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Patrick Stewart on PTSD & Domestic Violence


Patrick Stewart speaks on domestic violence, shell shock, ptsd his youth and his present!
Very moving, very touching, very honest



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Canadian $enators

Obscene ! 
Canadian Senate, do not need these overpriced political votes ! .. Only a few with low to $$0.00 for travel or expenses, the only few to perhaps call, Honorable !

see the link for way too much info and way too much $$$$
I know bad grammar, but golly jhesh Batman, this is so far over the top it is in the realm of the un-real

Base Salary of Canadian Senators

All Canadian Senators make a basic salary of $135,200.

Extra Compensation for Additional Responsibilities

Senators who have extra responsibilities, such as the Speaker of the Senate, the Leader of the Government and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, government and opposition whips, and chairs of Senate committees, receive additional compensation. (See chart below.)

Title Additional Salary Total Salary
Senator $135,200
Speaker of the Senate* $ 56,000 $191,200
Leader of the Government in the Senate* $ 76,700 $211,900
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate $ 36,500 $171,700
Government Whip $ 11,200 $146,400
Opposition Whip $  6,600 $141,800
Government Caucus Chair $  6,600 $141,800
Opposition Caucus Chair $  5,600 $140,800
Senate Committee Chair $ 11,200 $146,400
Senate Committee vice-Chair $  5,600 $140,800
*The Speaker of the Senate and the Leader of the Government in the Senate also get a car allowance.


they also get Living and Travel expenses! see the first link
Some have claimed as much as $250 k .. yes 250 thousand dollars for travel alone, with an additional $30K for living expenses, bringing some of their income to about $300+ k per year, plus,,, plus… plus…

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We Blog Naked

OK did that get your attention? LOL

naked badge

naked badge

Well so sometimes I do blog Naked, shock O horror (although I am not nearly as buff as I used to be so don’t peak in the windows..)

After visiting Mexico first then a UN Tour in Cyprus then living in Europe, what is the big deal with Nakedness. If you’re so inclined Sky Clad, in the Buff, As Mother Nature Intended or as in Birthday Clothed, Birthday Suit. Go to the Naturist and Nudist Camps and beaches, all body types, nobody judges you, people get along, they have nothing to hide !

North Americans are so uptight about it that we now have soooo many issues due to something that is natural. Sometimes it is not a mater of being naked just a matter of not getting dressed in a hurry! I tell my dog that I need to put on my fur when she looks at me, too funny.

Now I also blog Naked as I am bearing my Heart and Soul, letting you into my deepest darkest thoughts and fears. I was told that for therapy for PTSD and Depression to be more open, honest and let the deep thoughts and emotions out! Well as evidenced by some of my blog posts in the last little while, I have done just that.

Some say good going, some criticize, some question, some just come and read then leave. Now since I started doing this Naked blogging of the Soul and Spirit, let alone the buff posts, I am much more calm than I was before. For a couple of weeks though, I was pouring out emotions, emotions dripped from my eyes at the slightest thing.

Sometimes Ladies you do not understand that we were told from a young age to close those doors to emotions, put them aside, hide them, lock the door and throw away the key. Too bad, that is why we die earlier I think, plus some other things that I will not get into here, right now. When I opened the doors it was like opening up the huge Barn Doors and everything came out at once, I was overwhelmed overcome by these new flood gates or another way of expressing it would be the Tsunami of emotions that poured out onto everything! Shocking

Naked Award by Miss Four Eyes 
Well if your still reading; MISS Four Eyes 
has a very interesting blog, interesting readership (some naked, some just out of the shower, a couple in the bath??? ) She, funny Girl lots of fun posts and comments, very neked comments (say it like a redneck now.. neked)

has an award for Naked Bloggers, her award is if you’re in the flesh Naked, though I have noticed that her comments and articles are naked in their emotions and thoughts as well!


