The blog is still a work in progress. Yes, after so many years it is still a work in progress, off and on !!!

A quick bio of me;

From Ontario Canada, grew up as a base brat, spent some years bushcrafting, then the military, which included field craft, bushcraft, arctic warfare and survival, lived overseas, in the middle east as well as Europe and a Photographer. Returned, more military, bushcraft and living, truck driver both long, short haul and daily. Equipment operator, small business owner and now back living and wandering around northern Ontario.

Now this is site is a collection of combined interests, bushcrafting, exploring and poking around, with some of my writing thrown in.

My writing and photo journalism, is much like my life, ECLECTIC, to say the least.

NOTE: This Was – This is my story of getting back to the wilderness, direction for My future that I want to take; I grew up in the wilderness part time now I wish to live in the wilderness on a Full Time basis.

My history;
I grew up in both rural and suburban Ontario Canada. My Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles lived in both Rural and Suburban settings. All of them taught me, living, outdoor and wilderness skills as well as a deep love and affection for Nature. For that alone I am eternally grateful to them, let alone the fact that they were kind and helpful to us as kids and teenagers.

Spending time in the backcountry and living in rural settings has given me good useful skills and knowledge. Camping for months at a time, before joining the Army Cadets, during and eventually the Canadian Forces helped prepare me for the Combat Arms stock in trade of spending long term living and training on exercises, in the backcountry on ranges and very much off the grid. (since)

I have lived in a school bus for 9 months then a small cabin over winter, the back in the school bus. Lived in tents during the winter as well as small in ground ridge pole shelters, during the military and post military

see about page for me

2 responses to “Main

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Hi there, just wondering, as you mentioned about WordPress and logic, about being able to having a list of postings “by month”?
    Here’s a link to Michaela Harlow’s latest blog entry, “The Gardener’s Eden”…
    Although she has a ton of stuff happening on her page, it also uses a lot of the bells and whistles that make navigation super easy.
    You’ll also find a ton of really good, inexpensive and down-to-earth; ) advice on natural gardening practices, native plants, garden layout, recipes…
    It’s grown, along with her natural garden design business, by leaps and bounds to a point that she now writes gardening book reviews for Barnes and Noble, blogs at the Honey Bee Conservancy, has been a guest columnist in Martha Stewart Living and is now so busy that she barely has time to post anymore. Not too bad for a girl who lives sustainably and independently in the Green Mountains of Vermont, eh? Did I mention that she’s an artist with a brush, as well as a camera and also restored and flies a vintage aircraft? (She’s really just an all round digger and it just goes to show, you never know where this blogging thing might take you; )

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