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Happy Canada Day

To Canada

To the Entire World, July 1st

Happy Canada Day to everyone !




Especially to;
My Missionary Aunt in France
to R & D in Bali


Happy Dominion Day

to all the older folks out there ..


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Cane Corso page updated

So, I updated this Cane Corso page, it is based on my observations of my Cane Corso X with a Great Dane? Also observations on other Cane Corsos and large breed dogs that I have known in the past.

curious dog looking into vehicle window, pic from inside

hey, what’s inside there, watcha doing?


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Waking Divergent Journal Ch 12 Fires and Gorillas

Pulled up on a Ridge, stopped by the view that overlooks a part of the African Lion Safari, also visible in the distance is part of the 401, part of the 403 south, part of the Toronto Skyline and some of the lands West and North West.

Since the view was sudden and startling, it is quick update time.
My plans are altered by the sudden views and realization that my parents home might not survive too much longer. Since they are not answering, email, phones I have assumed that they are like everyone else, no more!

Reverse order Journal right now;
the view is most startling and if there had been time, perhaps I would have come to the conclusion or pre-thinking of what I am now witness too!

Fires! Fires in the distance in every direction, as far as I can see there are Fires! Some of the woods are ablaze though mostly it is the houses and buildings that burn. Perhaps it was power surges, or things plugged in or lightning strikes, or gas explosions, who knows what it was.

Now my location is only 30 minutes to my parents so a quick run over there, take a look, holler out Hellooooooo, though probably will be hollering in vain! There are some keepsakes and memento’s that should be grabbed now since we are so close. Some old photos, some paintings some trinkets to remember my family by.

Need to write out some long-term planning thoughts and ideas.
– food long-term
– living location for long-term
– travelling
– equipment for long-term
– fuel for long-term
– searching for others that survived? Continuation?
– long-term feasibility of batteries, power, communications, laptops, computers, printers, information, books, magazines, some DVD’s – Training and relaxation, music (NO RAP or Opera.. same bad words in front of nice music)
– Deal with loneliness, lack of someone to talk too
– WEATHER !!!!
– print out info, put it in binders
– transfer Journal to book format
– HEALTH -me – Dogs – other animals??
– EMP – Solar Flares & Nuclear explosions (build a Faraday Cage, large and small! )
– add into list more Propane

– DAY OFF need one or twooooo—- so exhausted! Well tomorrow will be a mostly day off! Then the following day will be a full day off for us. The dogs are tired as well, Brownie needs some bandages again and some more antibiotics, the others are looking worn out and ragged as well.

– —- more, expand list, create new chapter just for list?? put into spreadsheet???
– tomorrow, think on this stuff tomorrow, today is not yet over.

Since letting out animals and Zoo visits are in the last stages of work, there has just been too much time gone by now so survival rates will be none existent. The only sidetracks for animals now will be to open up fields and pastures where I see that some animals are still standing and grazing as I drive by.

We left the African Lion Safari Park just a few minutes ago, climbed the ridge in the Viking with the Toy Hauler and beheld the spectacle of what I can only describe as a ring of fire. The breeze is a gentle one coming in from the Northwest and the least amount of fires in that direction, so that is probably why the air is not filled with smoke.

GET a mask!! Get a mask or I will on the ground not breathing be, alone. There will be choking from the fumes as well as the smoke and my newly formed Asthma will take over in a bad way. The Toy Hauler Camper is equipped with an air conditioner that runs on propane, 12 v and 110 v, so maybe the dogs can stay in there if the smoke is too much, I will be wearing a mask and do what needs doing.
add into list more Propane

Familiarity breed speed, this time the release of all the animals, reptiles, birds and Bugs (some great big spiders and such!!!!) was much faster. Cutting corners, knowing the time is limited as well as needing to be back to feed the Primates made me speed through the whole process.

Things of note:
Baboons are like out of control teenagers! Hooligans, only the flashes of the shotgun blasts and the flash bangs keep them back. Even the dogs retreated very close to me as the are so outnumbered by that band of hooligans. Luckily for the Viking, I just used one of the beat up African Lion Safari pickup trucks to zip around in. Did this for a few reasons and one of them was remembering the incident with the Rhino back at the Toronto Zoo!

Rhinos here seem more used to being moved around and put into a direction that the handlers wanted I guess, as the truck survived, even though one of the huge black Rhinos spun around and dinged up the rear tailgate area some more, then it shuffled off, looking pleased.

Last thing on the list was open up the Elephant areas. After opening up the Elephant coral so that they could move around the park, I was composing a new message from the tape recorder that has been feeding into the CB and Ham radios. As I played back the message that was recorded at the Toronto Zoo, the Elephants all started trumpeting, shuffling and charged about 10ft closer to me.

