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Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day while you’re out and about doing your thing,
Remember Vets in Respect.

They saw, they heard, they felt, they still feel emotions am memories leading into, through and out of Hell.

Burning embers of fire, ashes of misery run through the air. The question is are these the images of the past, images in memory or of the now, the current firing through their thoughts?

Fire and ashes, memories, people gone in death, while some live daily with the ghosts of battles of conflicts and friends past. Some wake and look for missing limbs, some never awaken at all, the bodies are their the mind is stuck or has fled. All remember all have been bled.

Soldiers and warriors march by you some seen some not; all are there, their comrades waiting in the mist of time and fog of battle. Warriors in the mist and fog wait for their comrades in arms, friends. Unseen they watch and attend for them time stands still.

Your free, your thoughts are your own, your space safe and secure. When you shop or talk, when you travel or sit, your safe and sound. Your freedoms of speech while you move about your daily lives, paid for with their service. They stand; they stood in front of the fire so you don’t have too, so you never have too!

Soldiers, warriors both before and present gave their lives, gave their bodies and limbs, gave their minds all given freely nothing asked for in return.

YOU – Can you not give them just a little respect pay some thought and give but some of your time on Remembrance Day or any day? Just to hear the words thank you from your heart will be payment for all! With Respect Pro Patria

~Ed wild_E 2014-11-11



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A&W Experience

cashier #300
at drive through..
Kindly explain to this Cashier that when someone says that is everything, that means yes that is all that they want to order at this time.

There is no need to keep asking if I want more things, something on special, then ask how about a drink or how about fries. She asked this question 3 additional times!!!

I drove away from the intercom, she was still asking if I was sure I wanted a drink or fries with that.

At the window she again asked if I wanted a drink! again….
I politely said “when someone says that is all they want do not keep asking them if they want more items.”

This is not the first time it has happened this is about the 10th time…

I also talked to the manager about this on another occasion, who at that time stated it is their policy to ask if you want anything more! I said sure, I understand but only ask ONCE!!!!

Unless I am truly hungry, too tired to drive across to Fast food heaven where they listen to you, and you have a great special on, I will not go back to this place again.

Pathetic customer service,
O and I do not care about the $1 she dropped on the ground as the manager handed me the horseradish package! Do you normally hand people cash back in two goes, why hand over the $5 bill and the .04c then turn, get the $1 and drop it onto the ground after my hand has already come back into the vehicle with the packet??


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