Marina on the Ottawa River. The marina where I ran around as a wee kid, helping, getting in the way, playing with the big old interesting Cash Register, fishing, campfires, listening to the Banjo that my Uncle learned to play in only a couple of weeks, fishing from boats with my Uncle and my Poppa (Grandfather), memories although few now due to my brain injury, at least I have a few memories of this enjoyable time in my life.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Great Uncles, Great Aunts and Grandparents, thus am I shaped in my thoughts, morals, outlooks, laughter, sense of humour and emotions. Thus, I am not in tune with people my own age, although they are catching up, I am more in tune with Two generations ahead of me.

I believe Picasso was similarly thought moulded, in-tune with the Great Masters of previous generations as well as his fathers generation, as his father was a famous painter in Spain before him. Picasso was a man out of time, living in both the past and the future, we as a people are just catching up to him.

Soldier turned civilian, survivalist turned prepper, the world at large is just catching back up with this concept of Prepping and Living, maybe one day I will feel normal and in tune with those around me?

This I muss and write as I sit in my Van, writing on my laptop my thoughts on the past and the future, watching the Full Moon rise over the farm fields, watch as the sky darkens and the lands blend into the deep shadows of night. Watch and hop out now and then to play with my big puppy as she runs around the yard playing fetch with herself and catch as she tosses the bottle up in the air or the 2×4, her favourite fetch and chew stick.

I live off grid, get the power for my laptop from my Vans’ battery or from the Solar powered batteries in my Off grid living arrangements, wondering am I of the past, living at the back of this farm or living in the soon to be future arrangement of the general populous, off grid as they will no longer have power either? Off Grid, no Power, if there is a big SHFT or EMP pulse, yes disruption to the Now, the standard way of life that others are living now, so will they catch up to me, or will I catch up to them?

Like Picasso, my mind sees things differently than a lot of others, I see reality in a few phases at the same time, I see multiple things at the same time, I see, I observe, but what is it that we miss when we see? Sherlock Holmes stated; “people see but they do not observe” Now I am able to view Picasso’s work in a new light because I will be observing his work in more of a light in which he saw it. Will I see his work like you see his work? Will I see life as you see life, will others see life anew or life re-created?

Here is to Picasso’s painting, I believe the world will have a paradigm shift soon, the world will quickly become like a Picasso Cubist or Creationists period, although I hope it does not, for the suffering will be greater than his observations and sorrow over the Spanish Civil war, the observations that helped to create and define his work. The future, where my Uncle’s laughter will ring true in my minds eye and hearing, in times of strife and need, times that are changing and coming.

paradigm shift

Picasso painting

Our future?

ps. maybe I write like a Picasso cubist or creationist period, maybe I write like he saw things, in multiples, in shifts many things at once, maybe my writing is like that, hard to read, easy to read, parts of many interlinked into the whole?

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Us and Memories of Nan, Nanny, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Greatgrandmother, Friend

To my Nan; Eulogy start
Who we are and what we are;
What we are is a Spirit/Soul
Who we are is a collection of memories and experiences, I choose memories that are good to remember, and experiences that are beneficial and helpful.

Let me explain a bit, my Nan died with Dementia, and this year due to an infection I lost almost all my memories and Facial recognition, as well as some nerve issues that were like paralysis. This in short is a mini Dementia.

So why share this about me, well maybe sharing this will help you with your memories about Her, my Nan, Nanny, Hazel, Mother,
Grandmother, Friend, for Who we are is determined by the shared memories and experiences with each other.

Similarities; My memories work by strong emotions and associations along with feelings. Her memories seemed to be the same way, do not remember her as the person in the wheel chair in the Home at the end, choose to remember her in your favourite memory, be it the little girl on the big work horse at the farm or the loving Mother or Grandmother bustling about during one of our Family get-togethers.

Remember; The person sitting over a cup of Tea and Cookies, O how she loved her Tea and Cookies. Strong tea, Earl Gray Tea, very Strong ;D
Remember; The person bustling about the kitchen, preparing food for the Gang, as she used to call everyone who came over. The Gang was made up of friends, family, acquaintances, neighbours, anyone really was welcomed to drop by, the Gang.
Remember; The Minister, the Mother, the Sister, the Friend, the Grandmother, the Lady at the Salvation Army Kettle, the Little Girl riding around the yard on the big work horse named Joe, squealing with delight, laughing along with her Father and other little sisters, those other little girls, eight of them running around the Farm and house.

What we are is the Spirit
Who we are is the collection of memories we leave with other, memories that never die, memories that stay hidden and locked away until the time for a laugh or smile is needed.
Remember; those times and memories, choose to remember happy shared times, put away those other recent memories, bury them deep for I believe she also lived in the happy memories.

Her memories of her life, with her young Minister Husband, her two small daughters, her little sisters running around on the farm, and when she came back closer to the present time, she remembered the Grandkids, Great grandkids, Nieces and Nephews, and family and Friends.

Remember; Who we are and What we are!


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