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History what else is there to say to that

On my way to

So, soon I will be on my way to visit with Lucas the fellow who runs Buroak Wilderness Adventures

This is to take a look at his camp setup and see one of his demos and instruction seminars for a follow-up review.  There will be some photos and hopefully a video or two for the review.

See you soon or pop on over to Buroak Wilderness Adventures and we will see you there along with Zelda the Prepper Dog (sort of like a guide dog but she brings me sticks he he )!
Cheers ~wild_E

p.s.. he will soon have some advertising space at as well as at the forum !

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US Navy Captains Take on Canada

Some Canadianism from an American Sometimes there are little items that are really worth sending on, I think this is one of them..

One American’s View –
David Meadows is a retired US Navy Captain and the author of numerous books and articles on military subjects.This message was on the U.S. Military.Com website. It appears that Mr. Meadows knows one helluva lot more about what our military is doing than most Canadians.

On April 22, 2006 four Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. Respects and heartfelt sadness go to the families of those heroes who stand alongside the U.S. In the Long War half a world away. While we focus on the war in Iraq , the fighting continues in Afghanistan where side-by-side the U.S. and one of its most loyal allies, Canada , engage there-emergence of the Taliban.

Canada is like a close uncle who constantly argues, badgers, and complains about what you are doing, but when help is truly needed, you can’t keep him away: he’s right there alongside you. We have a unique relationship with Canada . We have different political positions on many issues, but our unique friendship has weathered world wars, global crises, and the ever-so-often neighborhood disagreement.Canada has been with us since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism.

In February 2006, without fanfare Canada , leading a multinational force combating growing Taliban insurgency, increased troop strength in Afghanistan to 2,300. With the American military stretched thin against rising instability in both Iraq and Afghanistan , an ally that increases its troop strength is inspiring and deserves our respect.

Katrina was another example of our close family-like relationship. Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. Two days later, the Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue Team rushed from British Columbia , Canada to Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana . In this Parish of 68,000 Americans, the first responders were Canadians. Overall, within the devastated Gulf Coast area, it appears Canada was the first responder outside of local efforts. They worked 18-hour days, going door-to-door alongside Louisiana State Troopers, rescuing 119 Americans. While FEMA ramped up to surge into the catastrophe; while the administration and Louisiana fought for the politically correct way to respond; Canadian aid was already at work.The Canadian Forces Joint Task Group 306 consisting of the warships HMCS Athabaska, HMCS Toronto, NSMC Ville de Quebec, and CCGC William Alexander sailed to the Gulf Coast to deliver humanitarian supplies. They stayed,working alongside U.S. Navy and Mexican warships, to provide aid to Katrina victims.Katrina was not an anomaly of our close relationship.

When Hurricane Ivan devastated Pensacola , Florida in October 2004 Canadian humanitarian help was there also. Canadian power trucks roamed the streets and countryside helping restore electricity where Americans had a unique experience of running into workmen who only spoke French. Canada took a lot of undeserved flak for failing to leap into Operation Iraqi Freedom when our administration sent us galloping across the desert. But Canada remains one of our staunchest allies in the war.

When United States military forces were fighting up the highways in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Canada quietly increased troop numbers in Afghanistan and continued Naval operations with U.S. Warships in the Persian Gulf .I was at the Pentagon on 9/11, stationed on the Joint Staff. During the early hours after the attack, the United States closed its air space and ordered every aircraft within our borders to land immediately at the nearest airfield. Canada immediately stood up an Operations Support Post. With civil aviation grounded, aircraft destined for the United States were forced elsewhere. Most landed in Canada .

Re-routed travelers and flight crews were hosted at Canadian Forces facilities in Goose Bay , Gander, and Stephenville , Newfoundland ;Moncton, new Brunswick, Halifax , Shearwater, and Aldershot , Nova Scotia ; Winnipeg , Manitoba ; and Yellowknife , Northwest Territories . Canada rapidly mobilized its forces. Within hours,the Canadian Navy was on alert with ships preparing to cast off immediately for any U.S. Port to help victims of the 9/11 attacks. Canada ‘s Disaster Assistance Response Team prepared to deploy from Trenton , Ontario . Canada dispersed CF-18 fighter aircraft to strategic locations throughout Canada .No politics. No negotiating. No questions. They were just there. Canada would have fought any adversary that approached the United States that day.

