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Burn or bugs

For a bit of relief for bug bites and a huge relief for sunburn and heat burns, try;

Plantain, broad and narrow leaf

Go out to your yard and pick some plantain. Heat up some water with crushed plantain, use soft cloth to moisturize with it.

( Plantain, broad leaf and narrow leaf which is also called golden stitch leaf)

Next – Mildly crumple warmed and wet plantain leaves on the worst part of mild burn for a while. Repeat a few times rest of day and tomorrow.

Good luck, for when you have no aloe

Also… for bugs n burns

Crumble plantain, warm water add in baking soda, add in some teatree oil. Mix then place on burns an bites. Cover with warm wet plantain for 10-15 min. Repeat if needed

Part 2 for clarification and variation

You can shred or pulp the broad leaf and narrow leaf plantain to make a base or crumble add hot water like making tea.
Add to baking soda and teatree oil as paste. Cover with wet warm broad leaf plantain.

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Update Dec 26 2018

Saw this quick little tip, thought I would share with you folks.

New blog update, so since the last update. Dec 26 2018

Last update was at the start of November, the start of the writing month Nanonano Writes. Well, it started out ok for the first 4 days, then my new laptop, started acting up, then died at ONE Year and a DAY, yes, and a day. So that meant no warranty. No laptop, no updating since doing via a phone is obnoxiouse. O ya, also the laptop, downloaded 4.5 gigs of stuff for updates, without me knowing, while I was updating the WordPress blog. That cost me an additional $20 on top of the laptop repair for data overages costs.

Le Sigh ! insert dramatic sigh here ….

Ok, 3 yrs in a row that November writing month has brought me hardship, so, that was the last one! Dramatic much, well at the same time, family issues, health issues, vehicle broke down and furnace issues. Might not be overdrama but realism, just too much to handle, too much. All on top of mental illness, le sigh, le sob story, but it is true.


Well, will try to keep updating more often, now that I am chaging one of my meds to another, I find myself with more energy as well as a slightly less fuzzy head. I know that most of the readers that signed up, don’t really read anything anymore, so not sure what the point is. I am not sure, but I am also not wishing to vacate and disable the blog either. Sometimes there is feedback from real people and not just trolls.

Luckily, all the majour telecom companies are having some decent cell plans, seeing as that is how I access the internet still, via my phone. So yesterday, the news had a small article on the plans and how they are on sale till the end of the year, so I went from a 7 gig plan at $110 to a 12 gig plan for $85, still not as good as the USA or other parts of the globe, yes globe, bunch of tide pod eating wackos, globe not flat.

New laptop, with another new hardrive, is still missing programs that make writing, comunicating or even watching a movie, easy or fun. Right now, it is very much a wait and see attitude, wait and see if this new laptop, with another new hardrive will last a month or so. Not confident in this ACER junk…

To the nice young lady that sent me an email, and well to be quite honest, I thought it was a troll email of some sort, so my first responce was not so, nice. My apologies. I will try to post some tips on moving to the north for you in the next couple of days. Along with some tips for living in a vehicle or tent in the winter. Hopefully something insulated if it is a tent.



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Sept 14th Let’s See What’s Edible in Greenwood Conservation Area! Ontario Durham Region

Sept 14th Let’s See What’s Edible in Greenwood Conservation Area! Ontario Durham Region
Wild Edibles Walk and Talk, show and tell by Karen the Wild Edibles Foody and Guru 🙂

Sunday, September 14, 2014
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Greenwood Conservation Area2290 Greenwood Road, Ajax, ON

Calling all Preppers, Self reliant, Homesteaders, Bush Crafters and well anyone who want to learn really !



Fields of Nutrition Wild Edibles on the walk, can you eat these, yes?

Fields of Nutrition on the walk, can you eat these?

IMG_20130820_121134b edibleweeds 010b

pic of bulrushes at side of pond

Bulrushes, so versatile, edible, fire starter, cordage, building material


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Giant Hogweed Plant






If you get this plant on you, if you brush up against it, was as quickly as possible with soap and water, then keep covered out of sunlight. So put on a long sleeve shirt for example.


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