WoW, just wow!


Just Fricken WoW…

My buddy Paul out in BC answered one of those simple questions online. I noticed his answer,

 thought about for just a minute, thought right answer.  Then to what do my wandering eyes should appear, OVER 30k answers to this simple question. 

I clicked on his answer then looked at the answers just after and that’s when I realized this Human populated world is DOOMED !

See for yourself, ffs!!

…  Edited in note: if you dare, read the post by a fellow named Matt. O my, O my, just taken to a whole new level, or lowered, not sure which?!

: O 

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Hi Fresh Northern Ontario Blueberries

Fresh Northern Ontario Blueberries, were my freshly picked after sandwich treat. 

I like stopping in out of the way, out of people’s reach places to explore. 

Zelda loves to explore as well.

Cheers, wild_E

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Today’s drive

When you see the road ahead, teasing it’s view into your adventures spirit. You need to explore around that next bend in the road less traveled. A new find, a new experience, who knows what will await you.

This is and has always been a driving force for me.

Sharing a bit of my thoughts along with the view.

Cheers wild_E

PS. Now sharing via my cell phone makes this faster and easier.

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Still shuffling along

So, thought I had kicked ehh. Not so, just had been in the mood to post.

Ladies, flowers for you from Northern Ontario.

Well now, the last image is so you will like this Post.
Groaner, yup I know!


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Sprouts easily made, Shared from WordPress

Dreaming of a green winter: growing sprouts for your chickens (or yourself!) –

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DIY Root Vegetable Washer – Hobby Farms

Very nice Scroungcraftet device!

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Clean And Refurbish Cast Iron – Hobby Farms

Excellent article.

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