How to contact us, ma dog and me..

wild_e at hotmail dot ca (done this way to reduce the amount of spammers!)

This blog, just leave a comment here and I will get back to you when I am able to.

Yes, still alive and kicking, or am I !
Well you guessed it, same sense of humour, sorry about that. Living back up in Northern Ontario again. Much more relaxed normally now, this is a better arrangement and situation for me now.

Hopefully, the updates will happen a bit more than every 6 months or so again!

Actually, they seem to occur in batches, then for health reason or computer issues there is a big lag, huge lag in posting.

Cheers from wild_E and Zelda

curious dog looking into vehicle window, pic from inside

hey, what’s inside there?


19 responses to “Contact

  1. I read your looking for property page. Are you still looking for property? I work for the County of Brant (in Southern Ontario). I could probably recommend you have a look at Harley Ontario. Fairly secluded, but a 30 min or less drive to a medium sized urban center where you can get anything. Land is cheap, lots of wooded lots, high water table for ease of water, and relatively mild winters (in/close to ontario’s banana belt). Hope that helps!

  2. Susannah

    Wilderness – I read your post about Zelda today (she is so cute) you must be a very nice person to adopt a pre-loved canine (both of mine were pre-loved too and they know I love em). I made some time and I read some other stuff too (all the way back) and it made me cry! Keep on doing what you’re doing – you’re going to train all of us to be better people.

  3. Rob

    Hi, I have joined the Canadian Preppers site and noticed your web address. I am a little unsure of how thing operate there. Can you point me to a page that tells me how things work. I have tried to contact people, but am not allowed. Thanks for the guiding hand.

  4. Rob

    Wilderness its Rob in Ontario -Thanks for the info on the mylar bags– not sure how this works but heres my email– ………… (edited out cause of trolls) would be good to meet up sometime

  5. rob

    Hi its Rob in Ont love your site here I’ll have to stop by here more often -and thanks in advance for the info

  6. Hope it helps out and I like your blog as well. I look at it every so often, it eats up my Rocket Stick downloads though! 🙂
    I will be coming to the Ottawa area next month hopefully, maybe I can pop by and see the place for myself?
    It looks very nice, cheers and take care.

    • Hi, Glad you like the blog, funny that is what my dad says, for what its worth he became a follower and that way the posts come to the email and it takes less to download one email then to do the whole blog at a time, might work for you as well, but be aware that I post almost every day but if the subject is boring, just delete.

      As for a get together, I would be open to consider meeting in a public place for a coffee and visit, but I am uncomfortable having someone I don’t know yet come to the farm, call it a girl thing if you want.

  7. Thanks for the info and follow-up, have a good day

  8. hi Wildreness Returns

    This is farm gal, I am trying to find your email address, in regards to more info on the sleeping bag, I figured contact would have it.. but it got me here, Talk soon..

    • Hey there,
      hhmmm. When you go to write something your email is there, so I figured that the email would show up.. sorry.

      Well I made a mistake with what you get for $80.. sorry today I went and read the sign again, but decided to buy it anyways as I already have an inner sleeping bag.
      for $80 you get, sleeping bag 1 part, liner, and stuff sack.

      Sorry for the confusion, I was not as happy either, but then I thought about it and even the 1 sleeping bag part is better than most of the Civie stuff out there.

      contact info for the store is as follows.
      The Army Store
      20 Bermondsey Rd. Unit #5
      East York
      Toronto On

      They have quite a variety of things in the store, they also have very good work wear at good prices as well.

      my add is info at
      for future reference,
      Cheers for now

  9. Jessica

    Hi, found your blog via MD Creekmore. I’m in Ontario too, just wondered, if you don’t mind, approximately where in Ontario you are?

    Best wishes


    • Hello Jessica,
      I live in Bowmanville right now, in the Spring Till Fall, weekends I will be in the Minden area. Then if all goes according to plan (right!) I will be living here over the Winter. This property is in the woods, a 3.5km into the woods trek to the 100 acre parcel.

      The owners are nice folks, we will be working on the gardens and property together. Very nice area but no pasture or large open areas so building the Gardens will be a bit tricky to get the light just right.

      Whereabouts are you located?
      and ask any question you like 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by.

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