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Royalties Going To Charity for the Next 7 Days

Royalties Going To Charity for the Next 7 Days.

RMACTSC is giving away his royalties to the Wounded Warriors Project

This is a very nice thing to do indeed!

1st book in Rebellion Series


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Re: Which gun to buy

Re: Which gun to buy

I see and hear this so often that I thought.. why not just answer here and let the chips fall where they should!



Postby WildernessReturn » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:54 pm

You need to put more info in there are too many variables.

male/female – age – size – location – end use for firearms which are tools, think.. roofing hammer vs cabinetry finishing hammer or cobblers hammer.

Now that being said, if you have no experience;
air rifle/ hand gun
.22 cal rifle / hand gun

who… these can be used anywhere, cheap ammo, cheap to practice with, will be useful at any time in the future, quiet and some are just fun to play with.

I suggest you wade through the endless reams of pages on the different aspects already posted by others for firearms. Remember it becomes a heated debate sometimes. So wade through the BS.. search the nuggets of meat in the gravy of info. Since I was a kid, I was always told by many many experts along with Military training;
.22 cal
(not bb and pellet are also in .177 and .22 cal) as common sizes

Next look at what you want;
Main battle rifle
combat shooting IPSC – PPC
etc etc

terrain, type of coverage, what is your ability, your size, resistance and aptitude, so many factors.
shoot in bush only, long open spaces like the prairies (yup.. bush there too)
do you want a round with a flat trajectory or a high arc, how about a low arc of travel.

go to the local gun/rifle range, sports club and learn from there, but it all starts after you learn the proper use, handling, control and storage of any firearm, rifle, shotgun, hand gun, archery equipment, sling shot, etc.

so good luck and post more info there, or request clarifying info, that is best as well. Cheers ~Wild_E


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Death of Freedom

” Censorship is the Death of Freedom as is
to Conspiracy Theory leading to the discovery of Truth ”
Hope is read between the words, in front of your eyes and in your Hearts and Souls 



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Inspirational Documentary

I just watched a truly inspirational documentary entitled;
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, found ithttp://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/fat_sick_and_nearly_dead_2010/

inspirational documentary

Juice machine and travel around helping people, then he met another with the same condition, that fellow learned and did the same diet reboot. Second fellow lost 200+ pounds by juicing and exercise, watch the transformation and inspirational documentary. It is not cheezy or in your face, laid back documentation of their journeys and the people they help along the way.
My great big smile for the day!

Here are the links to the websites;


An Australian fellow who was overweight and had a weird and rare condition thought long and hard about his life and health, the Documentary is his journey. This documentary takes place in Australia and the United States where he travels around chatting with people and trying to help them in their food addictions. Now this sounds in your face but this fellow is easy to like and easy to chat with as well as his genuine sincerity to help others. Half way through his journey across the U.S. he meets another fellow like he used to be, overweight and with the same rare illness.

Your going to smile, you’re going to be sad, you’re going to laugh as well as shed a tear or two, or your just not human at all. This documentary about this part of his life draws you in and you think your there with him it is very intimate and soulful.

Joe the originator of the film is inspirational and Phil the ex-truck driver is amazingly inspirational, your heart melts with his weight loss journey. Watch this little hour-long film and dare to change your life!

Since I have decided to become mostly Vegetarian  this was very opportune for my knowledge base of veggie foods. Now since I have been off sick for the last 4 months with this weird Lung Infection, I need to lose even more weight, I was doing great up to D-day sickness time. The film just makes sense  so much sense that I will be starting this diet as well, they call it a ReBoot. Well reboot me baby here I come. North American Doctors can not find out what is wrong with me, they can not fix me and they can not even help very much, so I am helping MYSELF!

More to follow on my Journey and I believe that updating my blog with my journey will help me more than it help anyone who reads it, but just maybe, someone else out there will find the info useful and the Documentary will change their life!


I dedicate this post to the Documentary and helping one person change their life, mine. Everyone else and everything else is a bonus and good luck on your journey as well!

My belief before was that Permaculture and Aquaculture could change the course of the world for the better, this documentary only re-enforces my thoughts and beliefs.

Cheers for now



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