Well, I am not afraid to tell you that we all pooped a little at that, me the dogs all of us jumped back in startlement and wonder! One minute the Elephant Herd was peaceful and grazing quietly, moving slowly along their path to the water, stopping at the odd tree for some fresh leaves, the next minute, wow! All the elephants trumpeted, formed an aggressive line moving towards us, the babies in the rear with another elephant. All ears turned towards us, heads lowered a bit, trunks swinging too and fro, lifting sod, rocks, sticks anything close and questing in our direction. Tons of angry or startled massive mammals!

What the heck just happened? Looking behind I only saw the dogs, heads lowered, eyes wide, teeth bared and growling but not moving, nothing else in view. What triggered that display of aggression or unrest? Was it the tape recordings? There was nothing else in my hand, I was listening too…. a message. Think, what else was on the recording animal sounds in the background and possibly Elephants calling to each other?

So I dared, I lifted the tape recorder up, showed it to the elephants, moved it around, took my other hand and lifted one finger up to press play. At first the only sound I heard was my voice with the recorded message, then animals in the background and Elephant Calls!!! I moved the recorder higher, moving it to my right, not moving fast just moving cautiously, all eyes on me now, Dogs and Elephants. I turned off the recorder, as the elephants reacted, though not as aggressively as a moment ago. Breath, let out a long ragged breath that I did not even know I was holding in. This herd of about 12 would trample us to nothings in the dirt if they wanted too.

Slowly I moved to a close picnic table, put the recorder on it and backed up to the pickup and dogs. The large Matriarch moved forward towards the picnic table along with 3 or 4 of the others, we retreated to the pickup, I ordered the dogs into the back of the truck bed. All of them jumped up, no complaints or hesitations, they were a little weirded out as well I think.

She lifted her trunk and eyes, searching in the distance, searching, question, eyes, kept going back to the little recorder, it was not turned on, but she was intent on a closer investigation for sure.

That was when I decided our time was done and headed back out the open gates to our moving home, the Viking and the Toy Hauler Camper, maybe I should just call the Camper,, The Toy! Not sure what happened to the tape recorder and well there are plenty around now to be picked up, but not that one!

Now your up to date, off to my Parents house in the Kitchener / Cambridge area which is just 30 minutes away, pick up some memories, then off to create more memories on our own I guess.

Another hour then on the way back to the Primates, Gorillas and Orangutans.

all rights reserved Wild_E productions
send a message if interest in publishing these works

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Waking Divergent Journal Ch 11 Road to Africa

Quick update;
Left the 401 North on the DVP, West on the 407, back to the 401 as it intersects with the 407 before it heads off towards Hamilton.

Time is: O my Lord it is late and I am exhausted.
Location African Lion Safari
Situation, computer and Cell Phone batteries nearly dead as they became unplugged today during the exertions.

The journey was uneventful right up to about 2 miles from the Zoo that is called “African Lion Safari” Battery is at 40% so enough time for a very quick update, then I will sleep, this will recharge and both will be back at it tomorrow. Me to do the deeds and the Laptop to record what I can remember during the day and at the end of the day. Therapy as I have found my mind slipping somewhat, from the illness and from the madness that I see lurking in the corners of my mind as my little human brain tries to reason this out and make since out of the Divergent Reality that I find myself in now. This Journal will be my gauge and pathway moving on.

About 2 miles out there is a small intersection insignificant really but important as the gas station there looks to have blown up! Who knows what kind of spark set it off or maybe a car or some electrical spike was the trigger?

The explosion took out the power lines in 2 directions and one was towards the African Lion Safari. Some of the lines where still sparking on a couple of poles that were laying across the street, blocking my access onwards.

Of the many options I thought of, it dawned on me just to do the simplest option; since going around would be too time consuming, trying to drive around the poles themselves was not possible, my answer was simple. I used the chainsaw, cut the poles themselves, hooked on the winch and moved them 3/4s of the way across the roadway allowing easy passage through.

I had let the dogs out for a bit of a stretch and play time while I grabbed the chainsaw, winch and moved the poles. No problems easy task all went well. All went well that is until the dogs stopped playing almost at once, Zeldy was the first to stop lower her head and start growling, taking up that ready stance that indicates a threat of some kind was close.

Within a moment all the dogs where growling, stances ready to spring, heads lowered swinging left and right noses scenting the air searching for the target or targets. I am sure they knew what the threat was though having a somewhat stuffy nose, I merely took up a combat stance, eased the safety strap on my K-bar and the safety strap on the .357 Magnum Ruger Blackhawk in its holster.

