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Firearms what to consider

Firearms some thing to consider.

Some on the boards are armchair Generals, armchair seals, armchair bushmen. Their vehoment advice is what, from World of Warcraft or Halo?

I only go hunting with a Bushmaster or AK74/AK47 or a M16 cause that is what they use in Halo

Here are some real world things to consider;

There are some considerations aside from what is popular on the forums to your situation.
1st the person, size – weight and height – experience
can they handle the long size and weight of a full grown .50cal sniper rifle or are they more comfortable with a Mini .14 or Ruger Blackhawk 10/22 or a single action bolt rifle in .22cal or .30cal?

2nd location, not all the types of ammunition is available everywhere, for example what is Popular in Texas might not be popular in Alaska or Alberta or in Quebec for that matter. Some of the standard ammo sizes in Quebec are not standard sizes in the Province right beside them in Ontario. That should be looked into for your area and is very important.

3rd what are you expecting to do with the firearm, zombies from the cities and shopping malls or a near starved and angry Moose or Grizzly

4th commonality of ammunition in your group and your extended group of friends. It might be cool to have that 45/70 but if nobody else in the area has one, or you have to special order in the ammo, then it is not that practical to have

5th Everyone should have a 22 and lots of rounds, now the controversy begins, I think a 22lr is a must, so get a 22lr pistol as well, how about air guns, a .22 air rifle or bb gun is quiet and will take down small animals, animals for meat for your table and not be heard more than 25 yrds away. BB guns come in .17 and .22 sized bb’s the extra cost and size is well worth it. Some of the Air Rifles bought at the Gun Club or Hunting and Sportsman companies are a lot higher than the standard, 480fps at Canadian Tire.

6th Type of Terrain,
Bush hunting, Open Prairie, or combination of both.
Bush basics, you are heavily or even lightly treed areas you shoot you might not score if you have the wrong cartridge. Ballistics of the cartridges are very important, does the bullet fly flat does it Hump, as in rise and then fall. How far will you be reaching out to the target. Most Bush hunting is done from 15mtrs – about 30ft to a maximum of 100mtrs.

Shooting in the Flat open country requirements are normally shooting at a greater distance. Distances vary from 50mtrs to 800mtrs. In that environment the rise of a bullet might actually be very beneficial. Now there are scores of reasons why it may be beneficial, here is just one, you sight, you shoot, the bullet travels outwards, your dog runs in front or you at about 80 yards, your firing about 400yrds away, the bullet travels over your Dog, due to its ballistic characteristics. Dog is saved, hopefully dinner is struck.

Perhaps you need to learn about Enfalade and Defalade shooting and firing positions as well.

There are some charts that give you the Ballistic Characteristics of the different calibres and cartridges. Study them, look at what you need for the type of Terrain where you are and the area of your Hunting Choices. Another thing to learn is the difference between the bullet types, are they stopping rounds or drilling rounds. A stopping round for example is a .45cal flat front or highly sloped round. It may not have the penetrating power of say a .222 round or a .357cal but that blunt force trauma will make most things bounce backwards or sideways. The .357 or .222 are more drilling rounds, very pointy, penetrate deeply or go right on through. There are many such charts and graphs on the internet and at your local gun range.

A quick example might be, sometimes the round is not a killing shot, but the Bear gets knocked over or backwards from the .45cal and you hit it again. This happens due to the fact that the round has a lot of stopping power, is flater in the front especially in home loaded rounds. The .222 or .357 calibres go right through it and the Bear just keeps on coming at you, can you make a second shot, do you have the time or the skill to do so. It does happen, it has happened and I have seen it happen. Now O Shock or Horrow, there are lots of Bear taken every year with a .22cal by very experienced hunters. Or the lowely .30cal or the 30 30 or you get the idea, you do not need to use a 45/70 to hunt everything. Or have 30 rounds in the Magazine (clip to the US folks) full auto 7.62 rounds to go hunting, Zombies or Moose or Bear. A well aimed shot wins over spraying bullets everywhere every time. You are not on the battlefield, your not in the Infantry or Armoured Division and your not facing thousands of troops, single shot, bolt action is fine and preferable.

Consider this; most Polar Bears the most aggressive and largest carnivore in North America are taken down with .303 and 30 06 cartridges. Part of that reason is that the old Enfields are still very popular in Canada, are very accurate, also fire after being dropped in mud and water, just like the Ak Series rifles. The Enfields are a very fine firearm and are quite reasonably priced, the sights are peeps sights with a combination front blade site, a great combination and very durable one that is still in use some 60-80 yrs later.

