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Spring stalled

Spring… Stalled lol
Edit.. in the water area right now is a Robin catching worms.

Photo taken April 27, 2019

Same time last year winter blast storm as well though the snow had melted by now.

This is just a reminder as people think on living in the North, winter up here lasts at least a month longer on each side. Snow starts in November and stays till the beginning of April normally.

Now for preppers and survivalists, if you follow Googlers with no real training who suggest geo caching for supplies in winter is just the best way to do things, think again. This year with all the ice storms it would take over half a day just to dig down through the snow just to get to the earth. Then a half day to dig down to said hidden cache if you have a pick or two, possibly three. Yes, the ground is that hard even with mostly sand above the cache.

snowstorms in the north, never ending snow this year.

Robin in snow worm eating

Edit in:

The following pic is from this day last year!

No gardens here till end of May

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Still more white spring

So, about 6″ that is inches overnight of the white stuff that will not leave. Perhaps winter will win this year up here?

So still problems connecting and using my laptop. Everytime I connect to the interwebs, my laptop decides to download gigabytes of data. This kills my usage for the month as I access the internet using my phone’s data plan.

So, everything is still up in the air with the blog and my future plans. Could be big changes again, or not, must wait and see…

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Spring up here

So, go north but not plant until June ish, it is a soft date.

This is WHY, pix taken today during a rain / snow storm.

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