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Scammer Alert Rough language warning


Hello People sorry to post this but trying to save a few others in Northern Ontario and mid Ontario I know about this Wackjob scammer.
I am no longer in business, moving to the north and was trying to assist someone. Turns out, they are quite the scammer, for lack of a better word.

In accordance with the email and veiled threats directed at myself, plus the fact I have No Tolerance for Stupid and Ignorant People, I posted this on Facebook to help others stay away from him.Update on Aaron Penny, scammer thief wannabe..

Aaron Penny

screen name .. again.. HOPITRAILS.. – Username:hopitrails

another site


Does not play well with Stupid People

Does not play well with Stupid People

I just found out that when he had my vehicle for 2 weeks while I was in the mine, to help him out and  LOOK after my Dog, which you read about that. The little jackoff,,, stole from me!

stole my Grandmothers diamond and gold necklace that I had given her, that I had in my Van to give to my sister as a Xmas prezzy!
It was hidden in a bag, in a zippered up pocket in a white wrap, inside a zip-lock bag.

= zip-lock gone, white wrap there, empty, zippered up pocket on the bad => no way for it to just fall out => stolen
when I had it made by my jeweller landlord the wholesale price at that time was $1100 dollars that was 15 yrs ago. The diamond alone was worth $900 wholesale, retail value of that piece was about $2 – $2.5 grand at that time!
so this little piece of trash probably pawned it or sold it for the gold. That would make sense as a couple of others that came in contact with him, questioned how he could afford the Gas money and all of a sudden had more money out of nowhere for food and clothing.

stole one of my bush knives => k-bar worth $100
stole a couple of other things from me that were just redundant emergency supplies in the Van.

I received the personal message that was sent to me about this lying cheating thieving scammer! He has been trolling the sites sending out messages, PM messages to people in Mid to North Ontario. I know this for a fact because he told me this in person. Of course it would have been before I caught onto his bullshit, I knew he was not all there but thought he might be ok to be on the property to do some low-level stuff. Be a property dweller to keep the thieves away, little knowing that HE is a thief!

This is a shout out about this piece of shit before he scams others in the name of his serious prepper returning to the land, bla bla bullshit scammer..

am I pissed, YOU BET I AM !!
will I get this family piece back, one of the two things I got from my Grandmothers estate? NO..

Posted in my Facebook account ….

a message from a scammer, posted so others in Ontario will not fall for his scams and leaching ways..

From Aaron Penny; “good luck with everything.Give Zelda a scratch for me. Im going to go it alone from now on as Im tired of the BS/I spent two weeks taking care of your dog and van,helping you find a place .And even though you knew my situation getting fucked at the muskoka property and being as you put it”without

 a pot to piss in”…and you still had the nerve to nickel and dime me and act like you did me a favour.Zelda had the best two weeks of her life and wasnt hit once.So again I wish you luck but I want nothing more to do with ya.oh and another thing dont get pissy just let it go,Ill not speak of this to anyone but stay away from me”

Wow… For a guy who claims he is so… “SMART” you’re a fucking dumb ass lazy Idiot !
could not figure out how to put air in tires
could not follow simple directions on how to check oil in Van, so it was 2.5 ltrs down.. since you are so.. smart… you know on dodge engines in the 3 series, at 3 ltrs down the engines warp (to sum it up, you let the engine level go down 2.5 ltrs on a 4 ltr engine!)

you allowed Zelda up on the furniture/bed
you allowed her to run up and bark at people into their personal area at will
you allowed her to become physically over powering to another large dog, to the point she was throwing the other dog around
you allowed her to chase the chickens, she never chases chickens unless they run from her, then she gave a little sport then stopped
you allowed her to poke the chickens at will

I told you never to change her food
you changed her food to a brand that is lower than low
you changer her food to a brand that is also always on the recall list for food production issues, one of the brand that killed off a few thousand dogs. Including my Sister and her partners Dogs!

