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What’s up?

So, some might be wondering what is up with this guy. Well, writing and doing some videos is what’s up !

Finally, finally got someone who actually does what they say they will do, and she edited some writing for me. This is the 4th person who said they would do editing and so far the only person who actually did any for me at all!

at all…

So watch for revisions to come your way on some things that were published already and maybe some editing before you see it.

Videos, youtubing again! I had mentioned it before so here is the link for the Youtube Channel. Please take the time to go and watch some of them, leave a comment and maybe even like some ūüėČ

Cheers for now




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Collection of Interesting Videos on subjects that I like, though I have not seen them all,
~Cheers ~Wild_E

cute animals

Way too cute animals

Hidden House in the Woods – Oehler house

bushcraft quebec

Myskox РSaga ¤ Building simple winterhouseby Myskox Wilhelms sonsonson

Grand Designs РThe Underground House РCumbriaby Grand designs

Gransfors Bruks VS Wolverineby envirosponsible
He is Canadian and makes the Wolverine using Eco Friendly ways from Re-Cycled big old Buzz Saw Blades, way cool and they work great!

Here is a Canadian Production and a Truly Canadian Historical Structure
The Castle of White Otter Lake

Canadian National Film Board (everyone from around the world is welcome to visit)

Canadian National Film Board Logo

Here you will find Films that date back to the 20’s, that is so cool. This is the Subject page, so you can search by what subject you would like to view, say wilderness adventures, survival or Native Life in Canada. This is a very rich and diverse collection that I feel holds up as good or better than any collection for ANY country! Enjoy you Stay and Browse around ūüôā
National Film Board of Canada, subject browse

Bill Mason NFB
Bill Mason Cameraman, explorer, paddler, canoeist
NFB Bill Mason

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