My Writing endeavours, short stories, book series, poem and other writings.

picture of Journal and Novella

Journal or Novellas, similar but different, same but similar

Hope you enjoy, please leave positive feedback and critiques.

The following are writing exercises if you want to follow along great and glad to have you!

* Journals; Novella Waking Divergent

* Free Form Writing

I am writing a series of books although it has been a long go at it. The books series is a survival type fiction with some real Survivalism thrown in.

* Book 1 is set in B.C. in the mountains.

* Book 2 is set in B.C. and the world stage.

* Book 3 is the cumulation book, bringing books 1 and 2 together, tying up the loose ends and finishing the story lines.

* => There is a companion Survivalist book to go along with it with pictures and diagrams. This will probably turn out to be a collaboration work involving many Prepper, Survivalists and Self Reliant people who I know.

* Working on a Screen Play set in Ontario and the U.S. I had a big name Hollywood Star in mind, Tom Cruise  along with his family but now unfortunately for him and for my Screen Play, he is getting divorced. Tom is not as far-fetched as you might be thinking, he has some roots in Canada, come up here for vacation and is known to do off beat films that tickle his fancy. Well here’s to Tickling !

So thinking up another Actor with a family.
Q. How about Will Smith and his full on Hollywood family?

A. I could cast Russel Peters, but it would be more of a Bollywood film then!

Q. How about … your suggestions.

* Poetry
yikes.. yes actually I have written a poem and it is kinda funny and sad at the same time. Will post this later!

So What do you think?

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