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Cane Corso page updated


So, I updated this Cane Corso page, it is based on my observations of my Cane Corso X with a Great Dane? Also observations on other Cane Corsos and large breed dogs that I have known in the past.

curious dog looking into vehicle window, pic from inside

hey, what’s inside there, watcha doing?


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Zelda the dog

Well here is a couple of pics of Zelda my new 1.3 yr old, aprox age, Cane Corso mix dog. The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff. They are a working dog, need to be worked and like to guard property and livestock. Perfect for me.

Zelda the Cane Corso Dog

Zelda relaxing on the floor

zelda on the deck with her puppy rescue friend

Zelda at about 1 yr old

I will update some Zelda pics soon, showing her bush coat and trail pack.

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