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Let’s talk Wild Teas and Perfume


Was talking with someone to help them with wild edible teas and she liked my info.I was being honest actually! Some more info I shared as well below.

Not sure where you live but most larger towns have a Tea shop somewhere. Order online as well if need be but stay away from Dollar store stuff. 

. I store mine in the mylar bag most times as those bags are for long term storage. On my shelf there are also small tea bins which have rubber seals. These small jars and containers are a variety of; porcelain, tin, glass but no plastic.

Have you ever been Hedge Row Shopping, commonly called wild edibles hunting. Lots of plants are growing all around for example the tips of young pine trees which help to make healthy survival and winter drinks. Also Dandelion as a earthy baste taste add in chamomile, borage and clover all found within minutes of my last place we lived. 

. Most larger areas have some sort of person or group who does wild edible walks and talks. Luck to you

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Cold Flue ​Health cures natural

Health cures natural that work for me

Brought myself down from pneumonia to mild cold with this combination. Worked on flue as well.

Oil of Oregano (potent natural antibiotic) – 10 drops 3-4 times a day


Apple cider vinegar

….. 1-2 onces 

In apple juice or cider, then drink larger glass of the same. It washes away the taste. Some say to put right under the tongue, well you can but be prepared to have Greek Salad mouth for a week. Just a warning! 


Cut 10-15 thin slices of ginger root

Into a pot of water

Bring to a rolling boil for about 4-5 mins

Reduce heat to light simmer

Add in 1-2 tbls of honey

(Honey is antiseptic and antibiotic)

Use smaller tea cups or Japanese style cups, due this for size measure, then sip the rest of the day.

Variations include adding in fresh lemon and limes, pineapple juice, cider (natural and hard cider)

Can also add in camomile, red rose, loose leaf herbal teas, all to taste and strengths, you prefer. 

Note: this also tastes good cold as well

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