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Observe and Edit

Look down to the pic on the bottom right of the page, scroll.
Right now there is a photo of an old fire call box on the side of a building.

old firbox on side of building

Stop and smell the roses,
or stop and observe all things around you
Hidden in Plain sight
Click through the link to go to a post by RMACTSC on Survival Awareness
(linking and trying something new) follow for similar, though different words and reasons to be situationally  aware !

Did you notice any in your area? Do you see the small details around you? Your life might depend on this skill, what you see most do not observe, what you hear most do not listen too. Below you will see a series of photos, the first is the original photo, the next are close-ups, edited parts of that single image to draw your attention to what I see when I look around. Remember the Picasso Brain theory that I wrote about. This is how I see, this is how I hear, this is how I live everyday.

When the primitive brain sends out a signal it is in the form of discomfort, tingling, hairs standing on edge or some other signal. Ever get that feeling someone is watching you, or you feel uncomfortable? The primitive brain is capable of amazing things, if the front brain lets it.

So, this is a two-sided exercise;

Grab your camera, take photos of only things you would not normally take photos of, look where you normally do not, look into the shadows, look into the areas that are always seen, observe everything. do this daily, or a few times today, then some more in a day or so. Now do you see more than you did before? Notice the rust slowly creeping down the wall from that bolt or screw, see the manhole cover for the first time, look at the water drop on the leaf.

Let your eye and brain pick out details you would not normally notice, train your brain, train you senses to help you live. Today, tomorrow, in a SHFT situation, in an emergency.

This trains your brain to observe and be more in tune with your environment. This might save your life or the life or your Son or Daughter one day. Do you smell something that is just off, or hear something different. Listen to the sounds that are natural or normal, pay attention to the sounds, did something change? Did the birds stop chirping, did the insects go silent, what is happening, what is about to happen around you, near you, close to you, OR TOO YOU !!

aprl 004bbNext is what I see, zoom in on the detail;

Now again, the original image. Next two following are the same image just modified by the Digital editing software to slightly enhance the original photo into the image I want to get too.

aprl 004bbClose ups!
4a1bEdited images 4a1bb

See &

Listen and hear

Do not be afraid to experiment with parts of your photos, your environment, photo editor, your observation powers, your brain and how it works. Learn to draw your subject to you, it is called ” Calling the Shots ” and ” Drawing the Target to you ”
basically it means to focus your brain, concentrate and observe.

BarnTextures 051 Another example 51c

How about cropping in, to just the bits of hay hanging in on the hinge on the sliding door, or how about just zooming in to the wood texture itself,

or the most interesting and detailed metal wheel that is the slider on the track,

or the rust from the nail heads on this 100+ plus year old sliding inside barn door? wheel1wheel2

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Positive Imagery Messages

Keeping in the same vein of positive thoughts here are some photos that I saw that;

make me smile,
make me think

speak listen love

Dream to make it so

People See,
but they do not Observe!

dog lazing on her back sunbathing

Sunbathe like Nobody is Watching


Each of us Sees differently, what did your eye find first?
green leaves, rain drops and single yellow flower

Look for the little things in life they will surprise you in their simply beauty, rain drops like a breath in the cold morning

Live Simpler
Look Closer
See what others Miss! 

rain drops in water, close up

Rain drops collage, look close see up close, enjoy the micro view to lighten the Soul

R.., I included the photo of Zelda for D..
hoping it makes you both smile!

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Of Photos and Cougar Tracks

After 2 days of trying to recover the photos from my Cameras’ flash drive, it is Kapoot! DANG it.. I had my first awesome close ups of Cougar tracks, of a cougar who walked through the camp property I hiked into. Over 60′ of excellent tracks! Close ups, as well as losing all the awesome winter scenes of frozen water cascades off of rocks, beaver dam in winter, the lovely trail in the winter etc… sigh

On the flash card it also contained; all the photos I had done of my expedient lamps in proper large format for printing, the reviews for the hiking camp stove, snowshoes and a few other projects.

Here is a nice close up from Someone Else, found on the net as well as the link to the Puma Website (another word for Cougar)

cougar tracks in snow from Someone else! not my photo



Ontario Puma Tracks Website




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