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Stats by Country

So I was sitting here looking at the blog stats, thought some of you might be interested in these stats as well. It always amazes me that since this is my personal blog, my journey to return to the wilderness, of which I will have lots more posts soon that this blog attracts so many visitors from elsewhere. People from Canada to Ireland to India and New Zealand, how did they find the site and why and what are there thought on the blog?

More interesting is the fact that I have never advertised the blog at all, just put in categories and tags for searching later.


Country Views
Canada FlagCanada 228
United States FlagUnited States 171
Australia FlagAustralia 29
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 9
Brazil FlagBrazil 7
Germany FlagGermany 6
Ukraine FlagUkraine 4
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 3
India FlagIndia 3
Italy FlagItaly 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 3
Oman FlagOman 2
Argentina FlagArgentina 2
Hungary FlagHungary 2
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 2
Philippines FlagPhilippines 1
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 1
Latvia FlagLatvia 1
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 1
Greece FlagGreece 1
Sweden FlagSweden 1
Spain FlagSpain 1
Ireland FlagIreland 1

With the use of Tags I am sure that is how the site is indexed and how people find it. Below I will post some of the key search words that were used in the last little while that helped people stumble upon my ramblings.

These are just the search terms for the last few days mind you (looks like some people are searching by my user name in some forums!)

Search Views
dehydrator 5
buffy sainte marie 3
wildernessreturn 2
southwestern ontario preppers 2
who is md creekmore @thesurvivalistblog.net 2
animal personality wilderness 2
red moon july 9, 2012 2
“living in school bus” 2
rocket mass heater plans 1
three against the wilderness by eric collier download 1
canadian preppers 1
buffy sainte-marie pictures 1
dave canterbury lies 1
guardian dog breeds 1
rocket mass heater use clay pipe 1
buffy sainte-marie 1
red moon july 11 1
big wheel bike 1

Well gotta go now, the Mosquitoes are out in full force and I do not want to use any bug spray unless I need too. Worried about Deet and skin irritations and cancer in the long run, so off I go.

I will post soon some of my findings and summaries from others on Mosquito control and natural repellents, so stay tuned you world watchers and travellers!



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Still sick so hard to update

I am still sick from the tooth infection, and now battling the effects of the anti-biotics. My arm is still so painful that I can barely get any sleep without a sleeping aid.

So sorry for no updates at all. I was also asked to go to the bush acreage but due to my current medical condition I declined, hopefully they will understand.

Right now I am trying to use my right arm as little as possible due to the pain involved, even typing this hurts way too much, and I still have to work.

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Ground Beef recipe with Sauce HOT

Ground Beef recipe with Sauce HOT

I actually wrote down one of my concoctions, this time, normally I make it, eat it, then try to remember what I added or how I did it !

cook in cast iron fry pan, large

1 kg ground beef

water 1 cup

lemon juice – big squirt

Cocoa powder – 4 tbs aprox.

stir till brown

add into this ground beef mixture –

Louisiana hot sauce, Franks brand – big gulp full

plumb sauce – big gulp full

BBQ sauce – big gulp full

smoked paprika, pinch

Chili Peppers – 2 tbs

Sauce / Gravy

water cold – 1 Cup

corn bread mix,

brown flour

baking soda, dash

stir into fry pan, simmer for 5 min

pour over baked potatoes,

and corn added to the top for colour and vegieness

Hot and tasty !!

Writing Excersie


Follow UP

It was good, the sauce was very thick and awesome, but not hot enough. I will add more hot sauce into the sauce mix next time, and use Holy Habanera sauce or peppers to spice it up some more >:)

The yellow corn on top was a nice touch, I end…S

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