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Picked up barrels

Hey there,

I picked up some barrels at Envirosponsible yesterday for my WFP setup. I will also be able to use them for myself in my travels.

Then we popped over to a afterhours sale, don’t ask it is not seedy like an after hours club. I picked up a trailer hitch bike carrier and a propane stove all for only $15. Gotta love sales like that one!


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Solar Panels


Canadian Tire has some great deals on small solar panels right now, the battery charging and re-charging type only $8 down from $24, and a smaller low power 100watt inverter to use with my Battery Packs instead of the bigger power hungry inverter

Now that I am living in my Truck/Camper, I can just move if I do not like the neighbours, turn key and move.. LOL

Bought some things at the Army Surplus as the Flee Market, also bought a Kukri Knife from the knife fellow, it is full tang, with a wooden handle, good quality carbon steel for only $35 he gave me a great returning customer rate. I ordered another two of them for my buddy and one for in reserve. Now I have the Kukri Knife and the Kukri Machete.

Worked some more on the Camper and am making it to the gym every 2 days or more! With they Tai Chi and the new diet/lifestyle plan, I am amazed at how good I feel, how much energy I have now.

Picked up an old military strecher to use as a bed at the property for only $8 in army surplus they wanted $80 so I don did good on the prepping things I wanted today!

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Wilderness Dance

The man stands in mute testimony to the quiet night, watching the fireflies in the meadow below him. The distant sky is awash in cloud based lightning strikes, in the distance, soft thunder rumbles in answer to the bright light show of the nighttime clouds. Across the meadow, down in the trees a couple of Coyotes start they’re nightly howling. Calling out to their brothers, sisters and cousins in the nearby meadows and tree stands.

The call is raised, the others across the nearby land answer, calling, challenging, answering and communicating in the primal world they still inhabit. The Fireflies dance along the meadow, the ridge in blissful un-awareness as the other nighttime creatures goes about their business.

Quickly a tiny field mouse scurries by in the thick grasses near the Man’s feet, he sees the direction with his ears, and his senses, he smiles realizing he is returning to the primal night-time stalker, sentry and soldier that he was in the past. Slowly he raises his blades, calls out to the other night-time predators, here I am come and get me. The Coyotes in the lower meadow pause in their calls as he rasps the back of the blades together, the metallic challenge goes unanswered.

He waits, issues another challenge softly calling, here I am come and get me, I am old, I am alone with only blades of steel to meet sharp fangs and claws. This time he issues the metal challenge by softly hitting the back of the hilts together; his eyes adjusting in their night vision seeks out the four-legged predators, waiting.

The challenge is not answered though a set of eyes, seek him out from across the small valley, regard him for a few minutes, then move off quietly. The man, more soldier now than many years of city living, sheaths his blades, casually swats off a pesky mosquito as he smiles.

He smiles for he is returning to the Wilderness, his wild side, the soldier the predator, the side that will keep him company and keep him alive in the years to come. As the night darkens, the storm moves even farther away in the night, the man moves much more quietly back to his camp, his true home, In the


He is returning to himself and is happier than he has felt for years, the shallow veneer of the so-called civilization that he is pealing back replacing with calm and fortitude for his Wilderness Return.

Perhaps they will dance tomorrow night, he will be ready as he is training daily, for the dance to come.

Written by Wilderness Return Pen Name


Note: From Collection of Personal writings, this was written just after moving to the property I live on, after a One Year absence of writing anything other than Blog entries.

all pages and writings copyright @ Pen name, /WildernessReturn

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Cancellations and weather

Why do people cancel jobs when the weather is great and others when the weather is nasty? Today I should be out and about window cleaning.

So, today I will be working on my Camper/Truck setup some more. I am really behind in this and the work will steady my temper and improve my conditions. The setup is alright but could be much better and more workable. Cloths, ok, just how many cloths do we all have? I have just way too many cloths, so I will be sorting again very soon.

Right now I am sitting in the sun, facing the sun at a McDonald’s to use the free WI FI, and sweltinger.

On a bright note; I just found my Blackberry and Camera connections so I can download some pics that I have been taking. The blogs will start to look better soon, I promise.

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Property Plans

Yesterday, saw the biggest Black Bear about weighing close to if not over 300+ pounds. I have never seen one that large and he was running through a field away from the people and cars, also saw the smallest Fawn running down the middle of the highway. Luckily both wok. We flushed out some baby grouse by accident, they fly fast then hide in Pine Trees and the like.

We also found some great building locations and some Agro Sites in there. Lots of bogs to use as natural bedding material for the plants. We are also planning on planting wild plots of food for the critters to eat. Walk into an area, plant the different foods like, corn, potatoes, rutabagas, lettuce etc, let them feed and keep them coming to the property.

The plan is also to plant the crops using a system developed by the Natives, called the Three Sisters Method. In a nutshell you plant corn, climbing beans or peas and a root veggie like rutabegas or potatoes. Another variation is to include plants which assist in keeping bugs and crawlies off, so will be planting Marigolds etc around the Three Sisters.


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Had a great day checking out the property with my Buddy Russ, except for the throngs of Mosquitoes, Bat Houses are on the list now!

Throngs of Mosquitoes, but luckily we had lots of bug spray as well, you just gotta love Muskoil and Deep Woods Off.

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FireFlies & Prepping

Last night I watched hundreds of FireFlies flirting around in the pasture below my place, early evening so you could see the last vestigages of daylight on the trees and meadow. The long grass was in a deep shadow of Dusk, Nature is Truly Lovely, too bad most people fail to see the show or the beauty therein.

Due to the high winds the other day in the Haliburton area, I could not bring the van to the property as it was not accessible, with the downed trees. Sunday will be going up for the day, to wander around and search out sites for gardens and building sites.

For prepping or should I say Survival, I am going to be bringing my new mosquito head net and some Muskoil to keep spraying myself with. I want to eat lunch there, not to become lunch there!

Found some interesting info on some low cost rocket stoves, so will be trying them out later today and maybe make some up at the property as well. I bought a brand new fan dangles Cold Chisel, with a guard no less to use with concrete and metal working, safer so must be getting old.
Bought some;

Coleman stoves, a little quick Propane Heater, some misc hand tools, circa no power history.. LOL old but well usable. Found some dehydrated rice and veggie mixes that taste great and will be great for camping and hiking as well.

Sat night so being alone, will be working some more on the camper setup, getting things organized and making some notes.

O, almost forgot fund a link to a site that sells some old time products, guess what they had a hanging no electric dehydrator as well. Shocked and surprised, not another thing to make.. LOL but well worth it.

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