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Well I have written up a storm since Friday night. Working on the WDJ Novella, Waking Divergent Journals, so far concentrating on writing only and no editing at all except for major spelling errors that sometimes make even me go.. huuhhh what was that word supposed to be in actuality and not this mess of hodge podge letters?

The amounts to approximately 8-10 chapters so far, started Book 2 of the Journals. I posted this as I am sure you’re all waiting with bated breath, LOL..

Cheers to you one and all.

p.s. made up 3 penny stoves today with 2 small wind deflectors, modified one of my oil lamps, re-wicked two other oil lamps with larger natural fibre jute string and of course played with the dog quickly in the rain.

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Free Kindle book and Trolls

So as many of you may have guessed by now, I DO NOT LIKE TROLLS or negative people !

Here is a link to a nice basic free today Kindle book on Prepping and getting into the self-reliant mindset. Low and behold, a very nasty Troll like answer from on of Amazon’s top reviewers ! So… I did something that I have never done before, I rebuked this TROLL LIKE Answer – not saying the reviewer was a troll, just that answer.. maybe they were have a bad day or they just do not get it at all, who knows. The Author does not need this kind of negative answer at all, nobody needs this kind of negative feedback.

So see my links for the following;
Official answer on Amazon’s Site !

Official answer on site !

small troll spray for small uncalled for denigration of ebook by author, Kathy Burns-Millyard

at this time the Author Kathy Burns-Millyard is not a member of our forum or any other forum that I know of!
Cheers to all, ~wild_E

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Canadian Redneck Hay Box Cooker

Canadian Redneck Hay Box Cooker

like the title says, ya’ll eh..

So I liked the hay boxes, but not into making up any more pillowy things that take up room.
Here are two of my hay box designs for us Northern Rednecks using everyday things we already have.
Women .. ymmv (ymmv – your mileage may vary)- as in you would probably not have used laundry kicking around!
1. Cook food up to a rolling boil for about 4-5 min
remove from heat
wrap bottom of pot in tinfoil
take your empty cooler you have in your vehicle, soft or hard sided
take some old cloths you have in there, put some on the bottom of the cooler
put in pot with the tinfoil on the bottom
now wrap the pot with some of your other cloths or overalls.
(hopefully they are not too smelly from working)
close the lid on the cooler
1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs
take out food ready to eat.
2. bring food to boil, rolling boil for 4-5 min
put tinfoil over the bottom (pattern there)
get a large plastic tub
place on your bed or other soft puffy surface, no not the dog..
put shiny windshield sun deflector, shiny side up laying across plastic tub
put pot with tinfoil in the middle
wrap the shiny windshield deflector around pot
put a towel over top of it now
toss on an old sweatshirt, not too smelly
toss on a pillow just to be sure
1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs
remove all that stuff,
take pot to table or TV tray
put into dish or eat from pot
enjoy, all nice and steamy hot !
This time, recipe was;
6 bean, pasta and pea soup,
dehydrated veggie mixture
added in some amaranth seeds
some organic grinder salt
olive oil
some texmex seasoning
some jalapenos sauce
some ground pepper, black
was supposed to be soup, but.. did not add in enough water to make soup so had chili/stew instead.. LOL
enjoy !!


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Trolls Stalkers

I see you stalking my posts here and there!

Troll Spray


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Fibromyalgia solved

A pathology, not in the mind

Let us hope that this leads to real treatment and more research. Let us also hope that this is not a scam!

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pic is like me

drawings of, Different Types of glue normal, super and crazy

Different Types of glue
normal, super and crazy

Which one am I, it all depends on you!


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Funny Grammar with Life

Says it all really!


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Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians

I would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians.

Canadian turkey waving a Canadian flag, saying happy thanksgiving, eh!

Happy thanksgiving, eh!

If you can, enjoy your friends and families this holiday, remember those who can not and spend a moment in reflection or prayers for all of our Service Members around the globe.

Canadians are similar to Americans for the Thanksgiving Holiday;
Most will have Turkey,
large portion will have roasts
another large portion will have Ham
Most Italian Canadians will have Capicolla Ham
In the far North, Goose is in order (heavy fat content, so needs to be raised a lot)

Some will have their own Family Traditional Feast, lasagna, fish or other

Since it will just be me and the Mutsky… I will have canned Turkey (no fridge or freezer in my Camper) Winter is coming soon, then I will have both a Fridge and Freezer! Naturally..

O … forgot to add in…
Beer.. Most Canadians will have higher content Canadian Beer,
Some also put beer in turkey recipes, or cook fish with it etc.
Watch some game on TV
Then lots have mini US Thanksgiving again!
with beer and turkey or ham, watch American football and baseball
hey… we are equal opportunity folks.

Best wishes to all
~wild_E and Zelda

ps. Picked up Zelda a turkey drumstick playtoy, so she gets some turkey as well.

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Halloween Treats

I wonder how hard these treats would be to make? It would be awesome to gives these out to the little kiddies at

All Hallows Eve

Awesome ghoulish Hershey kisses for Halloween all Hallows Eve


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