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Backup Your Data

Preps nothing…
last Friday, I was using my laptop and bam… my china made powercord, fried.. worse it also fried the laptop power module. I only had 1hr and 40min on battery. I managed to get only about 65% of my info transfered across.

Ironically I was looking at getting a backup device, so now a New Laptop, less data, and working to get the rest off of the harddrive, which is XP protected is challenging!

Back up your data to another computer.. NOW!!!
my electronic prep for this week, so I can see all the other preps that I did before… 😦

On the Bright side…

Did stop at some garage sales yesterday morning;
picked up 2 smaller gas cans (plastic) for only $2.50,
two smaller oil lamps for $2 each
a small DC air pump
.. ya.. go preps… LOL



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plant help

Hey there,

can anyone tell us what these plants are?

Please and thanks

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photos of acreage 2

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Some photos of the Acreage

Acreage photos

Forest of Moss inside a Forest

Lovely Moss

love the greens

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Broken Vehicles again

not doing windows today in the sun.. fixing Chev Van.. fed up with Chev Vans, dislike all GM products… sigh

Finished installing the new to me Starter Motor, Hey I figure if they are only going to last a year, why not get a used one this time!

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