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Canadian Redneck Hay Box Cooker

Canadian Redneck Hay Box Cooker

like the title says, ya’ll eh..

So I liked the hay boxes, but not into making up any more pillowy things that take up room.
Here are two of my hay box designs for us Northern Rednecks using everyday things we already have.
Women .. ymmv (ymmv – your mileage may vary)- as in you would probably not have used laundry kicking around!
1. Cook food up to a rolling boil for about 4-5 min
remove from heat
wrap bottom of pot in tinfoil
take your empty cooler you have in your vehicle, soft or hard sided
take some old cloths you have in there, put some on the bottom of the cooler
put in pot with the tinfoil on the bottom
now wrap the pot with some of your other cloths or overalls.
(hopefully they are not too smelly from working)
close the lid on the cooler
1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs
take out food ready to eat.
2. bring food to boil, rolling boil for 4-5 min
put tinfoil over the bottom (pattern there)
get a large plastic tub
place on your bed or other soft puffy surface, no not the dog..
put shiny windshield sun deflector, shiny side up laying across plastic tub
put pot with tinfoil in the middle
wrap the shiny windshield deflector around pot
put a towel over top of it now
toss on an old sweatshirt, not too smelly
toss on a pillow just to be sure
1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs
remove all that stuff,
take pot to table or TV tray
put into dish or eat from pot
enjoy, all nice and steamy hot !
This time, recipe was;
6 bean, pasta and pea soup,
dehydrated veggie mixture
added in some amaranth seeds
some organic grinder salt
olive oil
some texmex seasoning
some jalapenos sauce
some ground pepper, black
was supposed to be soup, but.. did not add in enough water to make soup so had chili/stew instead.. LOL
enjoy !!


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Pork Pot Roast 100 mile diete

So before I forget here is the recipie for the Pork Pot Roast that I did the other day in the crock pot.

Everything, pork, potatoes, onions, veggies, green tea grown in Ontario, even the cherries I put on top where from within the 100 mile radius, all from Ontario.

Pan seared the Pot Roast in my Cast Iron Frying Pan,
Put some Green Tea in the bottom of the Crock Pot
put in the Pork Loin Roast,
added in 5 large Potatoes (Ontario Whites)
– poked them with a fork a few times before putting them in
put Veggies on top
added some cherries on top for a bit of sweetness

Covered the crock pot, cooked on High for 4 hrs,

then on simmer until Dinner time of 7pm

Took it out, cut the string around the pork roast as it just fell off the fork.
Awesome Taste


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Hearty Omelette vegg or meat

Hearty Omelette vegg or meat

Hearty Omelette Variations

3 eggs beaten

Garlic 5 cloves

Red Onion 1/3

Tomato 1/2

Spinach handful, chopped up / ground up / shredded

Flax Protein Powder/ Hemp Protein Powder


Chicken/Beef leftovers

note: need to find some good No Milk Cheese sub)

Use Cast Iron Frying Pan, Large

Pre cook/Blanch



maybe even the spinach if you want, it changes the taste a lot

remove from pan / or use a smaller pan for this, you are just stirring and pre-cooking

Main large cast iron Frying pan

little oil, up to you (tip from Jamie Oliver; use 1/2 and 1/2 veg oil and extra virgin olive oil, cheaper and great taste )

cast iron fry pan should be on med (6-7)

put in the beaten up eggs

wait a moment for it to solidify on bottom

put in your ingredients

wait a moment, I cover it to keep heat and moisture in

flip up the one side to cover


reduce heat to min or 0, remember cast iron holds the heat very well, so it is eco friendly that way, it will also keep cooking it at a temp

now flip it over, quickly! cover, to keep in the moisture (I like it moist not dry)

do not worry if some of it falls out, it is all good, this is not Iron Chef or Chef Ramsie’s show 🙂

wait a moment, use flipper to peek in a moment, it should look and feel done, the bottom side you want golden and not burnt

use flipper put onto plate right away! (or it will still cook)

if you are doing more than one, cover with a lid/tin foil or put into the oven, with it on low temp to keep it hot/warm

wipe out cast iron frying pans completely, dribble some oil in pans, wipe, let sit on hot element to re-season (important)


Notes; using cast iron, takes some getting used to, but you will love it

use gloves with the handles, yes it is heavier, but aww so good to cook with, use weight training to get stronger arms (or wave pan at husband a lot, to increase muscle mass, Just kidding!)


