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Something Positive

I read this on a forum, post something positive in your life to share or be thankful for, then sat thinking for 45 min before finding something positive, the last few weeks and months have been very negative, bad luck, negative people, bad health, etc etc.

a few days ago there was no snow here, it was muddy, cold, wet, miserable really. Two nights ago I Pulled up at 7pm, took the dog out of the neighbour’s barn (Canadian Redneck doggy daycare!!!) had to use flashlight because it was so dark.

We romped a bit in the dark, playing fetch then into to the box truck camper to make dinner. A few hours later we came out so she could do her nature calls outside. Both of us stopped dead in our tracks, for within two hours there was about 4 cm of snow on the ground with snow falling gently from the sky. The thing that made us stop dead in our tracks was the fact that it was so light outside now, remember just two hours ago at 7pm I had to use a flashlight to see, now the entire sky and area was lit up in a quite bright glow.

The fresh snow was glistening on the ground whilst the snow falling down was like brightly reflective pixy dust in the air. Everything was calm and O so quiet with the only sound being the crunch of frozen ground through the soft powder that was dusting our feet. With the calm snow the temperatures inside had risen another 5 deg celsius so we were warmer, the incessant winds of the last two weeks had finally been abated as well.

My dog was running around happily jumping in the snow, I started scooping up snow to toss at her, she jumping down in that grinning doggy play way, paws spread with her face close to the ground. Tossing snow while she attacked it in mid-air or tried to catch it in her jaws is a favourite game to play with fresh powder here.

The purity of freshly fallen snow glistening in the night or day is magical, something that only people from the North can fully love and appreciate. The quiet that enshrouds the land dampening all sound is another wonder and breathtaking experience, so peaceful and serene in its own purity.

Winter is both lovely and dangerous at the same time, lifting the soul in joy with its beauty!

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To those who are pissed at us….

So you have Cancer
so you create a blog, write a book, look to the humour in all things, positives in things, great Then people get all pissy at the title, rude comments, make you feel bad!

So if this sounds like something you would like, be against or for (depending on the way you just read what I wrote) then go, follow the link to these Sisters in blogs and books and give support to them. Why, because some numpties with small minds and political correctness orientated ways are slamming these ladies for sharing their story and making is helpful and fun !
Bollocks I say.. Bullocks, think for yourself, go and see as well as read, most importantly read between the words and Think for yourself ! Challenging, I know !

The Savvy Sister

Some don’t like their cancer sprinkled with perks.

In April 2012, Florence Strang (cancer warrior) asked me to write a book with her.  We didn’t know each other (at all) but the fact that we are both healthcare professionals led us to suspect that we shared the same mission statement :

Help others live a better life after a cancer diagnosis.

So even though we lived in two different countries, we started writing.  Flo wrote the 100 Perks of Having Cancer and I wrote the 100 Health Tips for Surviving It.  We sent out our manuscript and landed a publishing contract with a company out of California.

Fast forward 1 year and 3 months, and here we are getting ready to launch the book in Nashville at the Women’s Cancer Survivor’s Convention.  But even though the book is not available yet, some have voiced their distain.

100 perks pic

The title of…

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