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Waking Journal Novella

Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever

(Edited NOTE: This is my writing therapy and a means to get back into writing. I am hoping to improve my style, my writing skills which include my spelling and grammar. Sentence structure as well as speaking / speaker structure needs work as well. Positive, creative, helpful posts and comments will stay. Rude and downright mean-spirited remarks will be deleted, my blog, my writing my rules. Remember you’re a guest here!)
I like this Journal Cover, follow the link to the blog of the person who created it

I like this Journal Cover, follow the link to the blog of the person who created it

This is a cover for the Journal, follow to a very cool blog on how to make this, before the world ends

 ….. Bet that got him thinking as the world went crazy around him! ……..
This is my Journal since my Waking,
waking up into this strange world!
  .. other days and writings to follow, there will be a separate Novella started as well.
  Both will be written at the same time, both will be published as they are written  so I suggest you   follow them as a per day instalment  There will be jumps and days missing in titles, but these are just  jumps in writing times and dates, they will still flow along.
The Static pages will be updated at the same time hopefully, WordPress is hard to do that sometimes.

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test post to see if writing category shows up

test post to see if writing category shows up

divergent waking


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Writing Books

Well I have spent the day writing, this morning I was thinking on writing and came up with a plot again that I had written in my mind but not in reality. So today, I started writing the second short story, great right?

Well maybe not, I have not finished writing the first short story, now Oldschool before you scold me; I plan on writing them at the same time. Sort of Side by side writings. They are similar in some ways and there will be some overlap, though the plots are vastly different. The characters are different and the material is different.

Perhaps it is all my Grade 6 teachers fault, he made me love to read, then showed me more secrets to reading, then more secrets. Finally at one point I remember sitting in class and he used me as an example to a few of the other boys. They were complaining about reading a book that had been assigned and they had to do a book report on that book.

He looked at me and asked me to tell the class how many books I had read that month, was reading at that moment and my thoughts on book reviews or reports. Thinking back I am fuzzy with some of the details of course it was grade 6. I believe my answer was that at the time, I was reading about 3 or 4 books at the same time, had just finished 2 book reports on recently finished books and had just started reading Bram Stokers Dracula, and because of the complexity of the book, had started a follow along book review at the same time.

There was stunned silence in the room, one of the boys said that He did not believe it, so I got up, picked up my bag, pulled out the books, pulled out the book reviews, walked to the Teachers desk and picked up One or Two other book reviews s with my name on them.  I remember there was stunned silence from everyone including the girls in the room.

Later that boy challenged me to a fight because I made him look bad in class. I remember it did not turn out well for him, that fight and it did not help with his image either in the class and now the school.

So to my Grade 6 Teacher who taught me to love books and probably to love writing itself, here is to you whom gave so much. Wishing I had done these writings sooner and finished off the books sooner as well.

Cheers to writing and books.
Two Novellas coming soon, real soon. (need to work on spelling and grammar a bit first though) (both my major weaknesses in writing)

If your interested, that Teacher and his Wife the Head Librarian at the time in the Ottawa Main Library, helped take me from a grade 3 or 4 writing and reading ability to a College level ability, of reading and comprehension. Unfortunately due to the stupidity of the Ontario Ministry of Teaching/School systems, we were taught how to spell Phonetically up to about Grade 4 then we were all informed that from now on we would be spelling correctly and no more Phonetically spelling. We were stunned, to this date I still have a lot of problems spelling and with sentence structure.

Hope you enjoy the writing,
Cheers WildE



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Daily Living in my Truck Update

now the .. woulda.. coulda…shoulda part …

-> when i did the first work on the box truck, I would have stripped it to the wood as I did and clean it as I did, now the part I should have done.
1.a. Put down tar paper to help seal it
b. put down Durofoam all over the floor, shiny side up towards feet
c. cover with 1/2 inch plywood, marine grade
-> I would have lost 1.5 inches in height, but the floor would have been so much better.
d. I did cover it with underlay and then put 3 layers of wool throw rugs down, and screw them into place as they shifted a lot without the screws. I used the Throw rugs as they are more dense and better fibers than the regular carpets. Now for the sweet part, picked all of them up for only $10 each at a flea market! Make sure you clean them for mouse smells first though 😦

2. Roll up door
-> a. in the future look for a box truck with swing/barn doors
b. put in a new door inside or outside bypassing the roll door fully. This way the wind would not blow into the vehicle/home like it does and possibly allow the temps to not drop the 10-20 degs like it does when the wind blows over 25 km per hour in the winter!

3. I did create a way to remove or lift up the top and bottom of the wall to allow air flow in the summertime, Do that again! make sure though it is more bug proof! Dealing with the rails is a PITA.. so in the spring…

4. This spring, remove the roll up door completely, most probably and get rid of the rails as well. They are too hard to work around. Right now, I do just cut to fit the Durofoam wall, then push it against the rails and allow it to form around the rails so it is not too bad that way, but bugs still get through in the summer time.

5. In the spring or maybe even before I will be upgrading my size by creating an outside vestibule area off the back. I will be running poles out from the vehicle to create a larger enclosed working, living area with a wood stove in there. This will be a canvas-covered room with removable poles for transporting and setup. Similar to what the US and CDN Militaries do with their command vehicles to create a covered space for working/maps etc.

