Novella Waking

Novella Waking Journal

Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever 

(Edited NOTE: This is my writing therapy and a means to get back into writing. I am hoping to improve my style, my writing skills which include my spelling and grammar. Sentence structure as well as speaking / speaker structure needs work as well. Positive, creative, helpful posts and comments will stay. Rude and downright mean-spirited remarks will be deleted, my blog, my writing my rules. Remember you’re a guest here! All work copyrighted per origin date)
this is a cover for the journal

This is a cover for the Journal, follow to a very cool blog on how to make this, before the world ends

Bet that got him thinking as the world went crazy around him! ……..
This is my Journal since my Waking,
waking up into this strange world!
 Day 5 Waking Novella
 Day 6 Waking Novella

One response to “Novella Waking

  1. Lake Lili

    Really enjoying… going to let us read the next couple of days? Please… moar…

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