Now from a combat point of view, I would have preferences for an auto loader, but dealing with animals and large predators, the simplicity and accuracy of the revolvers were preferential while on the road. In the Zoo itself, I slip on a shoulder holster with one the auto loaders, preferably the .45cal or the 10mm.

Anyways I digress, The attack was so fast we barely had time to react, barely had time to survive. Lions might be king of the Jungle or Savannas, the Tiger though is Emperor of Hit and Run tactics or Guerrilla Warfare! Even sitting here now, looking back on what happened even the dogs did not know what direction the Tiger attacked from, with lightning speed, gnashing teeth and slashing claws.

The only thing I saw was blurred stripes as it moved past me, knocking me so that I would fall down. My combat stance and many hours of practise years ago on the ranges and drills repeated over and over in the military though, had me spinning left, spinning in a full 360 deg circle, pulling my revolver with my right hand and my combat knife with my left.

Dropping to my right knee, my left hand swung upwards matching the swing of my right hand with the revolver. My combat stance to steady the revolver, left hand supporting the revolver, blade facing to my left in the reverse grip fighting position.

Quickly bring up the revolver sights, aligning on the orange and black striped primal attacker. The attacker who was past me, swiping into MY Dogs, boom and flash of light, cordite smoke blowing sideways from the cylinder, thumb moving back up to the hammer, pulling down again. Trigger finger this time gentler, breathing ragged, breath blowing out, steady the hands again, gently make it count. Aim through the sights, pulling the target closer to me, back of the massive head, just below the left ear, Boom!

Blood splattering, Tiger head lurching, forward and downwards, body lowering, thumb back up the hammer, breathing more ragged, re-shoot,

Boom, Tiger’s head swinging left now, eye looking at me, searching for me, blood spattering before the ear now, close enough I see the hole from 25ft, so close! Tiger dropping, body momentum still moving forward, dogs now fully engaged, attacking, snarling, jaws snapping, teeth tearing into the throat and shoulders now.

I rose, slowly handgun still aimed at the head, not wanting to fire again yet as there were dog bodies all over the enemy, the primal hunter, down now, still breathing and both of us now ragged breathing, blowing hard, trying to gain the upper hand. Dogs move, I bellow, Zeldy and Browny still in the way, MOVE I bellow, The Rotty’s, moved around and to the back, Browny staggering farther left, Zeldy still in the way, MOVE again I bellow, she finally looks at me, frothing at the mouth, blood spilling out, white foam, but she moved.

Now only 5 ft away, Boom again, into the head. Down, never to rise again, what a huge beast, massive 7 ft long body, wow. From now on .44 magnum for me on the hip and 10mm in the shoulder holster full time.

Next came the first aid to Brownie, 4 large slashes down the side of his body, deep gashes which I cleaned out with Hydrogen Peroxide, applied polysporin, some larger bandages and wrapped dressing all the war around, 3 times in order to keep the dressings in place. Need to check that before going to bed. Need to find Anti-biotics soon and apply some directly as well as in the food for a while. Dogs are hearty but they do need helping out as well.

As you surmised dear future reader, the power was out at the African Lion Safari, most of the big predators were gone, some still hanging around looking for an easy meal. Chased them off with some shotgun blasts, some air horns and a Flashbang just for good luck.

Time to throw some feed down for the other animals and let the birds out and free them. In the morning, animal release for the others, including the Rhino’s, Hippo’s and Elephants.

Damn gotta keep chasing the Baboons off as well, they are pesky and fearless!

That’s all for tonight. Another update tomorrow, battery at 10% now, time to go to bed and it can start recharging.

Come on dogs it is almost midnight, bedtime! The female Rotty lifts her head and looks at me. I say again, come on dogs it is almost midnight, she wines a big now looking at me.

Midnight I say, She is wagging her little stump of a tail, and comes right over to me for a hug and a rub..

Well, Midnight is your name, she seems happy now, done last name;
Zeldy, Browny, Crunch and Midnight !

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Sudden News

It is with sad news that I say goodby to an old Army Buddy and friend, a fellow Lover of the wilderness, at home with a paddle in his hand and a fire in his eye.

