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What I did for Prepping This Week 29 Jan 2011

Hey there,

One of my New Years resulution is to do something for Survival / Prepping everyday. So far, I have done that everyday since Dec 29th, I started early 😀

A couple of days ago I stopped into Dollerama in Bowmanville, I walked up the seasonal Isle on the way to buy some new ear buds for my laptop. What did my wandering eyes did appear? Well I was floored actually; there hanging on the shelf were survival and camping items!

1st I spotted a wee silver reflector survival tent, yes a Survival Tent.
… I said … WOW> out-loud.  Then I looked at it, it read survival tent for ultra light hiking, and the price was only $2 my next thought was it just couldn’t be any good at all! Today, I have changed my mind, I will go back and get me one or two of them.  I thought about it and decided that even if it is not any good for long term, what about for survival in wintertime. It is silver reflected, small and compact, just through it in a bug out bag or your winter car survival kit. (Canada, everyone should have one!) Ask the folks who were stranded on the 401 for a couple of days in their cars, running out of fuel, in a blizzard Dec 2010.

2nd Camping stove of the Ezbit design, will post pics later. $2 again see above, I rather doubt it will be as strongly constructed but, and here is the really big but, does it really need to be? Throw it in your Winter Car Survival kit, if it will last for about a week or so, that is more than enough time to get rescued and it will heat up food/drinks/soups to keep you alive. It came with some small fuel tabs as well.

3rd, No-Slip Ice Treads for your shoes. Got a pair same reason, Winter Car Survival Kit.

4th not in the Seasonal, purchased some lock/box cutter blades for use in my utility knives, I will put one in my Winter Survival Kit as well. Stainless Steel so they will not rust easily and the utility knife is so versatile.

Dropped by my favourite little recycle store, Envirosponsible in Whitby! Chad is a great guy; the store has everything to do with recycling, from Doors and Windows for your home to Water Storage Containers. I spotted some smaller wine making white plastic bottles. My plans for these include a small solar experiment, using passive solar through my West facing large windows to assist in generating some stored heat for the evening. Later I will use them for long-term storage for drinking water, emergency water in case the water goes out again.

Went back to Princess Auto and grabbed another couple of the reading glasses that I like so much, also a case for one of them and toss that into my Winter Survival Kit as well. I bought some normal readers for myself then thought about it and grabbed two that were double the rating, so 3.00 instead of 2.00, looking forward to using these instead of magnifying glasses. There is no way I can read labels with small print now, or directions or maps, so they are unquestionably part of my survival kit, as well as my EDC kit, Every Day Carry Kit

Follwed a link through M.D. Creekmore survival site, ordered some books from Amazon.ca cool site, by the way

I ordered some books on how to find property;
* Country Property Dirt Cheap: How I Found My Piece of Inexpensive Rural Land…Plus My Adventures with a $300 Junk Antique Tractor

Buying Country Land: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-67

also a book on Underground Housing

EARTH SHELTERED HOUSING DESIGN: Guidelines, Examples, and References

Lastly I have decided to buy more food each time I shop than I need for the week. So If I need a can of Corned Beef Hash, I will buy 2 of them etc. etc, 1 goes to the cupboard the other goes to my Prepping Supply.


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