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Different Types of Bags and Plans

So, It dawned on me today that most people do not know of the different types of Bags and Bag plans and designs there were.

BOB – Bug Out Bag
this is usually the very biggest one, the one with everything and the makeshift kitchen sink
This is the one you might want to have a vehicle for, or at the very least a bicycle with a trailer!

GO Bag – Grab Bag
this is the one in the vehicle, for when your vehicles stops working, the traffic is totally snarled up, the EMP pulse just stopped most everything in its tracks.
This back is the grab out of the vehicle and get back home bag, this is just designed to get you home;
light pack, hiking shoes, 1 or 2 days light rations (food), some water, maybe a drinking straw, emergency tube tent or emergency blanket,
two knives, telescopic pole for jumping over streams or hitting people with, some other small items you get the picture here, light and quick.  MAP, two alternate routes to get home or to bug out location
Objective – lightweight, quick and fast get out and get going

DODGE – get out of Dodge bag
People mix or change up the Bug Out Bag here, it is a matter of taste and personal preference
The Dodge bag, is an in-between bag, designed to have some of the stuff that the BOB has, but more than the GO Bag.  This is the lets get to the Bug out location quickly bag

Bug in Bag, or Battle Bag
This is the special bag for when you stay put, it has defensive and offensive items in there, maybe web gear, firearms, ammo, food, water, knives, anything that you need to keep holding onto the fort. Duct Tape, and more Duct Tape! Canada Eh..

There are a few others, will update at a later time.

As you can see though, the different sizes depend on the end goals in mind. You do not need to have a 100 pound pack in your car just to get home. You might however have a folding bike or a dissembled Mountain Bike though with packs.

It boils down to need, practicality and objective.




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People Spam?


Serious question here actually and I need some imput. Every few days I go in and edit out the spam comments.

So the question, are they really spam? Should I keep the ones that look normal, even though they link to weird websites?
Will allowing these few, actually drive more spammers to the site?

Does it matter? Please offer some feedback


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Amish Project

A young person who gets it, all this Social Media and online crap is actually hurting each other and our communication skills. My own little experiment over the last 12 months is similar. Now soon I will be doing something very similar, only totally off grid.

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Dont take this wrong

just had to share it made me laugh and giggle

to all my unknown followers, sorry just had to share

I just had to share this image, it just made me laugh and giggle.

Sometimes after a day like today, I need a laugh and now you do too!


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No Army Surplus Store Improvise

Army Surplus Hardware Store Farmer Store

You don’t have or need an Army Surplus store although they help lots. Now you do have a few other stores there, like the hardware stores or farmers stores, even dollar stores there. Really those stores have just about everything you need as well. You need a BOB (Bug out Bag), Go Bag (normally in-car, because it goes with you) DODGE (get out of Dodge bag) which is a full everything bag. Now I suggest at least an alternative to the Car/Van as everything will be blocked by others. So how about bicycles with trailers, motorcycles, ATV’s, all with or without trailers. Relocate to a remote area, join the community for no single person or small group can stop the angry hordes of Zombies. Zombies = non Pepper’s or Survivalist out to steal or kill you for your food. Of course that is in the absolute worse case scenarios. 