Here is her interview on Blogging Naked with Julie the Chicklitasaurus’s Blog

naked blogging badge

I blog Naked


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Why I Don’t Post Tips on Grammar

REBLOG /// Rebloged,
aww.. just read the cartoon first it is priceless, then go and read what Amber has written on the subject, it is amusing, informational and quite honest.
Cheers ~Wild_E

grammar If you’ve read my blog since its inception not that long ago, you’ll notice I haven’t done a single blog post on grammar. This isn’t because there are ten bajillion other posts out there on grammar or because I was a glorified grammarian when I was a tutor at my uni’s writing center, pretty much having to work on grammar first before I could even get to content. This is because, when it comes to creative writing, grammar is unimportant to me. Grammar is the easy part, the easiest thing you will ever do with your writing.

I know there are some hardcore grammarians out there who are probably cringing reading the above sentence, but it’s true: I don’t give a flip about your grammar. Unless your grammar is so atrocious that I actually have to wonder what you’re trying to say, grammar is just not that important to me…

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Day 9 part B Waking Divergent

Day 9 part B

squeeze twice – boom boom

down, its down but still moving, snarling, blood on its neck, big black rotty and huge brown mastiff hitting it together, hitting its side,
just as must
steady, aim, squeeze again, at the head – boom finally not moving forward, dogs have it now, snarling, snapping, black rotty has its throat now, the bigger brown mastiff pushing down, biting its neck from above. Zeldy hitting it from the other side, grabbing its neck as well.

Damn that is one big dead Cat. Well even with 4 dogs, 3 bullet holes, that was my warning from up above. Finally got the dogs off, sitting although the worst one to get under control is Zeldy, though that is because she was abused as a pup and still has issues!

Blood lust, thought the dogs still listen, what a great sign that is.

wow.. what can I say.. wow.. did the last bullet do the trick, would the dogs have gotten their in time if I was not wearing the shoulder holstered 10mm? Time to put the utility belt on again as well. More ammo, mini mag light, multi tool and that .44cal in there for now or the .357? Choices again.

Lets get some good Doggy Treats.. Bacon strips,,, still breathing heavy, still wound up tight. Still looking around as are the dogs, will there be another attacking cat or wolf or moose? Need to be more vigilant from now on, there is nobody else here to patch me up at all. On the positive side, all the dogs ran to my rescue, the Baboons are much farther back and are now not coming close to bother me or the dogs now, they are keeping their distance, for now. Shake it off, shake it off and move along folks, nothing to see here folks, nothing to see, move along!

Need better names than just Black Rotty Male, Black Rotty Female and big brownish Mastiff ! Can’t just keep calling them those names, need to come up with some other names, what to call them?


Thank the higher powers that be for all that range time, Combat Shooting club, IPSC and PPC shooting matches, all that time practising in the past, thousands of rounds down range, that is what saved me now. The dogs would have been there a split second late, could I have drawn the K-bar or Kukri in time and stabbed the cat? Well not sure and from now on, combat readiness, knives and handguns on me at all times!

Ok shake it off, back at it too much work to do still to moap or reflect on this. Elephants out now, all the animals I can find are out now, time to go, time to wind down while I drive, not too far though the Reptile store is just a few blocks away, Bowmanville is small town, nice small town but time to leave here, leave it just a bit more wild than it was before!

Bang bang goes the shotgun, boom boom goes the flash bangs, lets make sure these animals have a chance now from the other predators, Right!

Time 1145hrs
Reptile Store
on other side of Bowmanville, quick stop and release. No issues, just a lot of snakes, spiders, iguanas, more spiders, more snakes, salamanders, lizards.. and so on and so on.. quite a lot actually.

Doors opened, food dumped on floors and table tops, fish tanks opened up, not sure what to do with the fish, so sorry just leave them there for the Reptiles to do what they need to do. They will be wandering outside now to forage, they will have to from now on.

One last thing to do now, almost out the door, toss the little bins of crickets and other meal worms out so the critters can feast, back away as a large Tarantula is headed my way. The Tarantula is probably just curious, might be used to getting on peoples hands and arms, but not time now for decisions about that, off we go. Way too much to do still today, too much

Time 1345hrs
Trailer Store

With a quick stop in Oshawa at one of the Trailer manufactures that line the 401 near the old Park Rd exit, I switched up trailers. Since I will be going so far and doing so much we need a different place to stay now.

