Wilderness Return

Title / Reference info:                      Wilderness Return Introduction
History of experience & Direction
From:                             WildE
Date:                              1/22/2011
My return to the wilderness, Long Term Planning and Living

A brief history of experience and direction for My future that I want to take. This will include Blog and website posts, book material as well as the situations and experiences along the way. Here I sit in an Awesome Loft, it is huge though expensive.

One of my dreams was to live in a loft converted in an old Factory. Living here is mostly great, though the major drawback is the expense of the Rent and the Noise! As this was never intended in the original designs to be a living place, a comfortable home, the loft needs some improvements and upgrades as the pipes radiates noise from other units. All that takes money and well, all landlords never want to spend that, now do they!

My plan last spring was to find a place in the woods a small cabin, preferably a place I could by or 2nd best was to rent. As I did not have enough money as I was and still am (at the time of this writing) going through a divorce, money is tight and it is a depressed economy, I rented a place in the woods. Lovely location, lovely acreage, but and there always is a but isn’t there? The owners made it impossible to live there in that Illegal location. I learned about a month or so after I moved in just what was going on and the type of people that they were!

My Dream of living in the woods there, in a small place, to save for the future and to get back to nature and hone some skills and reacquired some long-lost skills as well as learn new skills, was abruptly, rudely shattered. Like I said it turned out to be illegal in more ways than one, along with bad water that was untreated, even though I was assured the water was just fine and tested just fine, their words. (Long story there, humorous and sad at the same time.)

Well eviction notice from the By-law department as well as the Health department for the water situation, had me looking all over again, but with only a One month window of time, till the By-Law returned to force eviction.  Little did I know up till then that I was getting sick from microorganisms and viruses in the water supply. This has turned into a very long-term Health and welfare situation that I battle still, at time of this writing.

The Plan revisited
My plan for the last 20+ years after getting out of the Canadian Military was to move to a very rural, bush type community and live in the woods, as well as write a book series and build a website and survival book with pictures in colour. Life got in the way! Lust/Love relationships, that forced me to give up my dreams for their wants and desires. Never Again !

I am back on track, back on self-preparedness and building my inventory of survival and preparedness tools back up.

The list and Plan

Research and Prep
find a property, advertise
(property priority, stage 1 – near my business location, so I can still keep my business going)
(property priority, stage 2 – find a larger, very secluded, away from it all property for Long Term Living)

Building living determined by land, location
(prefer, Yurt/Ger or Strawbale or Underground)
Power – wind – solar – geo-thermal – other
Collect some tools for building, including plans/drawings
Collect Prepping materials for Long Term Survival
Collect Survival and Camping Gear (again!)
Buy 4×4 for off road, backcountry travel
Research best Quad and Snowmobile for my needs
(requirements; quiet, strong, pull loads, low maintenance, ease of maintenance)
work on my mechanical skills and small engine repair skills as an alternate source of income

Get my 2nd business off the ground Eco Living Solutions
included – Yurts/Gers – strawbale construction – underground and other alternate living solutions

My history;
I grew up in both rural and suburban Ontario Canada. My Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles lived in both Rural and Suburban settings. All of them taught me, living, outdoor and wilderness skills as well as a deep love and affection for Nature. For that alone I am eternally grateful to them, let alone the fact that they were kind and helpful to us as kids and teenagers. Spending time in the backcountry and living in rural settings gave me good useful skills and knowledge. Camping for months at a time, before joining the Army Cadets and eventually the Canadian Forces helped prepare me for the Combat Arms stock in trade of spending long term living and training on exercises, in the backcountry on ranges and very much off the grid.

Dig in takes on a whole new meaning to Combat Arms Soldiers! By they way, dig in has nothing in common to the large family gatherings that occur throughout the world at meal times and get-togethers. More on Dig In later, ok! One of my very favourite memories is a very simple phrase that was put to good use and taught to us by Sgt. Brew up David, our affectionate nic-name for him. To this day I do not remember his last name, but I do remember that every time and I mean every-time we stopped, winter or summer, he called out to us, “brew up” It drove the Unit commander and company commander nuts, it also taught us the benefits of having cup of tea, the long-lasting tea caffeine help needed to get us through long and I mean long hours with no sleep and little food. Not to mention the fact that the Tea warmed up our core temperatures, allowing us to go on longer, giving us help in our Mental capacities as well. So Sgt Brew Up Dave, here’s to you and thank you for the lessons and kindly thoughts.

Tea time I was used to with my Grandparents on both sides of the family, in fact it was not until about the second year in the Canadian Forces that I had my first cup of coffee! Yes they both have caffeine but the spike has a much different curve. Coffee is a very sharp spike, get up and get going kinda spike, but the spike is short lived. Tea, has a gradual curve spike to it, it takes longer to get up to the full level as well as longer to level off till the point in which you need or want another cup, this is a much more gradual and long lasting curve. The very type of curve that is needed to help you keep going and going and going, sort of like the energiser bunny. Coffee is great, smells great and helps you wake up in a hurry, but you crash soon after. So I recommend coffee to get going first thing in the morning while you make your thermos of Tea, which will last you the rest of the day!

Insert chart…. Here….

These are some of the tips, hints and knowledge that I will be working on re-learning and passing along to you the web audience. If you want to be prepared to live in the bush, be prepared to survive long term, to learn to do some long term camping even, you need to practice, practice and more practice. There are events on the Television, newspapers, Internet, and Short Wave Radio from all over the world that stresses the need for skills both learned and practiced.  In short Preparedness or in other terms Survivalism. So if you want to go camping or learn to live in the bush long term or to get ready for disasters you are a Prepper and a Survivalist!