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Girl Power & People Power

Loving yourself as a girl, woman and as a person

Lindsey Stirling
her main YouTube Channel 

Found this on LindseyTime and clicked through

Inspirational Clips to find her inspirational message. Her message is just like her, spunky, thoughtful and for both boys and girls, men and women. Watch 🙂

Edited in for content;

Below is the first one of hers that I saw… LOVE it !! as well

Here is another and it is so cute, a fountain in a park,
dancers all !

edited for thoughts;

= WHY….. why post this… why share…. why do we do what we do?

My thoughts during dinner were to share in these dark days of strife and grief. If I only make one person smile, make another hear the beauty that is Humans at our best then I have done what I want to carry out. If but two people see the similarities in each of us, does that not draw in each of our hearts and thoughts together?

When we focus on the similarities, the sameness of each other vs. the differences, we find that there is really no difference from anyone, anywhere around this blue globe of ours.

Share a thought, share and image, share an emotion, share a feeling of wonder and beauty for let us celebrate what is good in all of us, what is similar and treasured.

Go walk in the light away from the shadows away from the grief,
cheers wild_E

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writing and meds

writing and meds do not go along together 😦

No I am not doing illicit drugs, just meds to help my health and pain levels.
Do they work, yes.
Do they leave you with hardly any emotion and creativity, yes, in my case they do.

So for all the few of you who follow and believe in me, I apologise !! Some days there is so little creativity that I look at my dog in wonder that she plays with her imaginary friends and foes.

Now if any of you have any ideas besides, stopping them for a few days so I have some creativity, please let me know.

Cheers for now wild_E


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