After a quick search, here is an almost perfect solution to our needs a Toy Hauler! Quad and toys, tools and equipment go into the back with a small camper layout in the front area for me and the Dog Pack, well that is what they think anyways!

This little gem of a trailer is quite nice, has a built in Quiet 3000w Honda Generator, with 12v and 110v plugs, water holding tank, toilet with a shower stall and a kitchen galley for food preparation with a Propane Stove and Fridge, with a 100 gallon propane tank mounted inside / outside for easy filling and safety. Home on the range for us.

The only other modification I did was quite selfish though much needed modification. The DOGS SNORE LOUDLY, so if I want to get any real sleep, guess what the dogs are now sleeping in the Toy Hauler area on a Queen sized mattress. Zeldy does not like being separated from me at night, but with the other dogs for company I think she will do just fine.

Four large dogs quite fill up this queen sized mattress, giving them some much needed luxury as well. Next mattress will be a king sized one perhaps. In the day time I can just lift it up onto one side and secure it using some straps to get it out of the way, or haul it outside for them.

The other nice feature is the pull out canopy on the side with a quick fold out BBQ, boy they thought of almost everything didn’t they. O forgot to mention the Satellite, Flatscreen TV, DVD player, and stereo as well. More like home than even I am used too, but I will struggle along nicely I am sure. The deck on top of the back of the toy hauler will come in so handy for sitting up there as well as having a nice high vantage point, with a chair 😀

The Viking pulls this setup without missing a beat, one of the many nice features of the Diesel engine of the Viking has lots of pulling power and generally better fuel economy pulling trailers and the like than just empty as well. Later on I will decide to pull it all with my 7.3ltr 1988 Ford Club Wagon i350 camperized box truck or leave it behind.

Decisions for another day, another day, more decisions.

Tossed in two chest freezers as well from an Appliance place that was only 200 meters away. Will run the genny or plug them in for now to keep the meat and veggies frozen. Can’t know for sure how long the power will stay running so, prep now for the future, very near future.

Quick stop at the WalMart and Presidents Choice Grocery stores that are over the bridge from the Trailer supply place. Only 1 hr total and we not have food enough for 1 month. Lots of frozen veggies, frozen fruits, frozen meats, canned goods, packaged goods and bulk items. It is amazing how fast it is to shop now even with two carts with nobody to get in your way, nobody to worry about at the cash, nobody at all.

So far the only times I am getting lonely are the times I go to some Human type place, like the store or Hospital or the playgrounds at the Zoos, places meant for people.

I will be starting the Joe Juice Diet now, need to keep up the nutrition and do a real good purge for my health. Since I have watched the documentary; “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” did some research learned tons, well since then eating much healthier. To add to my Ninja Food Master Prep, at the WalMart I grabbed a wide mouth Juicer so making the juice will be easy and quick. The Ninja Prep is an awesome beast with lots of sharp knives in there, though better suited for making smoothies later on.

DOGS, So smelly today, Dogs you will all travel in the Trailer with the windows down so you all can look outside and it can air out as I drive in the Pickemup .. LOL (say it like a Redneck now) .. alone listening to music, smell zone free, for today anyways! 4 sets of Doggie eyes are looking up at me expectantly, they are in for a bit of a shock, in the trailer they go!

Time to wind down and relax for an hour before getting to the next zoo.

Off to the Toronto Zoo now !

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Day 9 part A Waking Divergent

Waking Divergent Journal Day 9 part A

Time 6am, breakfast for the little Divergent Pack all of us chowed down on some tasty treats of Bacon, with them getting some kibble, parts of raw rabbit and some yummy tasty bacon by hand. Training, showing Alpha pack leader, re-enforcing I am the most Alpha of them all.

Me well I am sitting here having some tasty strips of Bacon, some of my Corn Bread mix that I normally turn into a thick fluffy pancake. This morning I put some Vegan brand fruit blend meal replacement powder in the batch, mixed it up and spread some Coconut Oil Spread on top. Wow all I am able to say is Wow what a taste, tempted to make this everyday though it would get boring after a few weeks.. haha.. few weeks. Tasty tasty.