look up;
cat can stoves
penny stoves
wood gasification stoves
hobo stoves
Fondue pot sets with the alcohol burner – very good and portable, can also be used in a regular can that is modified
use denatured alcohol – methyl hydrate – high test rubbing alcohol – 90-95% proof buy it by the gallon.
there are your stoves
matches – regular since they are cheap
matches wind proof
matches water proof
zippy style lighter (remember it evaporates so test it, then keep small bottle of fluid with it)
extra flints – cheap now, get lots
regular lighter
torch lighter
small torch
magnesium fire sticks with strikers
secondary magnesium fire sticks with strikers (yup.. double up)
one handed stickers, just saw them, cheap easy to use, wet-dry-cold
Vaseline/chap stick/
rub onto
cotton balls/dryer lint
put into zip lock bags
> make some char cloth, very easy to do, youtube how to do this
cheap poly tarp to start
search for good quality ground sheets
get good quality tarps
get better quality canvas tarps
light portable small good quality tent
look for self contained canvas tents
> I now have 3, a. 10×8 b.10×10 c. 5×5 bell style older camper style
>why, long lasting, great quality, easy to maintain, will not die in the sun in one year, easy to insulate
>cons, little heavier, if you have a vehicle not too bad
2x military water bottles with the cup and holder – a must.. with these and these along you can survive in the wilderness
water purification tabs
water purification units – portable filtration units such as;
>larger home style filtration units like the Berky or Big Berky
>youtube and have info sessions about creating your own Berky style for cheap
>water containers, do not get the little bottles they are not eco friendly and are not safe
>>bigger 3-5gal water containers, big blue and grey barrels
>harvest rainwater -after 2 minutes or so the water is pure, harvest from a tarp or roof, there are lots of devices out there to help, such as rain water diverters.
huge list on water enjoy this link and memorize it, you can live without food, minimum shelter only for up to 30 days but only 3-6 days with no water!
every time you buy food get some extra
> example; I bought some foil packaged portion fish at a store for $3 per bag, got two of them, tasty and long lasting
two weeks later, at dollar store same fish, 4-6yr expiriry, for .99c each, got 50
dehydrated foods
ready to eat meals
MREs – good for about 2-3 meals each package, so they are not too bad then at $8-$10 for one MRE, div by 3 meals
now start making your own ready to eat meals
Tools Knives
Caution; having a bad knife is worse than no knife!
folding blades with NO locks are bad, exceptions are the Swiss Army Knives and Multi tools
> use with caution and I never really use the knife anyways
Knife sharpener system
folding knives over 3″ with a locking blade
5″-8″ regular style fixed blade, full tang as in full metal till the end of the handle (incase you did not know what a full tang meant)
K-bar, kbar awesome US Marine, WWII fighting and utility knife.
Big Bush knife 8″-14″ yup you read it right
cutting down small trees, battoning etc
Kukri Knifes and Kukri Machete.
MTech Kukri knife similar to mine but mine has a wood handle

MTech Kukri knife similar to mine but mine has a wood handle

Custom Makers so support local;
that being said they are also more expensive but if the maker is good, you get what you pay for and more
MTech similar brand than the  Cold Steel but very good, US company but made in China. I have quite a few of their knives and like them a lot! Have not broken or hurt any of them yet.
MTech is a division of MASTER CUTLERY 
* Hatchets are dangerous!!
> why, top/front heavy so you miss a lot with them, no fulcrum action, many injuries to people especially kids with them
Tomahawks are better and can be used in a Defensive way as well.
Kukri’s are great can be used for most anything, but learning to through one, takes lots and lots of practises. You will ruin you good one, while learning to do this.
Here is an excellent link to a company in Nepal who exports and creates Kukris, follow the link to see some info on how to use and sharpen them.
Tools general
 pry bar
thin gauge wire
lots and lots of bits
Cold Steel Russian Army Spetsnaz Shovel (multi uses from digging to fighting, can also be thrown effectively )
Moe to follow, this will be a work in process, I will also add more images to this later.

Fishing gear small porty
trapping gear small porty
sleeping gear
slingshot/slingbow/take down bow with arrows

Silva Compass and maps

Dog pack as in Dog Back Pack (mine is a two part system, one part is the pack other part is the harness system)
-> great system, take off the pack for breaks and throw it back on quickly when you need to move out. Keeps the dog fresher and quick apply system keeps your temper under control!

Dog coat/blanket, even they get cold and wet, especially short hair dogs. You make them work, rub them down at night, through on their coat and it can be used as their bed as well for less cold nights
* you have a dog that is asleep, but still able to awake and alert you to the Zombie Hordes
water container/food container
collapsible food bowl or small rigid metal water bowl that nests with the food bowl
-> reason, you can heat up the bowl if the water freezes in cold weather
food, make them carry some of their own food, daily rations at least
fire making kit/first aid kit/utility knife/bug screen/sun screen
Bike Pack
Bike Trailer
spare tire/spare inner-tubes/wheel change kit/tire patch kit
front rack/back rack
bike with trailer hitch for attaching trailers/sleds/wagons/etc

Vehicle kit
yes your bug out bag, now lets see to the car/vans survival as well
tire repair kit
small porty 12v air compressor
first aid kit
engine oil/transmission oil/wind-shield fluid/brake fluid/

now I have added some stuff that you can not find at a local hardware store, although you can find or order 98% of this stuff from Canadian Tire, maybe there is an Auzzy Tire?
look around and get creative

I forgot I made another post, so here it is for reference and I will merge them and make one big post soon!