6. better solar setup, much better solar setup, on the roof! Go see a body shop that specializes in roof top racking, platforms and have one made up that will not damage the integrity of the fiberglass roof and its waterproofing. The have the solar up there, flat when moving, sloped when on site and non stealth modes though. Sloped also when winter time so the snow does not damage the panels and getting better solar gain.


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Health and update End of October 2012

Q. (question) ever wonder why grey hair you pull from your head or moustache (ladies not included in the moustache comment) sticks to your fingers or cloths like it just won’t go away? Just like old age, once it hits, it just sticks and hangs around.

So, Health..

After 5 weeks and way too many visits and tests with the Doctor, the Hospital and specialists, still not real answers at all. 5 weeks, wow!

Good news after watching too many movies and starting to re-watch movies, I got bored with myself and a little mad so decided to just start writing again. Years ago, well over 14 yrs ago to be more correct I started to write a 3 book series. I have them mapped out, main storylines  plots up to how to end the books and link them together in the 3rd book and finish it off. I also started another follow along Wilderness survival book and recently two other Novel ideas, a short story and a funny poem, yup a poem and from me of all people!

Bet you did not see that one coming now did you! Life got in the way, that is the answer.. just life got in the way, marriage, moving, moving, soon to be divorcing, starting business and soon to be shutting down my business ! Did not see that one either did you, well neither did I to be fair and honest.

As a writing exercise I started writing two Novellas just for fun and am thinking of posting them here! One is a short story and the other is more journal entry style. I have been re-inspired by a few people in the past few months, one fellow wrote the The Union Creek Journal, so let’s get cracking as they say.  Writers write and talkers talk about writing.

The one thing I wish I owned is a small netbook  so the battery lasted longer and I could concentrate on writing and not worry about battery life so much. This laptop is quite nice, but is a battery HOG! Battery life lasts from 1.5-2 hrs and never any
more.  To give you an idea, if I popped in a DVD it would never finish the movie so it would always say, battery at 5% shutting down, just in the last 15-20 mins, O so annoying.

Just to finish off another Q. Question for you; should I pop in some of my blog entries into the journal? I am thinking of some specific journal entries that have gotten the most views and comments.

Well What do you think of all this?


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This is my friends blog, she is new to WordPress and blogging.

So far the only criticism about her blog is that, I get hungry reading it! Go ahead, open it up take a peek inside and tell her what you think as well.
Cheers WildE

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Happy CDN Thanksgiving


Happy Canadian (CDN) Thanksgiving…


to all even those not in Canada!


Sill sick although feeling better for the first time in 3 weeks.

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In the last two weeks I have now found out that 5 comrades in arms 5 military brothers have taken their own lives. Some within, this two-week period, some before. This brings the total to over 50+ troops dead, post military actions, dead post Demons in Ottawa letting them down.

Their Demons were from military missions, not that any of us were not good soldiers, we were trained to be the very best of the best soldiers. We were not trained or ready for kids shooting at us, or having to shoot kids, were not trained enough for genocide and abasing cruelty to animals or humans. Lastly we were not ready or trained for the worse part of all, the top brass of the Canadian Military or the Canadian Government lack of compassion and downright refusal to support us, other troops, combat troops, PTSD or any returned troops or their families.

Demons come in the night, sneak into our dreams but other demons come through the front door, arrive in the mail or sit in offices doing accounting. This is what happens when you let bean counters run the country, bean counters run the Veterans Affairs and bean counters run the military!

Demons come in many shapes and forms I wish the Canadian Government and the US Government would support the troops who support them and their countries.


On top of all of this bad new, I have been very sick, yesterday I had to go to the Hospital, treatment and pay for meds. If I was on Welfare or a Government flunky, it would have been free meds. Since I choose to walk my own path in this world, it cost me $160 for the meds. All former Military should be entitled to free meds, why not as some shit assed politician or flunky government worker who only works for a short time in the government is given free meds for life, who not the men and women whom serve the country for real and are willing and able to put themselves in harms way to defend this great country.

Pro Patria


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La Luna & Coyotes

positive –
Tonight as I sat watching the almost full Moon rise over the hill in front of me, the clouds glowed a slight pinkish hue. Colours of the clouds enhanced the view of the rising Moon.

At the 1/3 mark of the Moon rising, the Coyotes started to howl in delight of seeing their night-time friend and Mother Moon. Wonderful and beautiful, how glorious is my Life TV, I have the biggest of Big Screen TV shows, all day, all evening, all night.

Just step outside, return to Nature put down the remote and go remote or just sit on your porch. Remember our roots and heritage, step outside and rediscover reality.

When I moved over 2 years ago, I did not even setup the TV and I feel fine about that. I love sitting or standing by the meadow, watching the world go about its business, the sights, the sounds, the views, the spiritual connection to the land.


Q. Do you think the Coyotes think the Moon is a Mother

Q. Do you think the Coyotes worship the Moon as a Deity

Q. Do you think the Coyotes, just love watching the lovely sight of the Moon rising and greet the Moon and each other with happiness?


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