I am washing this all down with a large cup of Tasters Choice Instant while the kettle comes to a boil again so that I will fill up the Water Floating Boater Thermos that does such an incredible job keeping everything so hot all day and warm the next. Best insulated Thermos I have every had actually.

I have decided, next we go to the Bowmanville Zoo which is along the way to the Toronto Zoo, with a quick stop at any farm along the way.

Need to get a bigger trailer in Oshawa, there are two dealers side by side along the way as well as an RV dealer or two along the 401.

Will also pick up a fridge and two freezers fill them with food from the Grocery Stores in the are that I know, so it take less time to get the foods that I am after.

To save some time later on we will be picking up 15 – 20 bags of Dog food today. Later I will be blending it together and then will be adding in fresh veggies and game at their daily feedings so the dogs will get used to their new diets and they can get the gas out of the way now, while we are outside mostly in the next few days. This so I do not have to smell 4 dogs with gas, as they adjust to new diets!

Well now, I hope it goes as smoothly as yesterday afternoon did at the Big Cat World. Last night we holed up in the handlers area, and opened the outer doors using rope, just like the handlers would do it, the variation though I think were the dogs in the handlers areas with me. I needed to protect them from the other predators, they are not top of the food chain, nor are humans, but together we are much closer. All the big cats were first to go out the doors.

The wolves after quieting down, watched; me, the dogs and sniffed the air. Before I opened the cages, I said two words to the wolves and pointed each time.

Friends, while I pointed to myself and the quite nervous dogs,
Go and I pointed to the door.

I waited for everyone to settle down again, opened the door, shouted and pointed to us FRIENDS, pointed and shouted GO. The pack did go, though the Alpha Male and Female pack leaders stopped just outside the door, looked at me, looked at the dogs, sniffed made eye contact then turned and ran after the rest of the pack. Loud howlings were heard carried on the breeze as they tasted their freedom at last.

Well now, were they saying to me, next time you’re the rabbits or was it a Wolf farewell or just getting the scent down for future reasons. I am not sure at all. Watching them run so very fast into the woods, I was wondering if I should keep doing this or just shoot all the rest of the predators in the future!

Next it was the Hyenas, blasted the shotgun a few times to give them a reason to run out of the park as fast as I could let them go. The other exotics like the littler Primates, such as the Capuchin, Spider Monkeys, Ring-tailed Lemurs and Gibbons (I know this as I am writing down the info right from the enclosure info plaques as they were let go)

Lemures did not want to get out of the enclosures, nor did the Gibbons, so I just left all the enclosures open, wired the doors open, so they can come in and out. Not sure if the big carnivores will come back, but at least they have a place to go to get away if possible.

The Birds were easy, open up their enclosures and cages, say go, walk away. It will be up to them to go or not.

Not sure, not sure, not sure! I would like to think I am doing right, doing the right thing, I am so not sure. Maybe some Norse God is laughing at me now, wondering on the weak human who should have gone into the animal pens with a blade and dispatched them all one by one in glorious acts of Valour like some warrior out of stories of antiquity.

Perhaps some Egyptian, Greek or Roman God or some half demented Demi God is smiling saying the future is Hunting and fear while growing up stronger like the old days. Perhaps my Christian God, the Universe is glad I showed mercy, maybe Gia is happy I am helping to restore the balance of nature to her world. Who knows what will be thrown my way next?

Whatever it is, whatever comes my way, from now on I sleep in a secured area firearms and blades close at hand, with a fire going outside and the dogs safe and secured or we will be dinner, just like the rabbits of that I am pretty sure. Maybe the Big Cats have enough of our scent to think friend / trainer or at least not dinner, before they decide attack or stalk us. Perhaps!

The world just got more primitive and I am at it again releasing more huge predators today.

Quick update on the road;
Location Bowmanville Zoo,
Time 9am:

Beforehand I thought, No large predators, so released the small predators first and let the dogs chase them aways away before releasing the other animals and reptiles. Well that was what I thought would happen anyways.