I filled up the van to full in Cochrane! gave you $60 in advance to buy dog food if needed (knowing the food only cost $30), so you bought the cheapest $25 shit brand and pocketed the rest
you threw out her dog chain
refused to be a Man and a leader with an Alpha breed dog
use your little stolen Jack Russell Terrier as a security blanket against the world, so people with have more sympathy with a dumb ass like you. Worlds smartest man, serious Prepper,
put 3150 km on my van in two weeks
complained about the vans fuel mileage and how much it cost (no shit,, 3k in two weeks)

HIT my Dog.. never once have I hit the dog.. I do give her shoves/pushes, turned my back, set her aside with my leg all in a dog like fashion, fold over the leash 3 times and give her little taps, corrective taps for training and discipline.
. but O the worlds smartest Man would never ever have noticed things like reality, dog training or simple life skills..

Zelda ran around happy to see me for 30 mins, could not even sit still, abused dogs do not act that way, but O the worlds smartest MAN.. would not notice so trivial of points

Reality.. you’re a Scam artist / Misogynist / master manipulator / Con Artist / lazy.. so lazy you refuse to get a real job, since you can’t leave Jack the stolen dog from Molly. Did they teach you all that in Acting School, or did you develop this all on your own.

You prefer to beg rather than work.
When offered free food from a store, you chose candy.. only candy.. I had to force you into taking fruit. How prepared would you be then, candy.. please Dumb ass

Numerous times you were given money, food, van for two weeks, I overlooked your obvious lack of real world skills, bush skills, offered you tools and equipment. You refused to go to a scrap yard and look for a wood burning stove, refused to even attempt to create one yourself, repeatedly stated.. “Jeff will make one for me”

How much Money, food, tools, other things have you blatantly borrowed from people, O please loan me this money with the intent of never paying them back? = Theft !
How much of the Taxpayers money have you pilfered from the coffers of the government while being able to work, yet finding the poorest excuses of all for not working, ever! again Theft

Find me a place? I have a place in this world, I have two places to live in the Durham Region/in Cochrane there is a place I may rent, in Timmins 2 places, Iroquois Falls 1 place, in New Liskard area there are now two venues open to me, how convenient your misdirection of meaning with your words you are.

You Pissy, Self Richeous poor excuse of a failed human being.

Get pissy.. you little toad, I will be back up that area Next week, I will seek you out for a face to face.. um hhmmm umm well umm, discussion. (in your failed version of speaking.. phrased that way on purpose so others might recognise your scamming ways if you meet them!)

You can then extol the virtues of your full life of Study in the Martial Arts! Perhaps demonstrate some of those said, often stated skills!
sorry for holding back folks…
screen name hopitrails
real? name Aaron Penny
scammer/prepper scammer/life scammer

I encourage you to find me, to come chat with me!

ps. If you need help with the big words, either Google them, ask some other Poor Sap you happen to be Leaching off of or email me back for clarification in purpose with some smaller simpler words

ps… You were given $80 for looking after the dog,
plus food for yourself..
the following tags were put into the post to help others when they search for information to stay away from this little toad!

Separate tags with commas

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Picasso Life Lessons

This morning while driving back from Ottawa from my Great Uncles Funeral I was listening to the CBC. Now driving tired is much better when your listening to something entertaining and fun. My two favourite CBC hosts were on one after another; Michael Enright and Stuart McLean, each with their own brand of humour and insights.

Michael Enright was interviewing the Curator of the Ontario Museum in Toronto where the Pablo Picasso exhibition is being held this summer. The Curator and Michael were discussing Picasso’s life work through the different stages of his life and his different styles throughout his life.  They made a comment that will forever finally get Picasso and the comment was very simple and brief. Picasso became the most famous when he started to paint “what the mind sees and how the mind works at seeing and what the brain sees”, the others of his time and up till then had only painted what they saw and how they saw it through their eyes.

now I finally understand Picasso a bit better and want to see this exhibit

Through this simple statement of fact in this casual interview in a style of talking to one another interview, I finally get Picasso. The exhibit is about Picasso’s creation of works, his thought process and how he achieved the transitions from one style to another style. I may never fully appreciate the Cubist style he envisioned and created, but I now have a greater understanding of it and in a small way a glimpse into the Masters Mind in how his mind saw events and realities.

