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What’s up?

So, some might be wondering what is up with this guy. Well, writing and doing some videos is what’s up !

Finally, finally got someone who actually does what they say they will do, and she edited some writing for me. This is the 4th person who said they would do editing and so far the only person who actually did any for me at all!

at all…

So watch for revisions to come your way on some things that were published already and maybe some editing before you see it.

Videos, youtubing again! I had mentioned it before so here is the link for the Youtube Channel. Please take the time to go and watch some of them, leave a comment and maybe even like some 😉

Cheers for now




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Smiles and Writing, and Parents

Sometimes it is the little things that make you smile, the little things that refresh your thoughts about Humans and our Future.

simple smile

Writing update.

Writing Programs

Parents, Prepping, food and water, self help

I can not get my parents to get it, can not get them to store any extras at all.

Drove across the city during the storm, outages to help them if needed, sat watching the news with them and slipped in some comments and asked some questions.
BRICKWALL ! I will just go to store and buy a generator ! wtf..
ok, so I said see the people there, water rising, cars stuck, no power. No way to get to the store, if you did there are hundreds at the malls now, see that shot, also they have no power so unless your willing to give them 2 grand for a $300 generator, and then find fuel no help there!

A. we will just make do or drive to a hotel ! wtf,, wtf..
hopeless, not sure what to do to them, my mother at least understood a bit more, and said she would put more away in the cold storage, but him, nothing not at all!
and HE is Ex Military to boot!




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I wrote this a while ago and just found it in my drafts…

What is it that we see, see in life, see in the mirror see ourselves and others? What makes some see greatness, some see themselves succeeding, some see themselves able to become more than what they are?

Could the answer be as simple as what they hear in their minds, hear in their heart or hear in the echoes with each footstep as they travel through this life? How do some overcome the negativity directed towards them, how do some overcome the negativity of situations? How do they overcome, breakthrough, persevere even though life throws every obstacle in their way, their path to greatness or just a path of happiness and joy?

Is it Karma or is the path predestined, agreed to before our very births a path not of what we see or hear or do but a path with the sole purpose of teaching us a lesson or a point? What if our lives are predetermined for good or ill to that end, what if our lives are predestined for a simple chance encounter or long term relationship with someone else whose own destiny is to share a moment with us, perhaps even the briefest of moments for a simple emotional response, lesson or goal?

How do we know if we have fulfilled our destiny, our laid out path for us? When is it enough, why is it so and when will it end? If we end the ride before someone or something else does for us, did we fail in our destiny or checking out early is what is meant for us to teach others around us the lesson? When does this endless plodding through ever thickening air that slows us and entraps us, when does it give away and allow us peace with rest or happiness?

To what end our existence, to what end do we strive ever onwards while we watch others live a life of joy and serenity? Is there a purpose to life, a reason for life an answer to our unspoken thoughts and prayers? Why do some think that only Humans have souls, why do some think that we are spirits or spiritual beings, why do some not look into the eyes of a loving fur companion and think there is no spirit or soul in there? Why do some strive to take or destroy other spirits, souls or godless heathens, those whom are not just like them in their little narrow minded ways of thinking?

To what end is it all for? Is there any meaning or any depth greater than this existence at all? Is the journey alone the reason or is it all just random non design, some luck of fate that we are here at all? Why allow all the suffering, why allow this continued retched existence, why?

What is the purpose of life? I would find the purpose of life very sad indeed if it was only the brief existence at that moment in time with nothing before or after. Hopefully the purpose to life is more than we can comprehend for that would give me some hope, some glimmer of comfort like the slim rays of sunshine slicing through the dark clouds after an extended period of rain. The briefest of slivers of light to shine through the dark illuminating that which is both around me and inside.

I could use that slight sliver of light right now, that briefest of hopes for a better future or purpose, anything.

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