But.. there is always a But isn’t there!
Gee guess what they have Wolves, Tigers, Lions, etc etc, plus some Elephants, plus, plus, plus other herbivores.

What the hell do I do now?

Opened all the stores of food so they more placid animals can eat right from the grains bins and kitchens, while hopefully learning how to wild forage again, before winter sets in.

Here at the Bowmanville Zoo we seem to have mostly frozen or refrigerated meats for the Cats and Wolves and such. Lets feed them, then shoo them off using flash bangs and shotgun blasts. These flash bangs must be Zoo ordinance, since both places have had a couple of boxes of them sitting in the Trainers offices.

Ok, here we go, the big predators were fed, the fences are down, the grain bins are open, let’s get the predators out of here and then release the other animals.

Bang Bang.. and they are off, dogs barking, Cats running, wolves let out first as they can run the farthest and fastest I think, well it is done now.

Letting everyone out all at once now, all the plant eaters, birds, reptiles, mammals and a few I did not know what they were but no sharp teeth so not predators. It was a little pandemonium, though they do not have to contend with the predators yet. The dogs to their credit, did as told and did not hunt, hurt or attack though they did a bit of chasing anybody around that would run, they did.

Look, some are running back into their pens, some are leaving the grounds, some are just standing there, like the Camels and Llamas, they are just looking at the Dogs, kinda smiling like, O_O..

Well no Damage yet to anybody! Zipping around on the Quad, pulling down some more of the back fences, letting others out of their enclosures, this is not a huge zoo but without the Quad, I would be on a bike or running around like a chicken myself.

Horses, Zebras, Llamas and Camels are all sort of together, refusing to say, yes we are similar and friends, but we are closer together for assistance. The funnies are the Donkeys and Exotic Pigs, running around, everyone and everything, at least I can smile a big smile for that little bit of cheer.

Next to release are the Peacocks, Yaks, something called a Capybara, odd-looking fellows they are! Alpaca, Ostriches, Emus whom are not nice at all, maybe that is why they were together!

Well now this is a surprise, Reindeer, lots of Reindeer, nice fencing, nice grounds and tree cover. Back over to the African Savanna side to let out the, O well missed the Pigmy Goats, my they are small, kinda cute and friendly, nice change.

Well now, whom do I let out first the Elephants who are touching nose to nose with the Dogs, who are going nuts, timid, aggressive, inquisitive, low growls and wines all at the same time looking up up up at the huge Mammals, damn funny stuff right there. Well why they are occupied, lets let out these other, long horn weird African plains animals, well just a little charge at me through the fence, then out wit them.

Wish this quad had a plow, then I could just knock the fences down, would be simpler as well as faster to boot.

Elephants and Dogs, funny combination though they seem to be getting along now, even the female that is off by herself, she seems to be liking the attention of the dogs who run over to her, sniff noses then run back barking playfully to the other Elephants.

Wonder why she is off by herself, the others do not ignore her, nor does she ignore them, but she just stays away, over there, by herself. Hopefully she will be safe and OK after I let out the other Big Predators tomorrow, hopefully she will stand a chance on her own.

Note to self – Reptile Store on other side of Bowmanville, quick stop and release.

What I am thinking, run between, feeding and releasing all 3 at the same time…
Bowmanville, Toronto and African Lion Safari … NO.. that is too much, how about let them all out here today, go to the T.O. zoo then try to get to the African Safari, camp there overnight, go back to T.O.  zoo in morning, release everything else as the big predators should be gone by then?

Note to self – Reptile Store on other side of Bowmanville, quick stop and release. Wait .. I already said that to myself. Well it must be important then.

Ok, time to let the Gibbons and Baboons out now, been waiting as the Baboons can be nasty from what I remember of the African Lion Safari a few years ago…

What was that sound,
breathing, heavy breathing,  is there one of my dogs behind me, though that breathing sounds very different. Something is wrong, I feel … the little hairs on my neck, what was that rustling. What, MOVE..

