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What Is Your Job After The Apocalypse?

This is an interesting selection of questions in the quiz.
There are of course not as many questions or answers as there should be. There are also not as many choices as I would have made.

graphic of group standing at edge of shattered land and city


The answer to my job was what I thought it would be though!
Then I took the quiz again and the job was what I thought it would be, so;

Camp Leader
both are what I expected, so what are your jobs?

Job after apocalypse


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reminder Ontario Preparedness 2014 Event

2nd Annual Event

Ontario Preparedness is a collaborative effort to share knowledge, skills and understanding to promote preparedness and self-reliance. Every summer there is an event in which there is  a combination of brilliant speakers, incredible vendors,  and amazing skills workshops all focused to help others to become self-reliant and prepared for any possible event. Participation is open to everyone and there is no cost to attend.  This year’s event is titled Ontario Preparedness 2014.

see Ontario Preparedness 2014 Event

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Links to Preppers and Survivalists

Links to other Preppers and Survivalists

As this blog is about my journey and people, events and things along the way, the blog like my life is Eccletic.

Please note some new links on the left side down near the middle, Links Blogroll. 

  • First up is Anita and her journey in their new farm, hobby farm which is funny cause there is just too much work for a hobby. anitapreciouspearl and her HUGE Family Prepping
  • Second is Farmgal, well too bad she is married cause she would be great I say, Great! Check out her farm, her adventures training her Cow to be a draft animal commonly referenced to as Oxen, or in the case a Ox called Girl. FarmGal Canadian Back to the oldways Farmer
  • Lastly is Denob, he is another Canadian Prepper, has his own blogspot, does a radio program sometimes. Our content is different from the US guys so come and check us out. The Prepared Canadian

Hope this post helps some of the new people out, does not help the multitude of spammers and you keep this in mind and pop back in here once in a while as well. 

Cheers now ~WildE


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