Nanonano attempt again this year.

So, my attempt this year will again be the Nanonano Writes 2019. So far Novembers have hated me for 3 years in a row, well then, lets kick it again and hope for the best.

7 monster short stories all interrelated or in the same small town area.

Overview of the project.

Creating a short story collection centered around a small town in rural Canada. Supernatural happenings in a collection of short stories for kids with a humour bent for adults as well. My inspiration was some kids’ movies; like Cars and Wreck it Ralph. Trying to make it interesting for adults if they need or want to read to their kids.

Overview of a couple of them, follows

Story #6. WhereWolf the werewolf, cause he can never remember WHERE he is.
Wherewolf, memory issues with a werewolf (NOTE spelling is correct here ! ) caused by short term memory loss in a werewolf who used to be a WarWolf for a Vampire Clan who was captured by three women who own the Bingo Hall in town along with an old exorcist priest. Now he is addicted to coffee and cigarettes because of the “Women, the Fickle fingers of Fate”, who captured him to works at the Bingo Hall on weekends in the afternoon. Now he works at the Moonlit Nightclub in the evenings for food and cigarettes as a bouncer. He goes to the Café every afternoon during the weekdays, to get his fix on with cigs, meets the Zombie Gurl, k Kkllooee, who works in Candy Songs store next door. He has a crush on her, you see, she also has a crush on him and gets a job at the Luna Café as well, just to be near him!

Mother from Imps story is the building owner, lives upstairs in 2 story apartment over the shops below, the apartment next door is the religious meeting area for her Wiccan group.
Downstairs – Candy Songs store, beside Luna Café – where zombie gurrrl will work at both places.

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Done now


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Meds Needed

Soooo. Posted this before but it is a good reminder now.

You need 190% need anti-diarrhea meds and 190% need electrolights.

Luckily this time when it hit I was in a house with flushable toilet and outside garbage bin. Both needed as watery streams from both ends. Disentry can and will kill you. Even inside with meds…. bad… out in the bush especially by yourself I cive you a 40% chance if you are hiking or camping by yourself.

Due to allergy issues normally only use; antihistamine tablet (prescribed), Strawberry Extract and Kaopectate both for diarrhea meds.

There are dry pill versions as well.

I make my own version of electrolyte;

Ginger. Honey or organic cane sugar. See salt. Greentea or Whitetea. Also add in lemon or juice from fruit. Can substitute crystal drink mixes for the fruit and sugar cause they have too much already.

Lots of water. Disinfectant of some kind and shelter cause you will also be shivering and sweating.

Ps. Extra underwear and plastic bags are highly recommended as well!

Be well and remember following others who lie, cheat and steal with no accredited or experienced teacher except for FB and Google are dangerous, or listening to other old fools as well.

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Nature’s Diarama

Spotted on a hike a couple of days ago.

Imagery that sparng to mind;

A diarama

A play area for kids

A scene from the desert

A shot from the mars rover

Take a hike you, yes you! Let your brain turn creative with imagery and thoughts. Or focusing on the environment fully to allow a medative state while excersizing. The time passes O so much swifter and pleasantly.

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Mirror or Art

If you put a mirror outside is it still a mirror or a work of natural art that reflects the outside world?

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Easy breazy cover … foilage

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