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Power Tools & Enya

So how do they go together?

Well lets see, after trying for 3.5 hrs to remove rusted, striped bent bolts by hand tools, I resorted to borrowing some air powered tools. After busting up knuckles scraping my hands and banged my elbow so hard that it is still hurting 3 days later due to using hand tools. So I paused that night put in a Loreena McKennitt CD “The Book of Secrets” right now I am listening to Enya’s CD “A Day Without Rain” .

The day I picked up the Air Powered tools it made me sad that my Ex in BC got rid of all my tools including some air tools, miss those things 🙂 So borrowed tools it was, 5 min… yes 5 mins later all bolts loosened. Crawled out, put the jack under the trailer hitch to hold it up while I removed the bolts so it would not fall on top of me. All time included 15 min from start to finish.

If you have ever heard air tools you know the sound they make to a person who does not work with tools probably not impressive. To someone who works with their hands and their minds they sing a kind of cadence that makes you smile. That 5 min cadence was pure music to my ears that did indeed remind me of the Loreena McKennitt CD songs.

Today has been an empty, sort, toss, keep, pause and reflect day. As I empty out two vans at the same time, one van to keep one to go to the Bone Yard. The keeper is being emptied as well, repacked and sorted, not necessarily in that order! As I reflect and pause today working in the warm Sunshine, listening to the birds and insects hum and chirp, I thought of the Solitudes Music Series. Now as I take a pause and a break from the work, I listen to Enya which is powerful, moving, calming, reflective and peaceful.

Each activity was punctuated with thoughts and sounds of Music, each activity was rife with references to the music. So reflect on the sounds of air tools, birds chirping, bugs zooming, dog snoring and remember that in your Prepping for Life and Prepping for hard times, power tools and music both have their place in the sun and rain. Both will make your tasks easier and your heart lifted.



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