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Prepper & Self Reliance meet, Wild Edibles Talk Feb16

Durham GTA Edible Food Walk Talk Feb 16th

edit : Since the turn out is struggling, there will be a much reduced price, no handouts unless the original price is paid, so please sign up, pay at location if you would like or need too! 

Karen emailed with the following info;

I am on a very tight schedule right now. If you want to announce to everyone that if they want to show up … but no Fields of Nutrition, no anything….. $10. I did this for one group already and again on the 2nd of February for another group. If they want the extras… $20… no extras… $10.

One emailed me (from North and West of North Bay who is coming)… I’ll send him a message back …. its fine if people pay there. Please let them know that!! Thanks so much Ed!

Howdy GTA & Durham Region Peeps, Feb 16th, backup 23 following weekend in event of Winter Storms .. see new details just below.

Date change, to get more interest…
Ok.. 16th it is and the 23rd as a back up in the event of a storm/ice.

Karen the Edibles experts info to follow!

* Cost – $20 – this includes a hard copy of Fields of Nutrition, a free PDF copy of Free Food from Foraging, and a (homemade) sample of vinegar because I like to show everyone just how easy it is to make things at home.
* Anyone who comes on this walk and wants to return for a spring/summer walk will pay $15 and at that time will get a free copy of an ebook I am working on now about the pine tree (won’t be ready for about 2 weeks).
* If there is a third walk later in the year, for those who come on the first 2 tours, cost will be $15 and there will be free samples.
* February 9th.
* Location Secord Forest and Wildlife Area:

Secord Drive…. east side of Concession 3 just south of Goodwood Road.


* Time… 1pm start until 3 or so… perhaps 4 if there are lots of questions and the weather cooperates.

– In the event of inclement weather the date will be February 23rd. Wild_E and I will determine no later than 11am on February 16 if we need to postpone to the 16th. So please check the forum! before you leave!!!!

I ask for payment in advance. Interac e-bank transfer or PayPal (they offer many forms of payment options). NO REFUNDS. In the event someone does not show up they have automatically reserved themself a spot for the second walk.

If you choose to pay by Interac e-bank transfer then please send payment to my email: k.stephenson@ediblewildfood.com . For the secret question please use… “What is Charlie?” with the answer being “ground ivy” (all lower case). If you use PayPal my account there is karenanne24  (at) hotmail.com.

Thank-you so much and I look forward to meeting everyone!
(scouting two different locations this coming weekend, for Durham Region locations, nice walking areas with loads of Wild Edibles showing in winter time)
(will be creating a Hamilton Edibles Tour with JAB at the helm, soon, stay posted)
Facebook page
look for this in winter!

Plantain seeds in winter

If we have more than 20, the following weekend will be a second wild edibles tour and walk. If we have more than 20 and some can not go on the Saturday, perhaps we can arrange the second tour on the Sunday?
Let me know who is in…

Location will be North of Whitby near one of the ski hill areas, close to the spring water location, will update after this weekend,


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Health and Ageing Grandparents

What I did to Prep;
Talked to a CBC reporter on Prepping and Survivalism, on and off record, will see how that turns out.
Email negotiations with Vidographer who wants to do a Documentary on a Canadian who is starting preps to the Finish. Might be a consultant to that one, will see.

Came up with an improved system for Winterizing my 4 season Canvas Tent.
Started looking for another Van as this Astro piece o crap is dying fast.
In mail, picked up my new p38 and p51 can openers. The p38’s are smaller than what I expected and the p51 is about half the size of my old Canadian issue can opener, and a lot lighter as well.
Talked with my buddy who is organizing another Prepper/Survivalist meeting on the First weekend of December. It will be a makeshift Teepee Dinner and kit comparison meeting.
Started looking at ads for a Bull/English Mastiff, I miss my fur-friends
Heading up to the property Tomorrow to secure some tents, create some snow tarps over the dining and living tent to allow the snow to cascade over and down the side and not cave in the rooftops.
Heading into the bush on my Bike to pedal and think, allow Nature to reset into my Soul, my Favourite Church, the Church of Nature and God, the Creator.

family issues.
No sympathies please, just your silent understanding and SHFT thoughts on the following.
Phone call from my Mother went like this;
“Your Nan (my grandmother her mother) is in End Stage Dementia, and they are leaving her in the Nursing Home, giving her pain meds only and no intervenes, expect a call in 4-15 days about funeral/death”
My Mother then said, “I have I.P.F. and the diagnosis is 3-5 yrs, it is non-operable”
My Grandfather seems to have given up now that his 100th has passed and although he eats, he seems to want to go to the final Retirement, as he puts it.

So putting all feeling and emotion aside I told you this because, it is relevant to Prepping and Survivalism. In SHFT situations and scenarios, you will get similar if not worse news than I got today. Not asking or looking for pity, just think on your own scenarios, and prepare yourself for news that will affect you and your family. I new some of the news beforehand, as I am an adult with some very ageing Grandparents, so it is not looked forward to, only known it would be coming sometime.


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