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Poem of the Heart

OK folks, now do not laugh at me, Poetry is not my thing though occasionally  I do try to create a Poem.

I pushed you away,
Let you walk,
and Look where it got me!

If I draw you in
Invite you to Stay.
Where will it take me?

~author me Wild_E, April 2013

Option Two  – so need help folks with the ONE work that will be in red, which version do you like as well as the punctuation! Punctuation seems odd in Poems to me and regular writing is bad enough now.

I pushed you away,
Let you walk,
and Look where it got me!

If I draw you in
Beg you to Stay.
Where will it take me?

~author me Wild_E, April 2013

My option is for Poem One as I do not beg and it takes on a different connotation. Now some will Say Poem 2 would be more in line with strong feelings, so give it a read, give it a shout and tell me what its all about! (sorry could not resist a little Rhyming poem…LOL )


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added Waking Day 4.5 Writing Exercise

Day 4.5 of Waking, time 2 am Woke up again, can not go back to sleep so thought I would find the Poem or  Essay, Writing Exercise that I wrote from last year about Coyotes. This was one of the first things that I wrote after not writing for over a year, other than the online blog that I had started.

 Quick Writing Exercise

Title / Reference info: What is this about

Fiction or Real situation: real situation

From: source, external or yourself: external and internal

Date: 2012-11-11

Idea or Situation: The Theme or exercise; Wilderness Dance, Coyote Challenge

What are we writing today, what is the Theme – Wilderness Dance Primal entity

The man stands in mute testimony to the quiet night, watching the fireflies in the meadow below him. The distant sky is awash in cloud based lightning strikes, in the distance, soft thunder rumbles in answer to the bright light show of the night-time clouds. Across the meadow, down in the trees a couple of Coyotes start they’re nightly howling. Calling out to their brothers, sisters and cousins in the nearby meadows and tree stands.

The call is raised, the others across the nearby land respond; calling, challenging, answering and communicating in the primal world they still inhabit. The Fireflies dance along the meadow, the ridge in blissful un-awareness as the other night-time creatures goes about their business.

Quickly a tiny field mouse scurries by in the thick grasses near the Man’s feet, he sees the direction with his ears, in his senses. He smiles realizing he is returning to the primal night-time stalker, sentry and soldier that he was in the past. Slowly he raises his blades, calls out to the other night-time predators, here I am come and get me. The Coyotes in the lower meadow pause in their calls as he rasps the back of the blades together, the metallic challenge goes unanswered.

He waits, issues another challenge softly calling, here I am come and get me, I am old, I am alone with only blades of steel to meet sharp fangs and claws. This time he issues the metal challenge by softly hitting the back of the hilts together; his eyes adjusting in their night vision eagerly seeks out the four legged predators, waiting.

The challenge is not answered though a set of eyes, seek him out from across the small valley, regard him for a few minutes, then move off quietly. The man, more soldier now than many years of city living, sheaths his blades, casually swats off a pesky mosquito as he smiles.

He smiles for he is returning to the Wilderness, his wild side, the soldier the predator, the side of him that will keep him company, keep him alive in the years to come.

He is returning to himself and is happier than he has felt for years, the shallow veneer of the so-called civilization that he is pealing back replacing with calm and fortitude for his Wilderness Return.

Perhaps they will dance tomorrow night, he will be ready as he is training daily, for the dance to come. As the night darkens, the storm moves even farther away in the night, the man moves much more quietly back to his camp, his true home, in the


(WDJ)Waking Divergent Journal Index Page

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added Waking Day 4.5 Writing Exercise

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More to come soon …. 


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Health and update End of October 2012

Q. (question) ever wonder why grey hair you pull from your head or moustache (ladies not included in the moustache comment) sticks to your fingers or cloths like it just won’t go away? Just like old age, once it hits, it just sticks and hangs around.

So, Health..

After 5 weeks and way too many visits and tests with the Doctor, the Hospital and specialists, still not real answers at all. 5 weeks, wow!

Good news after watching too many movies and starting to re-watch movies, I got bored with myself and a little mad so decided to just start writing again. Years ago, well over 14 yrs ago to be more correct I started to write a 3 book series. I have them mapped out, main storylines  plots up to how to end the books and link them together in the 3rd book and finish it off. I also started another follow along Wilderness survival book and recently two other Novel ideas, a short story and a funny poem, yup a poem and from me of all people!

