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Still alive,
no posting, nothing going on, just making time. Same old same old.


maybe finally learning to not trust people as most are just untrustworthy!!!!



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What Is Your Job After The Apocalypse?

This is an interesting selection of questions in the quiz.
There are of course not as many questions or answers as there should be. There are also not as many choices as I would have made.

graphic of group standing at edge of shattered land and city


The answer to my job was what I thought it would be though!
Then I took the quiz again and the job was what I thought it would be, so;

Camp Leader
both are what I expected, so what are your jobs? 

Job after apocalypse


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Columbus Day and Thanksgiving Day‏

We would like to wish all of our members and viewing guests a happy and cheerful;

Columbus Day in United States
Thanksgiving Day in Canada

From the Leadership and friends in our Network !

You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The CanAmPreppers Team.

ps. we are always looking for others;
self reliant and self reliance
types of people from the USA and Canada  

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Sept 14th Let’s See What’s Edible in Greenwood Conservation Area! Ontario Durham Region

Sept 14th Let’s See What’s Edible in Greenwood Conservation Area! Ontario Durham Region
Wild Edibles Walk and Talk, show and tell by Karen the Wild Edibles Foody and Guru 🙂

Sunday, September 14, 2014
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Greenwood Conservation Area2290 Greenwood Road, Ajax, ON

Calling all Preppers, Self reliant, Homesteaders, Bush Crafters and well anyone who want to learn really !



Fields of Nutrition Wild Edibles on the walk, can you eat these, yes?

Fields of Nutrition on the walk, can you eat these?

IMG_20130820_121134b edibleweeds 010b

pic of bulrushes at side of pond

Bulrushes, so versatile, edible, fire starter, cordage, building material


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reminder Ontario Preparedness 2014 Event

2nd Annual Event

Ontario Preparedness is a collaborative effort to share knowledge, skills and understanding to promote preparedness and self-reliance. Every summer there is an event in which there is  a combination of brilliant speakers, incredible vendors,  and amazing skills workshops all focused to help others to become self-reliant and prepared for any possible event. Participation is open to everyone and there is no cost to attend.  This year’s event is titled Ontario Preparedness 2014.

see Ontario Preparedness 2014 Event

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Smiles and Writing, and Parents

Sometimes it is the little things that make you smile, the little things that refresh your thoughts about Humans and our Future.

simple smile

Writing update.

Writing Programs

Parents, Prepping, food and water, self help

I can not get my parents to get it, can not get them to store any extras at all.

Drove across the city during the storm, outages to help them if needed, sat watching the news with them and slipped in some comments and asked some questions.
BRICKWALL ! I will just go to store and buy a generator ! wtf..
ok, so I said see the people there, water rising, cars stuck, no power. No way to get to the store, if you did there are hundreds at the malls now, see that shot, also they have no power so unless your willing to give them 2 grand for a $300 generator, and then find fuel no help there!

A. we will just make do or drive to a hotel ! wtf,, wtf..
hopeless, not sure what to do to them, my mother at least understood a bit more, and said she would put more away in the cold storage, but him, nothing not at all!
and HE is Ex Military to boot!




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Videos of my Cane Corso x Great Dane

 She is a female Cane Corso crossed with a Great Dane, she weighs about 135lbs, is about 3 1/2 yrs old.

Cane Corso x Great Dane with a very big stick they are strong and very quick dogs

Here you can see her paws and a very quick zoom by, by Zelda.

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