Please raise a glass of cheer to a special person, how passed 2 days after his Birthday, and a week after one of the best Canoe trips ever to be recorded and shared with everyone in FB  with the Northern Canadian Rangers and Troops along for special training.
Here is to Jim Melsom, a True Soldier, Army Buddy, fellow lover of all things wilderness,
Blessings to you and your family in this time of sudden remembrances, sudden thoughts and sudden emotions.
We were better for knowing you in so many ways Jim, take care as well as to his family !

 sorry needed to add; sad, tired, emotionally tired, physically tired and well wondering why.. why why why..
hug your family
love your family
look up old friends and reconnect
never let anyone get in the way of your dreams
your more important that you think you are, your dreams are your goals
go and get them, now! 
since found out Jim died doing what he loved, boots on and 4×4 ing..


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Question for readers

Click through to the Blog to See the poll for a question to all readers and followers of this blog,
Thank you in advance for answering!

You may answer in a couple of places or leave comments below.
Looking for feedback on my Writing, on the Blog Posts, which types do you like the most?



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Waking Divergent Journal Ch 10 Zoo Run Day

Waking Divergent Journal Ch 10 Zoo Run Day !

Sitting here, checking email and trying to make up a message to let others know that I am here though the question is, are they out there? Turn on the Radios, all of them, ouch so loud, so loud. This morning I slept in, the dogs slept in, none of us even heard the alarm. None of us heard the Big Cat either, there are footprints around the Camper Trailer and the Viking! These prints are very large, though from the look of the prints, all the same so I think only one Big Cat and if I have to guess, Tiger!

Damn, so soon not even a breather. This might be another reason that I am sitting here, body is in pain, but it is my head, there is nothing but mind shattering white pain lacing through my skull from the back to the front. Massive Migraine, migraine like I have not had in years, not since I stopped eating Peanuts and Peanut butter, see I have a weird intolerance to it so it gives me migraines so I eat it and it says, Hey thanks buddy here is a souvenir!

Tylenol, Tylenol is my friend this morning although I wish it would get here sooner. I know better than to take too much Tylenol, but this morning I gobbled down Two of the Tylenol Migraine and One of the 8 hr Arthritis pills. Yes stupid, but I need to move soon, the time is already 8:30 a full 2 1/2 hrs late setting off. So thanks to the powers that be, spell check on the old laptop, is my second friend.

Realistically I should put a moist towel across my eyes and lay back down for a 2 hr nap, drink water that would cure the Migraine most times, but that would be in a normal world, this is anything but!


Well folks, from now on each Day or Journal entry will be a chapter. Since I am not even sure what day it is in reality, I am now calling them Chapters with a heading!

So today is Zoo Run Day, when it was operating normally they would have called it Zoo Fun Day ME thinks. The variation today is that the Animals will be walking around the park and the Two Legs and Dogs will be behind bars as much as possible.

Touche for the animals Touche

Later, we are going to the African Lion Safari and let everyone out there who is left alive, then come back for the Big Primates here.

I have a plan!
Will this plan work or not is another story, will I be able to get to the African Lion Safari and back again before nightfall, is another story. Plans Plans Plans and a blinding migraine, ya is me… Writing this out though in the journal is part of the plan to keep me focused and on the path.

spending time with elephants and Gorillas, beforehand then off to the African Lion Safari to let them out, then back here.

We Let all the little animals go today,
for the reptiles, lizards, Turtles, Beavers, Marmosets and others, the best I am able to come up with was, put ramps of 2x4s and long sticks down into their pens and enclosure and hope for the best. Either they climb out to the food and freedom or they do not. This will be out of my hands and into the hands of a Greater Power than me. Run Run lots to do.

Is it time for more Tylenol yet, I know part of the problem is me, not drinking enough water plus that fact that only a few days and for months beforehand sickness was my constant companion. My body is weak compared to what it was before there has been no down time, no get well time just move move move, just like being back in Basic Infantry Training! Hhmmpphhhffffff

This place is so big, even with the wheelbarrow, the quad and the Dog Squad keeping an eye out, the time is flying by way too quickly.

Time is now; Noon ! 1200 hrs..
Nuts, how will this work out.

Modify the plans, so feed the Primates, the Elephants, themselves along with the Rhino and Hippos plus the other large animals, then leave with the Viking and the Camper (I like that word more than trailer) Go to the African Lion Safari, feed, let large Big Cats and Wolves out there, stay overnight, finish letting out then come back here.
Do it all over again !

Damn is there nobody else out there, am I truly alone?
Plans.. ya for me, ya for us
Feeling sorry for yourself yet, maybe but I can still save a few more animals before I have a chance to grieve for me.