Dive, roll, something sailed right passed me, O so very close,
roll, there some cover,
Massad Load, pull 10mm from shoulder holster under left arm, with other hand that is now done pushing me up from the ground into a crouching, semi kneeling position,
grab the slide back to the rear of the 10mm, left hand over right hand, double grip, steady breathing, locate.. safety off,

eyes golden yellow staring out back at me, loud growlings, face crunched up in furry, fangs showing, swivel gun left, just a bit more, remember training, slow breathing,
get ready to squeeze trigger, almost there, big cat, animal face so close now, calm, stay Calm almost close enough, cat lunging, snarling almost at gun barrel, squeeze now
steady aim, steady,,, squeeze once – boom …

… to be continued ….

all pages and writings copyright @ WildernessReturn – Wild_E productions 


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Observe and Edit

Look down to the pic on the bottom right of the page, scroll.
Right now there is a photo of an old fire call box on the side of a building.

old firbox on side of building

Stop and smell the roses,
or stop and observe all things around you
Hidden in Plain sight
Click through the link to go to a post by RMACTSC on Survival Awareness
(linking and trying something new) follow for similar, though different words and reasons to be situationally  aware !

Did you notice any in your area? Do you see the small details around you? Your life might depend on this skill, what you see most do not observe, what you hear most do not listen too. Below you will see a series of photos, the first is the original photo, the next are close-ups, edited parts of that single image to draw your attention to what I see when I look around. Remember the Picasso Brain theory that I wrote about. This is how I see, this is how I hear, this is how I live everyday.

When the primitive brain sends out a signal it is in the form of discomfort, tingling, hairs standing on edge or some other signal. Ever get that feeling someone is watching you, or you feel uncomfortable? The primitive brain is capable of amazing things, if the front brain lets it.

So, this is a two-sided exercise;

Grab your camera, take photos of only things you would not normally take photos of, look where you normally do not, look into the shadows, look into the areas that are always seen, observe everything. do this daily, or a few times today, then some more in a day or so. Now do you see more than you did before? Notice the rust slowly creeping down the wall from that bolt or screw, see the manhole cover for the first time, look at the water drop on the leaf.

Let your eye and brain pick out details you would not normally notice, train your brain, train you senses to help you live. Today, tomorrow, in a SHFT situation, in an emergency.

This trains your brain to observe and be more in tune with your environment. This might save your life or the life or your Son or Daughter one day. Do you smell something that is just off, or hear something different. Listen to the sounds that are natural or normal, pay attention to the sounds, did something change? Did the birds stop chirping, did the insects go silent, what is happening, what is about to happen around you, near you, close to you, OR TOO YOU !!

aprl 004bbNext is what I see, zoom in on the detail;

Now again, the original image. Next two following are the same image just modified by the Digital editing software to slightly enhance the original photo into the image I want to get too.

aprl 004bbClose ups!
4a1bEdited images 4a1bb

See &

Listen and hear

Do not be afraid to experiment with parts of your photos, your environment, photo editor, your observation powers, your brain and how it works. Learn to draw your subject to you, it is called ” Calling the Shots ” and ” Drawing the Target to you ”
basically it means to focus your brain, concentrate and observe.

BarnTextures 051 Another example 51c

How about cropping in, to just the bits of hay hanging in on the hinge on the sliding door, or how about just zooming in to the wood texture itself,

or the most interesting and detailed metal wheel that is the slider on the track,

or the rust from the nail heads on this 100+ plus year old sliding inside barn door? wheel1wheel2

Continue reading


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Takes Breath Away

The Thundering Sound of Silence; was yesterday so lets start off today with !

Moments That Take your Breath Away!

… after you kiss
touch their cheek with tips of your fingers,
for the first time,
feeling the softness of their skin,
the warmth from the fire within,
nuzzle in closer and look deeply into their eyes,
drawing in their natural scent,
all of your senses alive,
heart pounding,
breath ragged and blood raging.

Your other arm around their waist, your hand on their back,
with a soft caress you feel their breathing and warmth through their cloths,
bodies pressed close,
they also draw you in closer, warmer, full embrace full of promise, hope,
while being in the moment, fully completely …

… So Alive …

that would be; Takes your Breath Away !
or so I remember those moments to be 

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Thundering Silence

What is more profound or Surreal than the Thundering Sound of Silence?