kukri,   Khukuri,  gurkha knife, nepal, original hurkha, knife, knives, cold steel, Mtech, Master Cutlery, machete, hatchet, ax, make bug out bag, no army surplus, answer to no army surplus, water storage, water filtration, water, hardware store, stoves, rocket stove, gasification stove, penny stove, cat stove, survival pack, knife to use, bad knifes, hobo stoves, fondue sets, alcohol burners, alcohol to cook with, harvest, rainwater, Hatchets are dangerous, tarps, shelter, shelter canvas, fire, how to make, simple fire options, k-bar, kbar, us marine, fighting knife, utility knife, utility, fighting, survival, prepping, bob bag, go bag, dodge bag, car kit, car survival bag, bicycle, transportation, dogs, dog pack, dog wagon, dog food, bicycle repair kit, tire repair kit, vehicle repair kit, first aid kit, 12v air compressor, bike rack, front bike rack, bike trailer, bicycle trailer

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Dehydrator Meat

Saw this post and had to respond to it.


Sorry but I thought this should be separate from the dehydrator thread.
I have just been reading up on making jerky and until today I always thought the meat was pre-cooked. Wouldn’t there be a health risk with drying and eating “raw” meat jerky?

My local store has some cheap beef heart that I was going to try drying.

wish I still had my old Ronco Dehydrator

miss this Dehydrator

Dehydrator jerky is the same as dried jerky.
The drying process was originally done in two ways;
Sun Drying
Smoke drying

Both are a curing, cooking and preservation processes, both remove the moisture and cure the meat. There are variations to the two main ways that were done, you can actually do some very intriguing combinations as well. Both of the main drying processes remove the moisture, moisture and oxygen are the main causes of meat becoming bad.

Bugs and Mold love moisture thus the curing process removes the moisture, cures the meat for long-term storage. Variations on the theme, smoking and creating Bill-tongue (South African delicacy.. give them some and watch them gobble it down). Now as stated there are many ways to preserve the meat, some also include potting in which you fill a jar or container with meat, cooked or uncooked slather the top with 4-10 inches of certain types of fat to keep out the oxygen. Google meat potting.

The Mennonites have a process similar to the bill-tongue meat process, the meat looks like great big salami meat rolls. Salami making is another variation on the drying and processing theme for meat preservation. The Mennonite way of curing the meat is a combination, drying, smoking and cooking process in which the rolls are able to be stored in their final wrap just hanging from the rafters for up to 3-4 years.

Dehydrating jerky is as simple as doing it over the fire, in the Oven or in the actual dehydrator. This has evolved from the labour intensive outdoor sun drying and outdoor food drying although very eco-friendly is labour intensive as you need a 24hr guard to swat away the bugs and keep away the animals.

Buy the way I have had some pre cooked Beef Jerky and would not recommend you go that route so much, it does not taste as good pre cooked. There is also a size variation, in that pre cooked pieces are always much larger than the thinly shaved meat that is pre cut before dehydrating. Dehydrating cooked meat is good however for preserving the meat to be re-constituted later for soups and stews.

One of my fav all time food experiences was paper thing Bison strips, smoked and then put on some thin whole grain fresh bread. Can you say Yummy! So tender, so mouth-watering and surprisingly so filling. When you use the best ingredients you become fuller from the full and rich taste as well as from the quality of the food source.

might add more in later, that is a synopsis.


tongue, bill-tongue, dehydrator, smoking, curing, meat, cooking, method, sun drying, smoking, Mennonite, way, south african, old way, preservation 


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blog retest

Ok, so what is a blog re-test anyways?

Well WordPress is good for somethings and like Facebook they seem to mess it up a lot as well. Today I re-organized the blog, adding and moving links and reference sections around. WordPress somehow will not let me change the format to read a bit then click on the link, in short I want some small blurbs and then you click to read more. 

Well that should be easy right? Wrong! WordPress like Facebook, just decided to change itself one day, now after 15 attempts at making it back to my preffered view of small blocks for each posting, it still will not change. At least the links were working yesterday, up till last week, you had to do the links manually and even then it was hit and miss if they wanted to work or not.

WordPress is great and wonderful and then other times it reminds me of a Teenager, changes for no real reason, does not work when you expect it to, takes lots of persuasion to do simple things, then bam, works other times with no complaints! 

signed Hhhmmmmm wonder what will happen to this and if the post will force it to upgrade itself to the way I want it too.. hmmmmmmph..



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