Modify; So Bears, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos and the other herd animals go out now, I will not be able to feed them all tomorrow anyways. Run Run
How to do this, Bears out past the walls chase them with the quad and dogs. Herbivores inside the walls, there are lots of trees, flowers, grassy areas inside and the walls are helping to keep out the Hyenas and those guys. Run Run

So-far so good, only had the Polar Bears try to attack me, then the Hippos and the Big Black Rhino while trying to herd them into their outdoor pens. They put some dents in the Toronto Zoo vehicle that I was lucky enough to use to help herd them out instead of the quad since I know how much damage they can do. Well luckily for me that is, the quad would have been pancaked, as it is this F350 quad cab is well pretty much useless thanks to all the fun that was had by all, except ME ! Run Run, but not run into the truck I am using!

Damn, lucky I did not start out with heart problems! Maybe I should stop by a Pharmacy and check my pulse in one of those nifty machines I always see there, mine might be a little on the high side!

Time: 1430 hrs
Location: inside the Cafeteria, the Viking outside getting ready to leave for the night, off to Zoo number 4 ..
welcome to Canada’s Wild Kingdom show, kinda like that old Mutual of Omaha show I watched as a kid, only newly HOMEGROWN Fun for all.

“Hey you big Mastiff get out of the Muffins and Brownies,” I call out loudly to him. Surprising he turns and looks at me, so what words did I Just say?
Muffin … no response
hey you … no response
Brownies .. that got it!

“So, either you like Brownies, or that was close to your name, guess what buddy.. your New name is Brownie ! ” Well he seems to like Brownie, his tail is wagging very hard, knocking things off the tables, so lets toss a brownie, to Brownie. “awww.. I crack ME up” I laugh out loud. The dogs look confused, but happy and Zeldy is rubbing and pushing up against me now tail wagging and thumping me hard, like normal. Her tail is at the wrong height for me being a Male ! !! ouch..

3 names down, 1 to go! Not bad at all. I look at the Big Rotti female she looks back at me and cocks her head to the side, your next I say. She wags her little stump of a tail off, but still no name, not yet.

OK doggies, Zeldy, Crunch, Brownie, black female rotti, into the Toy Camper with you, there is still lots of work to do! Hey another name, I am on a roll now, Toy Camper with the Viking.. He He He..
Now off down the highway, let the Viking Run Run, down the road only about 10 Km to the 401.
Run Run, now along the 401, excellent timing..

damnation !

Slowing down now, stopping stopping, at the junction of the 401 under the DVP, the Don Valley Parking lot, and well it looks it too! Stopped now on the top, looking down the length of the 401 from the DVP to out past Younge St. Cars, blocked, totally grid locked, blocked !

Crappers in Wrappers, Ok were am I getting these weird words from, I do not want to swear so much like I did before, but some of these alternative words are weird, though some are weirdly funny as well. I just crack me up!
Plan, changing the plan
How about up the DVP it looks passable, from what I can see,
so North on the DVP up to the 407, then the 407 over the top to the west, it drops down and meets the 401 again as well as 402/407 combination.

OK, that is the new plan, the 407 being a toll highway is so much faster normally with so few vehicles using it because of the high costs involved in doing so. Well they can send the bill to, … LOL.. ya. Yuppers I crack me up!

Well, making a U-turn in the middle of one of North Americas busiest highways is not normally feasible or safe, today seems to be an exception though. LOL..

Thinking to myself now, is it because I am so tired, or is the stress and weirdness coupled with the lack of others finally getting to me? Need to re-assess things in a few days. Lets keep it together now, for the Dogs and the Primates then worry about my sanity.

Sanity, so what is troubling me?
Thinking Thinking,,, pay attention to the roads, still many cars sitting here and there I can get through, but barely in a few spots and I do not want to scratch the paint or have any damage to the Viking or Toy Camper, or me!

407, up the wrong ramp as the on ramp is blocked with a collision, the other ramp is free and clear though.
Looks light from here on out, as far as i am able to see with the bend up ahead.

Sanity, am I locked inside my own mind, with insanity?
Is this real, I think so unfortunately?
Where are all the people?
Illness that swept through in 24hrs?
Where did all the bodies go then?
Is this an alternate Earth?
If so how?
Time shift for only ME? Time shift with dogs and animals?
Weird military experiments that went awry?

Actually that last one, why is that setting my already bruised head, bouncing and tingling, what can I remember, more importantly though, what can I not remember or do not know?
Military Experiments, Scientific Experiments

Stop the Vehicle, the Viking idles away fairly quietly, what is the cell reception here? OK 5 bars for Fido/Rogers, let’s log onto the internet, lets see what the mainstream, lamestream media has to say or missed. Not much …
What other programs to check out?

  • Coast to Coast AM with George Noary
  • Prison Planet and Infowarrior channels with Alex Jones
  • Jack Spirko’s channel The Survival Podcast
  • The two biggest Survivalist blogs, MD Creekmore at and James Wesley the
  • YouTube search
  • Prepper and Survival Networks

Similarities in the searches and comments..