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Books page


Permalink to my Books Page, Books and Links to my Book page with continuing informational updates.

The link contains, there are some cute little drawings for kids as well, many recipies and real world info, such as how to care for donkeys and cows, and so much more

To coin a phrase it is a Motherload of Information, most is Catagorized, I have had the link for sometime, have downloaded and saved some of the info in the past and came across the link in another website again, so thought of passing it along.

Re-Read and reading two of my all time favourite books, both Canadian Authors and situations;
The Last Canadian by William C. Heine
Three Against the Wilderness by Eric Collier

The Third book I can not find is the ‘Cabin at Singing River’ Author Turner
all of them are real accounts of Canadians living in the Wilderness and carving out a living for themselves along with the trials and tribulations of those lives. Inspiration for me.

Cheers ~ WildE


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BOB food suggestions

Rations are great and fairly affordable is you can conserve the package and use it for 2-3 meals. The following is a list of some other items that are great and more traditional to be added into your BOB Bug Out Bag – your Dodge Back as in Get out of Dodge.
pic of small bob
Look up how to make;
Hard Tack
beef or turkey jerky
billtong – see South Africa
add in high protein jams
soldier fuel bars a Canadian company who has their product in Canadian Rations & maybe US rations?
foil pouches of fish, some are dated for over 10yrs, I picked some up at a dollar store for $1 each WallyWorld was selling them for $3 each (bought 25 of each flavour)
powdered soup – chicken-beef
angle hair pasta – easy to make better than those little ramen packs for taste and health
some Seasoning eg, taco, bbq rub etc for extra flavour
Hemp Hearts – Hemp Seeds
Honey Cakes with fortified with nuts and berries, packaged up in sealer = last up to 10yrs
Christmas Cake, it was designed to be able to be stored for up to 5yrs in paper alone for Troops in WWI
you can use Tuna Cans as stated above, stronger than pop cans,
get some solid fuel as well as some Methyl Hydrate 90% (denatured alcohol) or higher, repackage the mouth to make it even more airtight.
vac pack it all, put in Tyvec packages you can make yourself
Gun Tape/Tuck tape it all (Al Green eat your heart out on that one)
plus some regular BOB things
one of the most overlooked items is a small pair of pliers that can cut wire! That is a must.
P51 or a Canadian Can opener
The Canadian Version is over twice the height designed to be used in the Artic with mitts and gloves on, and just generally feels easier to use.

So I forgot about this post and made another! Well now, I will just have to merge them later in one big post.


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My last post is edited to make links work Permy Plans

follow the link

Edited 5 times to make the links work, I am not sure why WordPress Hickoped like that, so I did the link manually, and now they work.

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How we plan to make the permy garden soon

Hi there,
We plan on creating our forest garden in the following ways;

Look up Permaculture as stated, then start planting some 3 Sisters Garden, the following link is the Google info page on it in raised garden beds. Look to info from
Sepp Holzer, Here is a link to his Farm and info Website
Sepp Holzer, Here is a link to his Farm and info Website
(awwwww well since it took me so long to make the links work, I will keep the double links to Sepp Holzer, he deserves it!)
Geoff Lawton and Here is the link to the Permaculture Australia site

Bill Mollinson Here is a link to a Wiki article on him

They all suggest multiple raised beds, which are really easy to make their way like little long rows of TeePees with some Fruit and nut trees in the middle of the rows. They all put in over 20 variety’s of plants, Sepp Holzer uses his own special blend of seeds which contain over 40+ varieties of seeds. They just scatter the seeds in randomly or plant some in a loose pattern and cover with a thin layer of topsoil. So it becomes a Bordello instead of just the 3 sisters, the more the merrier.

You do need to follow a few simple permaculture rules;
water is needed in the swails to help sustain the raised beds
you need plants of varying rood depth and varying heights mixed all together
some deep rooting fruit and nut trees in the middle of the swails will help with pulling up deep moisture, creating shade and lead to long term food production.
create some self sustaining Frog ponds at first
longer term you want some self sustaining frog and fish ponds
rocks are your friends, they help bring and keep the heat, provide moisture underneath and a hiding area for beneficial insects and reptiles
worms are your friends, lots and lots and lots of worms.

Put in a wee frog pond, with some water plants in the middle of it all, put rocks and some stumps in the water, add Frogs and watch what happens, quite interesting.
For some info on the Frog pond watch the Lecture Series #5 by Will Hooker Prof. NCS in the USA – follow through to a great and interesting presentation and video series on Permaculture

Edited 5 times to make the links work, I am not sure why WordPress Hickoped like that, so I did the link manually, and now they work.
cheers WildE

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Valentines Day is just another Hallmark Holiday Creation for $$

Yup you read it right, just another Hallmark Holiday Creation, Valentines Day brings them big big bucks.

