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Last Blog Post

Last blog post, is true.

Now this will not be the last ever, just a bit of warning. So Last before……. 

The last blog post that I did post stated that I would be modifying, revamping and posting more. That is and was all true. Right after that post, on my new windows 10 Acer laptop, decided on it’s own to go ahead and download 3.5 gigs of ms update and spyware crap! All this while I updated 3 pages in this blog and changed the title to wild_E (a nickname given, not taken).

Does not sound like much to people who connect via a normal house internet service. I still get Koodos phone internet service with I share with my laptop. ONLY 7 gigs total for the month. Then the next time I connected was to download an app, Google Keep to this new laptop. ANOTHER gig, in background Microsoft bullshit!

These weinerheaded Microsoft arrogant designers deemed, YOU will have almost NO control over Windows past 7, so 10 is even more clunky, wasteful, can’t be even remotely modified from it’s yuppy, guppy software engineering bullshyte wishes. Well wishes can be kisses and come kiss my a$$. What garbage! Even the MS Office I bought wants to download another 3-5 gigs of garbage before I can even fully load it.

WOW… underwhelming customer experience!!!
Microsoft under delivery and overpricing everything since they created themselves !!!!!!


All Ok, whew got that over with. So on with the show!

This blog on WordPress needs updating and layout changes. WordPress does not support this particular theme so for some days trying to figure it out. Remember I used to teach people how to use this, so, I am woefully behind in this new learning curve as well now. Looks as if WordPress has been sold off and is now a more pay per use site. If I want to have a nice looking, workable theme layout (the looks and layout along with modifying ability) I need to pay $5 a month. Can’t and Won’t do that, so today I will try to find the best of the worst free options, download it. Not sure if everything will still be available, to both you or me. I also can’t download and update the site anymore as that is a pay $$$ per use or gone with the retired theme? Not sure, so here is the plan.

  1. Update WordPress theme after this blog post.

  2. Sort out the garbage and revamp what I am able too! Hopefully make the navigation better as well. Looks clunky to me even on the laptop and unusable mostly on the phone. Huge differences as well.

  3. Update on a more regular schedule now that I am out of Hotmail jail.

  4. NaNoNaNo updates regularly. Entered again this year and despite all the computer issues in the last few days, well I am up to about 7.5 k words written. Wooo Me !

  5. Post the work written the next day or so. RUFF IT WILL BE RUFF !!! basic editing, basic spell check, not printed out and worked properly, RUFF work.

  6. NaNo feedback welcomed, Canadian and British spelling, trying to keep to Canadian grammar rules, RUFF, so any help out will be WELCOMED with open arms and most gracious thanks in return, in advance even! Thank you for your future help.

Thanks and stay tuned.
Note: might need to create another blog, so well, here goes.

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People Spam?


Serious question here actually and I need some imput. Every few days I go in and edit out the spam comments.

So the question, are they really spam? Should I keep the ones that look normal, even though they link to weird websites?
Will allowing these few, actually drive more spammers to the site?

Does it matter? Please offer some feedback


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Blogging Entries and Comments

Hello everyone;

I am new to using WordPress, so there is a learning curve to tackle. Today, I went to the main page for the Dashboard and noticed, Spam Comments. To my surprise, why surprise I did not think I had spam turned on, perhaps it is an opt out feature?

So I looked and there were about 9 comments that the Dashboard had flagged as spam, they do not show up anywhere else, so I will need to figure how to turn it off, and just approve comments. I rather doubt anyone will actually spam this Blog, and if they do they will be banned; their info of spam will be removed so what would be the point. I welcome reasonable questions and comments, even if I do not agree with things or it is a whole new take on the topic that is ok, so long as it is not Rude, Racist or just Nasty it can stay!

Cheers for now,

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