– HAARP upgrades and ramps up testing

The Large Hadron Collider | CERN to participate in remote test with the remote Alaskan HAARP Project, Haarp Project Bluebeam 2 to do JOINT test with The Large Hadron Collider in Cern.

O MY GODs, what did they do! What did they do that made THIS HAPPEN !
Idiot scientists with half-baked schemes and understandings of the Earth and the World around us.. crap..

… print this out, save this for later so that I can get my head around what they did.

Joint effort to re-create big bang on Earth by creating code named Bluebeam 2 and Bluebeam 3, to coordinate experimental jointly timed projects, mission objective to Scientifically created Magic !

Holy Poopers ! Well that did not turn out very well now did it !!!

Image3Image4 Image8 Image14

Back to the road, I am leaving the laptop on and facing me, something I never do, correction, something I never did in the past, due to safety and well getting a fine from some Patrol Cop. Right now I need to see these images in my head, looking at it occasionally while driving might actually steady my mind a bit, for it is spinning out of control right now!

Need a focus right now as I drive, focus on the problem, focus on the drive, focus on the task then focus on ME as well as the Dogs and the Future!

This really is a Zoo Run day isn’t it, for so many different reasons. Let’s speed up a bit and gain some of the ground back that I lost sitting there surfing for answers.


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Survival is for the Birds

Survival is for the Birds as well as you;

As I sat in my van checking Facebook, looking at others live their lives, I Observed the Dance of Life, a dance that is repeated every second of every day somewhere, somehow.

Two birds came thundering in, started rolling and dancing, bouncing at the edge of the property in between the fence posts in the middle of the gravel and dirt passageway on the property were I live.

At first I thought it was a mating dance as the two bodies, gyrated, bounced and thrashed with wings spread wide to gain balance and the upper position. Soon though my eyes narrowed as I watched for clues to what was going on in this Bird spectacle before my eyes. This Dance of bodies; one smaller and one larger, feathers flying was not what I had thought just a moment before.

The small brown bird on the bottom was soon trapped, held in place and dispatched by the larger Bird of Prey. This bird whom I am not sure of the breed, perhaps a small Hawk or Falcon. Standing like a wee Eagle perched on top of its prey, dispatching the now lifeless smaller immobile brown feathered body.

The Bird of Prey, was keeping watch on its surroundings, head swivelling around searching. Now my interest shifted form the two on the ground to other black birds with red arm bands, along with others, solid black bodied birds who appeared from directions unknown. These others swooped close to the Larger Bird of Preys head. These other birds were trying to distract or perhaps dislodge the Larger Bird of Prey as it perched on the body of it’s soon to be meal.

Watching and fending off the swoops of the black birds, the Bird of Prey ensured the smaller bird under its talons was never to move, small quick dispatching nips of the sharp curved beak tore at the throat, talons gripping and pinning tightly, while the eyes and head darted back up to watch the carrion birds in irritation.

Seeing the Bird of Prey was attentive to their presence as well as willing to fight them off from the standing position not giving up the meal, these other smaller black carrion birds, soon perched nearby waiting for a slip up or something to distract the Larger Bird of Prey. Then they could swoop in for a bite or two from the prize, true Carrion Birds ever watchful, waiting.

The majestic bird of prey, though not large was in fact quite lovely with its posture, colouring of feathers and look about him or her, gripped its talons tighter, launched into the air with the prized meal to disappear from sight as quick as the appearance had been.

The lesson from this little scene was not lost on me, the many lessons in survival to be sure;

The life and death dance so like the mating dance of other times though with a vastly different ending, bodies locked in gyrations, positionings of bodies, talons and beaks in a Dance of Survival
Observe your surroundings no matter what the task is at hand for you may be the larger combatant, there are always others hovering nearby, waiting, watching, observing.

To lose your grip, literally in this case would mean losing the prize.

There are always Birds of Carrion in the surrounding area, be them Birds of Prey, Carrion Birds or Two or Four Legged creatures ready to pounce to take what is yours.

One of the last observances was also one of the first, the lone bird is often times vulnerable to attack and taking since it is easy pickings. Watch your surroundings, keep your eyes ever vigilant, when you fly or leave your nest there will always be predators of all ilk out there, ready to pounce, be Vigilant Survive.

Lone Birds or Humans stand no chance at Survival.