My personal Valentines Day gift from my wife was;

Two years ago found out the depth of deceit, lies, mistrust and unfaithfulness of so called partner for life., I handed her, her favourite chocolates, that took me over two weeks to pick up all over the Region, her gift to me was saying she wanted a divorce!

Hallmark Holiday, who cares,


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Off Grid my power situation

I live completely off grid. There is no Water hook up, there is no power hook up!

In the topic I started about living in my Bug Out Vehicle it answers some of your questions. First off, I can afford a sticks and bricks location, I choose not too! This is part of my prepping and downsizing. I also feel at home here, not in a house now.
I have a bug out location, in the woods, at my buddy’s place, a secondary location that is closer to me, with a stocked pond and small woodland if needed.

some small solar panels right now at my Vehicle, my buddy has more for the property, we will bring them up in the spring. Winter time, they have to be in the sun getting position, all the time, or not enough power at all. Next winter I will have two small wind turbines, one self made and the other small one, store bought.
Wind in the winter, supplemental in summer, solar supplemental at these times..
Solar in Spring – Summer – Fall, wind supplemental at these times.

You must have at least one Charge controler to make sure you do not fry your batteries. Now on YouTube there is someone who made a charge controller that diverted excess power to a heat bank, can you say awesome in the Winter. The excess power is converted into heat, now I remember this, but can not find the link 😦

Batteries right now, two smaller 12volt electric scooter deep cycle. Better option, Semi used deep cycle Golf Cart Batteries, or a Fork Lift battery. Do some poking around, you can pick those batteries up for about $50-80 used as opposed to $300 new.

Today, I asked about some solar panels that were in a Fireplace shop, they are not used, left overs that were not installed. They run $517 each with mounting hardware. They output, max 240 volts, do not remember the watts he told me, need to look that up. These are commercial, well made, not the rinky dink stuff that Canadian Tire sells. These will last a good long time.

Carbon, the cost of 30 -300 watt solar panels, would be absolutely huge, huge cost. With the larger Golf Cart or Forklift batteries, you might only need between 5-10, so big cost savings. A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a fellow that has had used Golf Cart Batteries being used now for about 5 years and they are still going strong.

Now, my question to everyone is this, why do you need so much power? Reduce your needs and you reduce what you need to run, less power used equals less power needed. Switch to LED lights, no heat, no loss of power, and take very little energy. I forgot after Xmas time to go and get a couple of strings of Christmas LED lights to use in the Camper. Lots of lights and very little power input.
If you have a Fridge that runs on power, consider two alternatives.
A. Propane, large full sized Propane Fridge, yes about 1000 but so much more eco friendly and power friendly. They have a 110 volt back up and can be run on one 1 pound bottle for about a month, wow energy miser. That is from literature. Propane appliances have grown up.
B. Consider building and investigating, Earth Fridges. Some are made like chest freezers that go into the ground, below your kitchen, some are stand up units, open right down to the ground and into the ground with wire baskets all the way up beyond your head level. They use ? induction? air flow to chill and cool.

My little crank radio that has been using the same set of rechargable batteries, actually on the same charge from last spring, if I remember correctly is very power efficient. The radio does have a hand crank, but that is a lot of cranking every 5 min or so, or 1 set of batteries, per every 2 years. It can also bring in the weather networks.

I stopped watching TV, do not even have it hooked up, sits in a corner in my Office. I watch on Laptop or on small porty DVD player that can also play into a Low cost LCD monitor, low power, great picture, small footprint as well.

Carbon, I have seen some Aquaponics system that mostly use gravity feed or small low power water pumps, natural lighting, it all keeps the cost of power down.

I do have a small genset, it is 800w but should have gotten a 1800w system. The I could use my battery charger with it!
I cook with propane, have wood or alcohol stove as a back up, use propane to heat but have kerosene as a back up and will soon install, make a small wood burner stove in the camper.
Lighting, look for the umbrella lights, they are awesome, LED, multi purpose and 12-24 LED lights that give great all around lighting. I also want the Xmass LED’s but will have to wait. Backup and nightly use of Kerosene and Oil lamps, along with homemade veggie oil lamps supply my lighting.

Cold Fusion, I want Cold fusion, that would be so cool and low cost no wonder the Governments and Oil companies as well as Nuclear keep shutting it down.


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