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Still sick so hard to update

I am still sick from the tooth infection, and now battling the effects of the anti-biotics. My arm is still so painful that I can barely get any sleep without a sleeping aid.

So sorry for no updates at all. I was also asked to go to the bush acreage but due to my current medical condition I declined, hopefully they will understand.

Right now I am trying to use my right arm as little as possible due to the pain involved, even typing this hurts way too much, and I still have to work.

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My views on the Latest Election Call !

Canadian Politicians
We do not need an election; we need real leaders not kinder garden sand box drop outs! What a bunch of d****h**ds wasting our money, do nothing Politicians.

I will never vote for another Politician again, I will only vote for real people, business leaders, people in business, Lawyers/Liers = standing on soap boxes blatantly playing games with Canada, what a waste another useless election after another useless long break for Parliament, their Xmas breaks or summer breaks would make teachers drool in envy, why do we let them use our money in this illegitimate way?? The entire government including the petty bureaucrats need a good spanking and to be put on probation!

Note: this election I will vote PC, because all the other parties have just lost my vote, I am fed up.
Perhaps I will vote Green Party though, I will look into that, to see if the Green Party Rep was for the election or not!

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What I did for Prepping in the last 2 weeks 26 March

Hi there everyone – read the following with caution!

Today I picked up a Machete sword for protection and usage, up till today for over a week nothing to prep for the following reasons;
Due to a tooth infection which I did not know about until the very last moment, of course on a Fri night, so no Dentists until Monday!

The infection spread rapidly, the infection started under a filling, so I did not feel anything, not even a twinge from the time it started. As it got critical, it went from HEY some pain to Please Shoot me, in 3 hrs time. From Fri night until Wed I slept about 8 hrs in total.

Now the real problem! The infection spread to my cheek, my jaw, my neck, my rotator cuff, into my elbow and today into my lower back and hip! I am on strong Anti-Biotics, pain killers, muscle relaxants (because the pain in my shoulder was just as bad as my mouth) and for 3 more nights Sleeping pills.

This week I will be going into the hospital for X-rays, ultra sound of my shoulder and arm, and a CT scan because the fevers this week were so high and long that I am having memory issues with some speach as well as Facial and name recollection!

A business associate of mine was at the Hospital yesterday and said he had the same type of infection, the result was they had to cut away part of his cheek and jaw bones due to the highly contagious and rapidly spreading infection from the teeth area! So Dentists are your friends more than I every knew. I asked around and found one that took care of people who are self employed and no medical insurance, although it might be too late, it would be worse if I tried to Tough it out longer.

Do not feel sorry for me or my pain, I am posting this here so if you have a few aches in your teeth, get to the dentist! I am posting this as an advisory to you. JFYI.. Take care

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What I did to prep this week 13 March

This week I spent most of it with my Parents as both of them were in the hospital. My Dad for complications due to Diabeties, and my Mother who fell on the ice and Broke her Hip, then had surgery the same day!

There is a good couple of stores that sell surplus in the Kitchener/Cambridge area where they are, and I bought tons of stuff;
mid sized cast iron Dutch Oven for only $24 new!
gloves, space blankest x5,
+ a spork – just could not resist.
Backup Compass that looks like a Silva Compass
600 ft of cord – 300′ para cord the other 300′ general purpose 220lbs cord (you do not always need the 550 cord)
3x bags of 8kg bags of brown long grain rice on sale for only $7.99 down from $9.99
10kg bag of brown general-purpose flour also on sale from $13 down to only $7.99
Ordered a deck of cards on Wild edible foods, so it will go into my pack when I get it! (might be the best of everything there!)
started carving again and will put my back up chisels in the long term bug out supplies, they come in handy for lots of reasons.
got a free 8 man tent from the local Auction,
picked up a insulated wood stove pipe to use when I make a portable rocket stove.
grommet kits and spare grommets for tarps
spare mantels for the lantern
Water Proof Neoprene socks (1 pair to test, if I like then another couple pairs of them)


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Family Emergency Helping

Family Emergency for a few days, in Cambridge right now, leave a message if you need me, our company. Thanks for your understanding.

yesterday noon, my mother fell on ice, broke her hip, got badly bruised on her back. Last night at 8 had an operation and they put a pin in her.Today she is recovering, better so far.
My Dad, problems with his foot, in and out of Hospital to get antibiotics and such.

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What I did for Prepping this week 6th March 2011

On another blog someone posted that with the price of gas going higher they bought Locking Gas Caps Well here in Ontario Canada where the price of gas is an all time high of $1.27 per Ltr (aprox $5.08 Gal US) that was one of the things I forgot to buy today thanks for the reminder. That is on my list for Monday now!

Found more info on a previous topic on how to eat your survival food. Now I know a lot more about sprouts and seeds and beans, so I will be buying a hand operated WheatGrass press it is only $54 Cdn and will make the shouts edible with lots or goodness in them.
· Then to order or make some trays for them to sprout in.
* Bought another small Blue Barrel for water tight storage, might leave it in the vehicle with all my BOB stuff in there not sure, I will be buying 1 every 2 weeks for the next 2 months.
* Playing with Fire is fun, now.. I am making expedient lamps and learning about wicks, I now have a few different ways to make the lamps some more elaborate than others as some are down right simple.
* Looking for parts for a portable Rocket Stove, for heating and making a smaller Cooking Rocket Stove as well. The Portable Rocket Stove that I am designing, am now looking for parts, now to make this as it is hard enough to get the parts, image after WTSHTF ?
* Will be making a permanent Rocket Mass stove, in the spring so found some great examples to make it work for me.
* Was looking at the pricing for some Canvass for my Yurt I will be making soon, so that when I need to move out of here in the next couple of months I do not have to be in my little camping tent.
· Found some local businesses that sell Anti-Biotic and Hormone free Beef and Chicken, bought some this week, it tasted yummy and less stress on my mind about the additives.
· Found info on Three Sister Gardens, very cool ideas for the interaction and symbiotic relationship planting of gardens. The Three Sister Method involves Corn, Squash and a climbing Bean variety.

On the Permaculture forum, they were talking about making portable rocket stoves, though the design was more semi permanent, I actually thought about it, and have come up with a great real portable design. Though finding the items here is difficult, no wood stove items in sight around here any-more, only gas.

My work is starting to get busy again, thank the Gods for miracles. This coming Sat there is a meeting for writers that I have missed the last 3 months so I will make sure I get there this weekend. Perhaps, I can make time to come up to the property before or on following Mon & Tues. I would love to stay at the property, but thoughts of freezing in the rain right now.. just not my thing any-more.. LOL wimp.. As it will cost me about $45 for the gas alone, I want to maximize the visit.

While up there, we will look for more cougar tracks! Kinda hooked on that know after the camera crapped out on me 😦
On the plus side, went to Staples and got a 4 gig card on sale (only $13).. yipppieeeeeee for me, now I can take about 5k pics.. LOL yes 5k way to many..

Now the next is not survival related but relaxation and skills that will increase my dexterity and Eye Hand Coordination, along with some fine detail work that will come in handy in the next 2 yrs or so.

I STARTED CARVING AGAIN.. Ya for me.. and about time.
Right now I am carving a Celtic Knot on Basswood. Simple and easy yet elegant and peaceful!
· Need to get some more Carbon Copy Paper, I need this as my drawing and artwork leave much to be desired, LOL.. a lot to be desired is an understatement really!

What did you do for Prepping this week or month so far?

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