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WoW, just wow!


Just Fricken WoW…

My buddy Paul out in BC answered one of those simple questions online. I noticed his answer,

 thought about for just a minute, thought right answer.  Then to what do my wandering eyes should appear, OVER 30k answers to this simple question. 

I clicked on his answer then looked at the answers just after and that’s when I realized this Human populated world is DOOMED !

See for yourself, ffs!!

…  Edited in note: if you dare, read the post by a fellow named Matt. O my, O my, just taken to a whole new level, or lowered, not sure which?!

: O 

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Hi Fresh Northern Ontario Blueberries

Fresh Northern Ontario Blueberries, were my freshly picked after sandwich treat. 

I like stopping in out of the way, out of people’s reach places to explore. 

Zelda loves to explore as well.

Cheers, wild_E


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