Bet you did not see that one coming now did you! Life got in the way, that is the answer.. just life got in the way, marriage, moving, moving, soon to be divorcing, starting business and soon to be shutting down my business ! Did not see that one either did you, well neither did I to be fair and honest.

As a writing exercise I started writing two Novellas just for fun and am thinking of posting them here! One is a short story and the other is more journal entry style. I have been re-inspired by a few people in the past few months, one fellow wrote the The Union Creek Journal, so let’s get cracking as they say.  Writers write and talkers talk about writing.

The one thing I wish I owned is a small netbook  so the battery lasted longer and I could concentrate on writing and not worry about battery life so much. This laptop is quite nice, but is a battery HOG! Battery life lasts from 1.5-2 hrs and never any
more.  To give you an idea, if I popped in a DVD it would never finish the movie so it would always say, battery at 5% shutting down, just in the last 15-20 mins, O so annoying.

Just to finish off another Q. Question for you; should I pop in some of my blog entries into the journal? I am thinking of some specific journal entries that have gotten the most views and comments.

Well What do you think of all this?


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A sad Poem

If you are good in English and poetry, please feel free to leave me positive comments on this my first attempt at Poetry. Not sure if it is any good, but giving (poetry/prose/essay?? what is it really), a go.

A Sad Poem

 Writing of forbidden feelings and thoughts

Here I sit day after day and night after night
the sadness grips my heart time after time, gaining size gaining strength.
Here I lay in the dark, in pain both physical and emotional
Here I am alone, always alone, my heart saddens more by the day, by the night, by the hour.

This was not meant to be, this was not the way it was supposed to turn out, this was not supposed to happen, to Me.
Day after day, I wait by the phone, sit by the computer, waiting for anyone to contact me, to reach out to me, in friendship in love. This was not supposed to be, not the future or the present I wanted or dreamed about, the loneliness slowly engulfs me, the darkness reaches out, calling eager to hear my last breath.

I sit watching TV, scenes meant to make people laugh, make people smile, make them rejoice in memories of love, it just make me sad, tears well up in the corners of my eyes, my nose runs, my shame deepens, this is not supposed to happen to me.

Writing Excersice

Starting over again and again, how much more can I take, how much more can I endure, the darkness seeps out from within. This is not supposed to happen to me, not to me, where did my dreams go, my future, slowly fading from view, the end feels near it calls to me all the time, eager to hear my last breath my last thoughts of regret, to see my last shattered dreams.

Sitting in the waiting room at the Doctors office or the Emergency Room, I sit quietly in pain, watching others, always watching others, alone, There gentle touch on there loved ones, gentle words of encouragement to each other, I am alone, no one for me! Tears well up, but I hide them I must, for this is not supposed to happen to me, not to me. The others, people with loved ones, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, sit comforting the sick, the injured, but not for me, not to me, I sit alone, waiting alone, suffering alone.

When they talk to me, I put on a brave face like I am supposed to, inside I withdraw a bit more, hiding the shame of tears for it is not supposed to happen to me, not to me. So instead I make jokes, make light of my own pain to hide behind, perhaps to help them, so they will not see the blackness in my heart, in my mind for it is not supposed to happen to me.

How do I let someone in, how do I smile, how to I feel love or happiness again, ever again, this was not the future that I wanted, that I thought would be mine, not supposed to happen to me, not to me.

During the day, it is slightly bearable, unless I am not working then the darkness jumps to the front, tears well up in my eyes, I sob watching movies I sob watching TV shows, I sob in my vehicle, in my house on my couch, thinking of the end, gripped in this blackness I am powerless, the tears roll down my face, I am frozen in pain and loneliness. This was not supposed to happen to me, not to me.

How do I,

can’t deal with this, programed from birth to avoid emotions, it has helped to lead me here to this time alone, contemplating the end, how to do it, how to make it happen, how and why to even try to keep going on, sadness, grief, anger my only companions, there are no friends, no friendships anymore, they have been lost in time, lost to me one by one, how to go forward, why go forward, how do I even ask for help I do not know how, tears, sadness, anguish, strong emotions, I am not supposed to deal with, these kind of things for I do not know how do deal with these emotions, any emotions, sadness, deep sadness engulfs me though it is not supposed to happen to me, not to me, I have been taught to ignore them and be brave.

Alone in the crowd, alone in the city, alone in Business, alone in my Car alone in my House, for I have no Home, always alone, forever alone. My only companion the TV or the Radio, another one way relationship.

For I am a man, a boy

For I am a boy, a Man.

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