My Uncle died a month ago and the Celebration of Life was held this past Saturday. I had been reflecting on my Uncle, our similarities in how we saw the world and how we interacted with it. We both tend to laugh and make jokes in awkward situations and sombre moments both trying to diffuse the situations or events to liven or lighten the moods of others around us. We both have weird laughs and make people smile when they do not want to, make people smile when they need too and make people smile to make ourselves smile. In effect, I tried to glimpse into my Uncles Mind to see how his influence in my life had helped to shape me.

Stuart McLean talked about life events, presented another rousing tale of adventure of our hero Dave and his friends in the Vinyl Cafe. This story revolved around fishing and catching fish. Very appropriate as some of my best memories are of my Uncle and the rest of the family at their Marina on the Ottawa River. The marina where I ran around as a wee kid, helping, getting in the way, playing with the big old interesting Cash Register, fishing, campfires, listening to the Banjo that my Uncle learned to play in only a couple of weeks, fishing from boats with my Uncle and my Poppa (Grandfather), memories although few now due to my brain injury, at least I have a few memories of this enjoyable time in my life.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Great Uncles, Great Aunts and Grandparents, thus am I shaped in my thoughts, morals, outlooks, laughter, sense of humour and emotions. Thus, I am not in tune with people my own age, although they are catching up, I am more in tune with Two generations ahead of me.

I believe Picasso was similarly thought moulded, in-tune with the Great Masters of previous generations as well as his fathers generation, as his father was a famous painter in Spain before him. Picasso was a man out of time, living in both the past and the future, we as a people are just catching up to him.

Soldier turned civilian, survivalist turned prepper, the world at large is just catching back up with this concept of Prepping and Living, maybe one day I will feel normal and in tune with those around me?

This I muss and write as I sit in my Van, writing on my laptop my thoughts on the past and the future, watching the Full Moon rise over the farm fields, watch as the sky darkens and the lands blend into the deep shadows of night. Watch and hop out now and then to play with my big puppy as she runs around the yard playing fetch with herself and catch as she tosses the bottle up in the air or the 2×4, her favourite fetch and chew stick.

I live off grid, get the power for my laptop from my Vans’ battery or from the Solar powered batteries in my Off grid living arrangements, wondering am I of the past, living at the back of this farm or living in the soon to be future arrangement of the general populous, off grid as they will no longer have power either? Off Grid, no Power, if there is a big SHFT or EMP pulse, yes disruption to the Now, the standard way of life that others are living now, so will they catch up to me, or will I catch up to them?

Like Picasso, my mind sees things differently than a lot of others, I see reality in a few phases at the same time, I see multiple things at the same time, I see, I observe, but what is it that we miss when we see? Sherlock Holmes stated; “people see but they do not observe” Now I am able to view Picasso’s work in a new light because I will be observing his work in more of a light in which he saw it. Will I see his work like you see his work? Will I see life as you see life, will others see life anew or life re-created?

Here is to Picasso’s painting, I believe the world will have a paradigm shift soon, the world will quickly become like a Picasso Cubist or Creationists period, although I hope it does not, for the suffering will be greater than his observations and sorrow over the Spanish Civil war, the observations that helped to create and define his work. The future, where my Uncle’s laughter will ring true in my minds eye and hearing, in times of strife and need, times that are changing and coming.

paradigm shift

Picasso painting

Our future?

ps. maybe I write like a Picasso cubist or creationist period, maybe I write like he saw things, in multiples, in shifts many things at once, maybe my writing is like that, hard to read, easy to read, parts of many interlinked into the whole?

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