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People Spam?


Serious question here actually and I need some imput. Every few days I go in and edit out the spam comments.

So the question, are they really spam? Should I keep the ones that look normal, even though they link to weird websites?
Will allowing these few, actually drive more spammers to the site?

Does it matter? Please offer some feedback



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Blogging Entries and Comments

Hello everyone;

I am new to using WordPress, so there is a learning curve to tackle. Today, I went to the main page for the Dashboard and noticed, Spam Comments. To my surprise, why surprise I did not think I had spam turned on, perhaps it is an opt out feature?

So I looked and there were about 9 comments that the Dashboard had flagged as spam, they do not show up anywhere else, so I will need to figure how to turn it off, and just approve comments. I rather doubt anyone will actually spam this Blog, and if they do they will be banned; their info of spam will be removed so what would be the point. I welcome reasonable questions and comments, even if I do not agree with things or it is a whole new take on the topic that is ok, so long as it is not Rude, Racist or just Nasty it can stay!

Cheers for now,

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