Survival / Prepping

Survival / Prepping pages and info that is related

Where to start, info for the Newbie and begginer.
Your personal check list needs to start with;

1. what have you done so far
2. what training do you have
3. strengths and weaknesses do you have. (eg. first aid – you are Paramedic or Basic Red Cross – or – Been camping all my life or, just a few weekends)

4. how many people do you need to prep for
5. what gear do you have on hand,
6. what do you want to get right away

(6- my personal input, if you live in an apartment or the like you need sleeping bags, because you will need to leave at some point. Also have a supply of emergency candles on hand, as well as 5 gal of water per person. Quick bug out food, including power bars etc. ) (if you have a house with land etc, that is your bug out location, unless it is right downtown TO or Ottawa for example, then you make sure you have extra quilts and duvets, to keep you warm, as well as candles)

7. bug out bag of some sort, with the tools in it that you will need for the first 3-5 days
8. Maps, you need some topographical maps of the area you are in, the area you need to go to and the areas in between!!!!!!!!!

9. start reading again from the top, take a slow breath and start at one point or another, but make a check list.
= suggest, go fill some water bottles up, go to Canadian Tire, get some of the 3 gal water bottles = no deposit required, cheaper. Save large 2ltr pop bottles, fill with drinking water, and store all of it, out of sunlight.

Ok, how do you like me now? homework…

2 responses to “Survival / Prepping

  1. I’m so happy that I was led here by your comments to my blog because I have started collecting some “stuff” for when the Apocalypse hits southern USA. So far I have 3 dozen high calorie energy bars and a solar shower. (I’ll be damned if I’m going to take cold showers…even if it IS the end of the world)
    I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog for sure!

    • You made me smile, thank you.

      You are already a survivor, it starts in the mind and spreads out from there.
      If you want to start, then you’re on a good path, next is water, have some on hand and get a water filter that is portable.

      Please see my little blog for some other tips, then join the site. We need some more Americans there, especially ones who help and share.
      Cheers ~Wild_E

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