Small groups may band together to fight off or drive off larger predators, including government forces if they coordinate. These were separate Carrion feeders who did not band together to go after their coveted prize, so they perched nearby calling out their frustrations, unfruitful, unfulfilled aspirations shrieked into the wind, the uncaring wind who could care less about you on its journey across the land.

Survival is for the Birds, as well as for any other living creature.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Waking Divergent Journal Day 9 part C

The Toronto Zoo
Time 1800hrs

Need to find out or think of a different way to mark the chapters/days/recordings and such than to call them Days, since I am not even sure that this is Day 9 as it could easily be Day 10-12 anyways. The first sickness period was just a strange blur. Need to find out or make up names for my new little doggy pack.

There are lots of dead animals here though, 9 or 10 days no food or water, what a waste. What a shame. The Bowmanville Zoo and the Big Cat World had streams running through most of the pens with the water flowing for the animals to drink. Sadly here it looks like only a few of the enclosures have running water, so there are more issues to deal with.

Stopping at every farm along the drive in the area and the Bowmanville Zoo, to let the animals out was quite time-consuming as well, though necessary I feel. Wouldn’t you dear future reader, would you not have stopped and let out more animals? The stop for myself and the dogs was only a matter or an Hour and a half, picking up the trailer, outfitting it and shopping, though I am sad now even for that time as I wish we had gotten here sooner, so sad.

Damn this place is huge! Luckily I have the Quad to zip around in. The dogs run behind to keep up and then divert here and there to check out something along the way, noses going so hard they might blow up with so many new scents here.

Locating the feeder animals along with some large beef sides and hanks, grabbed a few of the dead non feeders as well, and tossed them into the Big Cats pens. Made sure the water was flowing or at least used the water hoses to fill the water troughs enough to slacken their thirsts. Must be quick and move along as fast as I can, even rushing around like I am the large cats as so majestic, so primal, so dangerous.


The primates enclosures were the hardest to deal with. A full 1/4 are dead or dying. I put together every bit of food from the pen kitchens near them, that I could find. Animal kitchens as well as the human lunch rooms and divided it into two piles. Today’s and tomorrows. I am feeding them through the bars today, no finesse at all. Letting them roam into the larger pen areas, cage areas, made sure as many of the openings into the sleeping and play areas were open as well. Will let them wander in an out as they have a want too, day or night.

Luckily almost all these areas have hoses ready and close so filling water troughs and bowls through the bars and cages is relatively easy, though a bit messy. Need to locate a map of the working structure to help me get around inside and outside using the workers areas, that will speed up this task of feeding, watering and releasing.

Well this 48 yr old ex soldier, security officer, truck driver and construction worker, can cry. I worked for hours with tears rolling down my face, after a while I forgot to brush off my cheeks and stopped noticing the wetness on my cheeks, I guess. Had to change the shirt and jacket before starting this journal entry it was quite dirty from everything today, need a shower soon, soon. No time, no time just yet.

Primates are so like us, humans are so stupid and cruel. The mothers and fathers are standing or sitting holding dead babies, or standing in front of dead members of their troops protecting their dead as I came near them, charging forward to scare me off. Tell me again, they do not have feelings, they do not love, they do not feel or have emotions, tell me again why we are so much higher than the mere apes along with the other Animals. Tell me again and you will be picking your teeth out of your mouth for days.

When a mother Chimp or Gorilla or Orangutan is holding her dead or dying babies, making a fist at me to stay away, or throwing sticks at the barrier so I will not come in to hurt them, tell me again, how much beneath us they are, tell me again, why God loves US so much over them, why we are Human and they are mere animals! I dare you, tell me.

Every one of the other exotic animal cages had some dead and dying animals in them, most are weak and disoriented from lack of food and water, I did what I could. Almost all the mothers and the fathers, stood their ground or put themselves between me and their young to protect them, even if it meant they thought they would die themselves.

Angry, sad, lonely I am all that and more. What a waste. I do what I can. Did what I could, alone by myself for the Dogs are just a hindrance in this task.

Today’s and tomorrows food is all I can worry about right now. Need to find some of the hidden kitchens, receiving area and food prep areas later. Thank the Lord or Lords above for the wheelbarrows I found near the maintenance shed. Loaded it up with food, go and toss into the cages, pens and enclosures, return and do it all again with other cages and pens. No time for finesse or trays or even kind words. I just state loudly, “here you go folks, eat, chow down, I will be back later, off to the next group to help them out”. I doubt they will understand most of the words, I do hope they will understand the meaning and tone, get used to me.

Damn allergies, I need to blow my nose again.
All of the predators got food, rabbits, chickens, some other birds, some of the dead animals from the other pens and exhibits.
The rabbits, and chickens and such, sorry to say, were let out into the big pens it was a feeding frenzy, every predator for themselves. It is the way of the world, at least it was quick, O so very quick.