Canada has been such an integral partner with the United States in the Global War on Terrorism that on December 7, 2004 when President Bush awarded the Presidential Unit Citation to Commander Joint Force South for combat success in Afghanistan , he was also recognizing the secretive Canadian Joint Task Force 2 commando counter-terrorism unit.The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded 30 Bronze Star medals for heroism in combat to Canadian Forces personnel. Some of those 30 died in action. Many of the others were wounded. These Canadians earned this American medal for heroism fighting alongside Americans. When we recall our own dead heroes, we must remember that these warriors gave their lives not only for Canada , but also for the United States .Canada is more than a neighbor. It is a close family member with the gumption to disagree with its brother to the south but always be there when disaster strikes and America needs help. For that, I salute you, Canada , and extend my respect for the sacrifices given by members of the Canadian Forces. What an awesome Country you are Canada.

(edited to put back in paragraphs, sorry if they are not 100% in the right place)

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Barnyard Textures

Since I have been waxing poetic lately due to remembrances of times long ago and re-collecting people from my past today I indulge myself. Sorting papers and pictures from my past I thought that giving a go today with my little Cell Phone, would be a good re-start to create photography.

small shed roof

roof texture

Barnyard Textures

BarnTextures 070b

BarnTextures 006b

BarnTextures 008b

BarnTextures 010b

BarnTextures 012b

BarnTextures 013b

BarnTextures 032b

BarnTextures 036b

BarnTextures 039b

BarnTextures 044b

BarnTextures 051


BarnTextures 050b 

BarnTextures 110b


BarnTextures 125b

Quote: Dance like no one is watching..

    create photography like no one is viewing, 
       Write like no one will read it,
           create for yourself and fulfill your heart! 


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.
Gustave Flaubert


Apr 27, 2013 · 9:10 pm

How to Move to BC

I moved from Ontario to BC
now moved back but still miss BC and my friends there! Here are a few suggestions based on what I did and did not do.

I bought a School Bus from the School Board, went to the Mechanics that service them, told them what I wanted to do and why. They listened to me, told me which School Bus had what issues. Every School Bus had problems. The one they recommended to me only had one issue that he was aware of. I was told it needed a new Rad Core, so I ripped it out myself, took it too a Rad Shop and had it re-cored. Make sure you get a new Rad Cap as well, I did not and had problems all across Canada until someone told me about that, $15 fix, no more problems.

This is what mine looked like moving in the Mountains and Northern Ontario
This is what mine looked like moving in the Mountains and Northern Ontario

In BC School Buses from Ontario are sought after as they have a different set of rules there. (that was then, this is now, so who knows now?) I picked up my School bus from the Depot for about $1000, $400 to fix the Rad, no other repairs. I removed the seats using a torch, in future would use an angle grinder with a better quality cutting blade to remove the nuts now. Mine was a Propane powered Bus, much cheaper to run. Although Northern Ontario was way more expensive to fill up in past Barrie, way more.

Lived in the Bus for the first Year and a half – wished afterwards I had not sold it, but that is another story.
Sold the Ontario School Bus for $5k, paid for everything in the trip from purchase, fuel and food.

This is what some of you will think a School Bus looks like when someone lives in it
What some of you think a School Bus looks like when someone lives in it

Other lessons;
keep only speciality items, do not move most tools, you can get everything there for the same price or cheaper, sell it off
do not move furniture – cheap there, go to Auctions or Garage Sales, or Win Lotto and keep it or just go buy everything NEW
unless it has sentimental values, sell it off or give it away.

Keep 75% of the seats in the bus, you can sell it faster and easier that way to some Logging company that wants it for taking peeps up and down the mountains! Lesson learned
take out the back 5 or so rows, put all the rest of your stuff in between the seats, secure for travel
The last 5 or so rows you can put your bed there, build a platform, turn seats around use them for platform. If your bed is comfy, take it, boy o boy lesson learned there. Yes you can buy beds there, but you have a nice comfy one, KEEP it.

Some people paint the School Bus
Some people personalize their School Bus
So all you need now is a Fridge, options;
get a smal bar fridge run off inverter
get a RV fridge, run off inverter while driving, propane when stationary
get a Koolatron, run while driving (wrap with stuff to keep it cool overnight) Takes way lots of power, unless engine is running!
buy fuel from Truck Stops, they give you shower coupons, you and the wife then only need One coupon
buy groceries along the way for fresh stuff use your prepper food for the staples and as a way to rotate it out, normal drill then.

