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How to Move to BC

I moved from Ontario to BC
now moved back but still miss BC and my friends there! Here are a few suggestions based on what I did and did not do.

I bought a School Bus from the School Board, went to the Mechanics that service them, told them what I wanted to do and why. They listened to me, told me which School Bus had what issues. Every School Bus had problems. The one they recommended to me only had one issue that he was aware of. I was told it needed a new Rad Core, so I ripped it out myself, took it too a Rad Shop and had it re-cored. Make sure you get a new Rad Cap as well, I did not and had problems all across Canada until someone told me about that, $15 fix, no more problems.

This is what mine looked like moving in the Mountains and Northern Ontario
This is what mine looked like moving in the Mountains and Northern Ontario

In BC School Buses from Ontario are sought after as they have a different set of rules there. (that was then, this is now, so who knows now?) I picked up my School bus from the Depot for about $1000, $400 to fix the Rad, no other repairs. I removed the seats using a torch, in future would use an angle grinder with a better quality cutting blade to remove the nuts now. Mine was a Propane powered Bus, much cheaper to run. Although Northern Ontario was way more expensive to fill up in past Barrie, way more.

Lived in the Bus for the first Year and a half – wished afterwards I had not sold it, but that is another story.
Sold the Ontario School Bus for $5k, paid for everything in the trip from purchase, fuel and food.

This is what some of you will think a School Bus looks like when someone lives in it
What some of you think a School Bus looks like when someone lives in it

Other lessons;
keep only speciality items, do not move most tools, you can get everything there for the same price or cheaper, sell it off
do not move furniture – cheap there, go to Auctions or Garage Sales, or Win Lotto and keep it or just go buy everything NEW
unless it has sentimental values, sell it off or give it away.

Keep 75% of the seats in the bus, you can sell it faster and easier that way to some Logging company that wants it for taking peeps up and down the mountains! Lesson learned
take out the back 5 or so rows, put all the rest of your stuff in between the seats, secure for travel
The last 5 or so rows you can put your bed there, build a platform, turn seats around use them for platform. If your bed is comfy, take it, boy o boy lesson learned there. Yes you can buy beds there, but you have a nice comfy one, KEEP it.

Some people paint the School Bus
Some people personalize their School Bus
So all you need now is a Fridge, options;
get a smal bar fridge run off inverter
get a RV fridge, run off inverter while driving, propane when stationary
get a Koolatron, run while driving (wrap with stuff to keep it cool overnight) Takes way lots of power, unless engine is running!
buy fuel from Truck Stops, they give you shower coupons, you and the wife then only need One coupon
buy groceries along the way for fresh stuff use your prepper food for the staples and as a way to rotate it out, normal drill then.

Here is a great link to a site dedicated to converting School Buses into Moter Homes

Jake’s Website, a website dedicated to converting School Busses into RV’s

So that is a few ideas, now some on vehicles
Look for Diesel, yes Diesel is now more expensive, advantages Diesel is also more energy and fuel efficient
Look for a Decent Box Type Truck, Diesel, use it to move in, keep as Bug out Vehicle, secondary vehicle or movable shed and power plant in BC
Look for Diesel School Bus
Sell everything, everything off, Fly there, get another car, drive there quicker in a Car or Pickup, buy everything there


my new home

What I did now, and how I might move to BC again in

If you drive there, Stop in Alberta, get Alberta Mailing Box address, drivers licence, etc
move to BC then or Foot Steps of Rockies stay in Alberta enjoy it there.
if move to BC tell everyone you are from Alberta, you will get jobs easier, able to pay Mortgage then, most BC hates people from Ontario, will not give them jobs unless you are in the Lower Mainland, lesson learned hard way.



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