Cast iron, when seasoned right, non-stick, easy cleanup, useses less electricity/gas, Energy to do the same job and has less chemicals than Teflon to hurt your health in the long run!

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Ground Beef recipe with Sauce HOT

Ground Beef recipe with Sauce HOT

I actually wrote down one of my concoctions, this time, normally I make it, eat it, then try to remember what I added or how I did it !

cook in cast iron fry pan, large

1 kg ground beef

water 1 cup

lemon juice – big squirt

Cocoa powder – 4 tbs aprox.

stir till brown

add into this ground beef mixture –

Louisiana hot sauce, Franks brand – big gulp full

plumb sauce – big gulp full

BBQ sauce – big gulp full

smoked paprika, pinch

Chili Peppers – 2 tbs

Sauce / Gravy

water cold – 1 Cup

corn bread mix,

brown flour

baking soda, dash

stir into fry pan, simmer for 5 min

pour over baked potatoes,

and corn added to the top for colour and vegieness

Hot and tasty !!

Writing Excersie


Follow UP

It was good, the sauce was very thick and awesome, but not hot enough. I will add more hot sauce into the sauce mix next time, and use Holy Habanera sauce or peppers to spice it up some more >:)

The yellow corn on top was a nice touch, I end…S

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Crock Pot Pork Loin Roast

Crock Pot Pork Loin Roast

1 pork loin cut in half

crock pot low height, as it will simmer all day

2 very large carrots put on bottom, broken into two pieces each

pork loin on top (this creates a convection process, as the juices and moisture raise up and around)

14 or so garlic cloves

1 cup mandarin oranges, poured over the top

1 handful of cherry raisins

splash of lemon juice

splash of Franks Louisiana hot sauce

sprinkle of smoked paprika

sprinkle of Taco seasoning (thanks Mom)

started at 9am – turned off at 5:30pm, use a spoon to remove as it is that juicy and tender, falling apart

perfectly done

put on plate with spinach leaves

use some of the juice from the crock pot as a tasty seasoning/dressing for the spinach

options – add potatoes to crock pot

options – serve with rice


Writing Excersice

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Modern Food, Anti-Biotics Dangerous Super Bugs

Modern Food, Anti-Biotics Dangerous Super Bugs

FOOD modern Food Danger Will Robinson!

a couple of days ago, I watched a Marketplace CBC Report on the dangers of the Antibiotics and steroids etc, that they put into chickens, from Eggs to Chicken in cages and afterwards! The report used independent Labs, found that there were up to 8 SuperBugs that could not be treated with Anti-Biotics, including the ones given to pregnant Women! It affects us all, this causes our bodies, and foods to create viruses etc, that Can Never Be Treated! People need to go to Hospital for intensive Intervenes treatments for simple colds and flue’s.

I am now looking for local food growers, who are Organic, do not use Anti-Biotics, and are reasonably priced!

Wish Me and You Luck

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Corn Bread Mix from Tyrone Mills

Corn Bread Mix from Tyrone Mills (yum yum) Located in Durham Region of Ontario, near Mossport Speedway! (it is worth the trip)

Instructions For Pancakes;

Beat 2 eggs, add to ½-1 cup Soya Milk / Almond Milk, put into pan veggie soya margarine or butter, melt Pour in mix.. then you know what to do !

For fluffier mix add in some more baking powder

For bannock, use bacon grease find your best bannock recipe (I have if you need)

For Bread;

Beat 2 eggs then add 1 cup buttermilk, 2ox melted non-salted butter and blend well. Add the wet mixture to dry ingredients. Pour the batter into a greased pad (8×8 inch) Bake at 400* for 20-25 minutes.

Ingredients; cornmeal, wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, salt

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