Here is a great link to a site dedicated to converting School Buses into Moter Homes

Jake’s Website, a website dedicated to converting School Busses into RV’s

So that is a few ideas, now some on vehicles
Look for Diesel, yes Diesel is now more expensive, advantages Diesel is also more energy and fuel efficient
Look for a Decent Box Type Truck, Diesel, use it to move in, keep as Bug out Vehicle, secondary vehicle or movable shed and power plant in BC
Look for Diesel School Bus
Sell everything, everything off, Fly there, get another car, drive there quicker in a Car or Pickup, buy everything there


my new home

What I did now, and how I might move to BC again in

If you drive there, Stop in Alberta, get Alberta Mailing Box address, drivers licence, etc
move to BC then or Foot Steps of Rockies stay in Alberta enjoy it there.
if move to BC tell everyone you are from Alberta, you will get jobs easier, able to pay Mortgage then, most BC hates people from Ontario, will not give them jobs unless you are in the Lower Mainland, lesson learned hard way.


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Us and Memories of Nan, Nanny, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Greatgrandmother, Friend

To my Nan; Eulogy start
Who we are and what we are;
What we are is a Spirit/Soul
Who we are is a collection of memories and experiences, I choose memories that are good to remember, and experiences that are beneficial and helpful.

Let me explain a bit, my Nan died with Dementia, and this year due to an infection I lost almost all my memories and Facial recognition, as well as some nerve issues that were like paralysis. This in short is a mini Dementia.

So why share this about me, well maybe sharing this will help you with your memories about Her, my Nan, Nanny, Hazel, Mother,
Grandmother, Friend, for Who we are is determined by the shared memories and experiences with each other.

Similarities; My memories work by strong emotions and associations along with feelings. Her memories seemed to be the same way, do not remember her as the person in the wheel chair in the Home at the end, choose to remember her in your favourite memory, be it the little girl on the big work horse at the farm or the loving Mother or Grandmother bustling about during one of our Family get-togethers.

Remember; The person sitting over a cup of Tea and Cookies, O how she loved her Tea and Cookies. Strong tea, Earl Gray Tea, very Strong ;D
Remember; The person bustling about the kitchen, preparing food for the Gang, as she used to call everyone who came over. The Gang was made up of friends, family, acquaintances, neighbours, anyone really was welcomed to drop by, the Gang.
Remember; The Minister, the Mother, the Sister, the Friend, the Grandmother, the Lady at the Salvation Army Kettle, the Little Girl riding around the yard on the big work horse named Joe, squealing with delight, laughing along with her Father and other little sisters, those other little girls, eight of them running around the Farm and house.

What we are is the Spirit
Who we are is the collection of memories we leave with other, memories that never die, memories that stay hidden and locked away until the time for a laugh or smile is needed.
Remember; those times and memories, choose to remember happy shared times, put away those other recent memories, bury them deep for I believe she also lived in the happy memories.

Her memories of her life, with her young Minister Husband, her two small daughters, her little sisters running around on the farm, and when she came back closer to the present time, she remembered the Grandkids, Great grandkids, Nieces and Nephews, and family and Friends.

Remember; Who we are and What we are!


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Elections Love them Hate them

Ether we love or hate them, thousands of people have died or were injured to give you the right to vote.

Canada just went through an unnecessary vote again! Glad it is all over, hopefully the little boys and girls can actually do some real work now and earn their golden parachute pensions.

Good news on the fact it is a Majority Gov’t this is actually good so that they will all be forced to cooperate as well. The Green Party has 1 riding/seat in Parliament now, hopefully the voice will be heard. Too bad they did not show or inform Canada about their other topics and platforms. They do seem to be able to show some leadership on other issues other than the Environment.

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My views on the Latest Election Call !

Canadian Politicians
We do not need an election; we need real leaders not kinder garden sand box drop outs! What a bunch of d****h**ds wasting our money, do nothing Politicians.

I will never vote for another Politician again, I will only vote for real people, business leaders, people in business, Lawyers/Liers = standing on soap boxes blatantly playing games with Canada, what a waste another useless election after another useless long break for Parliament, their Xmas breaks or summer breaks would make teachers drool in envy, why do we let them use our money in this illegitimate way?? The entire government including the petty bureaucrats need a good spanking and to be put on probation!

Note: this election I will vote PC, because all the other parties have just lost my vote, I am fed up.
Perhaps I will vote Green Party though, I will look into that, to see if the Green Party Rep was for the election or not!

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