The other ones that are left alive, all the other animals, the exotics and domestics alike, it is their last meal from me, hopefully they enjoy it. Tomorrow they will be released.

Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is today the predators get food first, then after a few hours, I let them out into the country side, hoping to chase them away as far as I can with the stung grenades, shotgun blasts and with the air horn I picked up from the sporting goods section at WalMart, which was close to the Trailer Sales place. Here the Dogs did their part, growling, barking and lunging to give added incentive for the cats to run. With Four large dogs going crazy barking and One two legs throwing thunder sticks and making loud booms, none stayed to test themselves, yet.

Details; released predators in bunches, fastest first, the ones I think will run the fastest and farthest first, like the Wolves. Then the Cheetahs, then some of the other small cats like the Lynx, Bobcats and Cougars. Funny when you’re looking at Massive Tigers and Lions, that Cougars you consider small. Small that is until you realize they are the same size as the mastiff and O so much more powerful killers. Hyenas are the hardest to figure out though, they even look like they are strolling when they are running, funny animals. Such strangeness in them from their weird face expressions to their calling one another or venting their rage at us.

Boom … Boom … tossing the flash bangs I found to get the predators to run, run fast, hard and long.
Bang, bang sound of the shotgun reverberates off the walls and trees into the night, being fired right after the flash bangs, brrroooooommmmm went the sound of the air horn, get them going to get them gone, long gone. Hopefully! There goes the last of them, the Lion Pride, they move fast at first, then slowed to look back, now moving slowly off in a group, tails twitching into the darkness.

I let my breath out, the dogs exhale loudly as well. Did we hold our breaths on purpose, was this the primal part of the brain taking over for the fight or flight reflex? Wow, I am moving the Viking and the Trailer inside, inside one of the large enclosures tonight and for as long as we are here.

Be still my beating Heart, has a whole-nother meaning now!

Wondering, Will they link up with others of their kind from the Bowmanville Zoo and the Big Cat World, it is only about 30 ish Miles so about 50 kilometres away?

The other exotics, I am giving as much chance as I can, they can get let out tomorrow when the Big Cats as well as the other Big Predators are far away, hopefully. Need to set off some more flash bangs and blare the horn around the park first before letting the rest out, gotta remember this. I am doing as best as I can!

Recently, have been keeping the laptop on standby, it does not take much life from the 12v battery in the Viking when in sleep mode. So when I have a spare moment or two during the day and need a breather, off to write in this Journal so i do not forget major bits of info and moments. Keeping the laptop on standby, lets you bypass that annoying Windows start-up stuff and time lag.

Finally remembered to check email and the websites, don’t think I have done that for a couple of days now. Still the same, no answers, no Facebook updates, except for mine. The internet and the phone service seems, well slower than it was beforehand!

Let the Emergency services scanner, CB, Ham Radio, scan through themselves to see if I can hear any conversations or broadcasting that was not there before, silence!

Damn, just thought of this, I should be broadcasting a message myself on the CB, Ham Radios and Emergency Services radios for others to listen too! Not that hard, just tape a message on one of those little digital recording machines, or use one of the features of Windows recording studios to do this, damn fuzzy brain and too much to do. Well in a day or so, when there is more time, fewer animals.

Tonight, this is all that I can do to write Shutting down the Laptop and the Communications equipment for the night giving them a rest too. So tired, we all are big yawns.

In a few minutes, I am going to go for a walkabout with my Night time drink of Krakus the yummy coffee alternative and watch the Large Primates and Rhino, Hippos, and Elephants for a bit. Let them get used to the dogs and me, let them scent us now in quiet.

We are all so wound up, exhausted doubtfully sleep will come right away anyways. Hopefully soon after our little stroll, sleep will come easier. Let us unwind a bit and tomorrow will be a new day of animal adventures, doggy pack adventures, this Old Sad Man adventures!

Hey you big black Rotti male, stop crunching on that bone and let’s go!
Crunch, Crunch..
Hey you Crunch…”,I shout out, the big rotti male lifted his head and looked at me. “Well now fella, your name is Crunch, Crunch come here!” and to my surprise, he did.

“Well One down and two more names to come, tomorrow Crunch!” Nice, I think as we walk towards the Viking and the Trailer, nice.

Time 2330hrs
Toronto Zoo

My new Divergent Life. Like my Buddy from South Africa used to say,
“Today was a long week !”

ps. need two dog names, will work on that tomorrow !

all pages and writings copyright @ WildernessReturn – Wild_E productions



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