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after a Lightening Bolt sizzles in the air around you..

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the Thunder fades to an echo in the distance

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after Howling at the Moon

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the last fireworks in the distance has exploded

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of silence between each heartbeat

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after writing a piece and posting online till the first :Like: or :Comment:

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the guns, firearms, pyrotechnics, tracers, bullets, Artillery simulators, have ceased due to the Command, ” Cease Fire ” during a Live Fire or Firefight

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of a first time Comedian at an Open Mike

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the Jake Brake on a large Diesel engine disengages at the bottom of a hill

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of your Heartbeat after your first kiss

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of your Heartbeat after you make love with someone for the first time

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you leave voicemails and emails to someone you care for, who does not feel the same and does not return emails or voicemails

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you say ” I Love You ” to Someone for the first time

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… Sitting in a room by yourself

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… Standing in an Elevator with a group of Strangers

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… sitting in a food court at a table by yourself, while all the other tables are occupied by people chatting, laughing and carrying on

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the rain stops hitting the Tin Roof or Fiberglass roof of you Camper or small building

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you turn off your Device and it powers down

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you notice your speaking out loud when Nobody is around

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the click of a lock in a shut door in a darkened room

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the last steps have been reached at the top of the stairs,  in an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the pasture

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the flashlight goes out during a blackout or power loss as your down in the basement, searching for the Fuse Panel

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after your last breath of air to the next gasping breath of air as your Asthma Afflicted Lungs desperately try to draw more air in during an Attack.

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
…  as you fingers stop moving over the keyboard while your brain tries desperately to come up with other Words to describe, feelings, emotions, thoughts, perspectives or anything at all really as you sit staring at the blank or semi blank computer screen or piece of paper,

The Thundering Sound of Silence may be; scary, intense, loud, quiet, painful, joyful, sad, bitter, introspective, thoughtful, lonely, satisfying, or anything else you can think of, for Silence is not as Silent as people think of it.


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Emotion by Inspiration

Howdy again folks,
…………….. How are you all today, EH

Today I would like to thank you all for following this little adventure in blogging. In the last couple of weeks I have had more compliments in my writing and photography than in the last few years put together, for that I thank you very much.

ancient ladder in barn rising up to the ceiling

Reach for your Dreams and Goals – Part of my Barnyard Textures series

With new compliments, new followers, new sites to visit I have found myself refreshed and recharged in a creative way. Again thank you all so much for that, this has lifted my spirits and creativity to new heights. Yesterday I was also nominated for an Award, that was out of the blue and quite pleasantly inspiring in its own way, thank you to the very nice person who did that by the way!

This morning I made a decision, to feature an inspirational Blog follower at least once a week, quite possibly twice a week. The only similarity is that the blog will inspire me in a way that makes me smile, lifts my spirits, makes me stop and think or well brings a tear to my eye.

Yesterday I Re-Blogged the story of the Two fellows in India  who teach children for free. That is very inspiring in a humanitarian way and gives my thoughts of Humanity and Humans in general a lift upwards.  With that in mind I am sharing here this image I created as part of the Barnyard Textures photo shoot, it was held back for a special occasion  so here it is to share today with everyone. I hope you enjoy “Reach” as much as I do !

This blog that is featured today is Inspirational in its creativity in a medium that I have no talent in at all. Painting, drawing, sketching no talent unless it is to colour between the lines, I do seem to have a little talent with Writing and Photography, so I will continue to share them with myself and my readers. My journey continues in new found ways, as well as ways of old so the posts on Wilderness Adventures  Bushcraft, Survivalism and Modifications will continue as well.

Ray Ferrer Emotion on Canvas

Pleased to offer up Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas  His Facebook page link is here.

His site is quite unique, as evidenced by this stunning image to the left. All I can picture in my mind is a smoky dimly lit room, all I can hear in my mind is the Soulful sounds that are reverberating off the walls filling my spirit and mind alike.

You just know I will be listening to some Jazz and Blues later don’t y’all eh !

Take care now and enjoy the imagery of that this creative fellow has to offer.


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