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Fire, Snow and cooking
Re-Blogging and Linking to two separate articles here. Rogers Blog where he explains how to setup a campfire and a new to Youtuber, a prepper and self reliant buddy of mine who has a done a series of videos to show people how to make a winter shelter and how to build a winter fire. 

This is a skill that anyone who lives in any climate where there is cold and winter should know of. This post will have some of my own info included, some re-blogged info from Roger’s blog along with a re-blogged video series from a ex Canadian Military buddy of mine who lives way out in the flatlands of Canada!

This winter campfire photo was taken in January a couple of years ago. The next photo shows the same fire pit in the summer time.

A great way to build a fire in winter if you have a camping spot for year round use or look for established camping spots along any trail or campground. Remember you do not have to always re-invent the wheel, just keep it simpler and it works.
firepit lrgb

Same firepit in summer time as the winter shot above.

A blog post by RMACTSC where he explains how to setup a campfire
…. excerpt.. 
KINDLING is the foundation of any fire. It is made of lightweight materials that are capable of burning quickly and igniting heavier materials. Kindling can be made from a mixture of twigs, tiny sticks, slivers of shaved wood, dried leaves, paper, cardboard, cotton balls, dryer lint, birch bark, dried grass, dried pine needles, etc. You’ll be using small sticks to then form a tepee and get your fire started. …. read more….

The following link is to the topic of winter fire on the forum
… If you are in the bush and had nowhere to make a fire but on the snow, and no rocks were available because they’re all under the snow and ice, what would you do? … read more

The new YouTubers in action, building a winter fire and winter shelter heated by fire

Canadian Candle Fire on snow

The next is a series of photos created while I was at Buroak Wilderness Adventures this summer. The owner of the camp a buddy of mine created a stunning all season fireplace/pit. Just look at all the features this cooking camp fire pit has;

  • flat rock for use as a warming centre and for putting objects on like the kettle
  • lots and I mean lots of hanging hooks all created from hardwood branches
  • excellent over the camp stand
  • excellent front and back projection areas
  • not seen in the photo is a canvas cook’s tent which is close enough to the fire to catch heat from this in the fall/winter/spring making your old bones just a bit more comfortable!

Buroak Wilderness 012bb

Excellent campfire setup.

Buroak Wilderness 031bb

This shot shows the ease at which cooking at various heights is accomplished.
Buroak Wilderness 039bb

Dinner is almost ready, can you not just smell the yummy goodness! Fresh field potatoes, fresh picked corn (non gmo), fresh farm raised free range chicken.

Kinda making me hungry all over again! Plus the smell of freshly brewed coffee all cooked on hard and softwoods.

Remember the old ways, remember this is how Humans have lived for thousands upon thousands of years.

This is one of the reasons your computer screen saver is of the outdoors and not your bosses cubical or office! just saying !

Hopefully these skills will be appeal to you, so get out and learn or get out and practice but above all just get out and have some fun folks!
Until next time Cheers ~wild_E

Come on out to the forums at where we talk about this stuff and so much more for prepping, self-reliance, homesteading and survival skills.


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Blue sky even though Dark Storms are here

or alternate text and Title
Look for the Good in People even if they only show the Dark Stormy Negative side!

multi layered clouds, dark storm on the low side and high up, a patch of lovely blue sky

Look for the blue sky even when threatened by Dark Storm Clouds!

Politically correct bullshit is out past this sentence, enter at your own will. 

Recently a new buddy to myself and another vented that he spent all his time and energy helping others, but not himself. Sounds familiar to me, way too familiar.

Perhaps even after everything in my life and being let down by so many, I still look for the good in People. Why, I am not sure though it probably has to do with the morals that I was raised with. The Grandson of Preachers and Church Elders, who was always told to look for the good in everyone.

Well another event spent, helping a Woman who only had negative things to say about me and my poor attitude, really! After dropping plans I had, went to meet for a coffee and tried to help someone with some Van dwelling issues, the only thing spouted later on the Van dwelling forum was meaningless drivel about my supposed bad attitude and way of thinking.

Really, thanks, even after I made it clear that I try to help, there is no set way, there are multiple ways and that they should pick and choose what they needed from my info and from others. Sure I am doing this now for 3 Yrs, and a few before that as well, but there are always multiple ways of doing things and I made that clear. Do what works for you.

Another recent episode has me cast as the villain in someones delusional mind that I am the reason for her mental breakdown and keeping her sick. Seriously now, after getting a better offer to go to someones local small farm in the event of an SHFT event, I am was outcasted and vilified to those people, people who I got along not badly with. Sadly these people just agreed with her and never asked me any questions at all or inquired as to what my side was.

What is it with Women now that they think they can spew whatever garbage they want to about men? I have found the older women are the worst now and the younger ones, in the 20s are much more polite to men, odd reversal isn’t it.

Is it because the Single White Male is the Villian and to be vilified? Perhaps it is now politically correct to slander men in this day and age, as the poor women so misbegotten in the past. Yea, that was then this is now and even then most women had it pretty good, only in small instances did they have it bad. Deal with it..

P.S. Don’t like what I write on my private blog, leave and do not come back! Don’t like my point of view on my private blog, too bad!

Caution,, thunderhead in the clouds and of the clouds ahead !

large thunder head cloud, I see Satan face riding the maelstrom of anger and discontent in the clouds

I see Satan’s face riding the maelstrom of anger and discontent in the clouds

So, I will soon forget this fiasco and farce of a helping event and do it all again. Can you say Yea, Yay to brain injury and foggy memory!


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Barnyard Textures

Since I have been waxing poetic lately due to remembrances of times long ago and re-collecting people from my past today I indulge myself. Sorting papers and pictures from my past I thought that giving a go today with my little Cell Phone, would be a good re-start to create photography.

small shed roof

roof texture

Barnyard Textures

BarnTextures 070b

BarnTextures 006b

BarnTextures 008b

BarnTextures 010b

BarnTextures 012b

BarnTextures 013b

BarnTextures 032b

BarnTextures 036b

BarnTextures 039b

BarnTextures 044b

BarnTextures 051


BarnTextures 050b 

BarnTextures 110b


BarnTextures 125b

Quote: Dance like no one is watching..

    create photography like no one is viewing, 
       Write like no one will read it,
           create for yourself and fulfill your heart! 


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.
Gustave Flaubert


Apr 27, 2013 · 9:10 pm

Recommendation for Chef and Nutritionist Rhoni Speed

Recommendation for Chef and Nutritionist Rhoni Speed This past weekend i was treated to the delightful tastes, smells and presentations of several of Chef and Nutritionist Rhoni Speed culinary arts. Recipes that would have required me to look and measure diligently were whipped out from the top of her head with apparent ease as well as flexibility.

pic of raw organic healthy foods with a pestle and mortar

raw organic foods

Chef Rhoni inquired on my allergies, medical history as well as food likes and dislikes to come up with some wondrously tasty meals. All meals were Vegan, so no animal products or dairy of any kind. As I am allergic to Milk some of the delightful tastes and food alternatives were designed to replace foods that I had not been able to eat for at least 4-5 yrs. Cheese, now how do you make Cheese without diary?

Chef Rhoni the specialists whipped up cheese from scratch from some sprouted things and nuts and well just ask her yourself. The taste, well the only thing I can say is WOW, what a taste and delight for the tongue and senses. Chef Rhoni also had the forethought to make two batches of a Pepper flavoured cheese, one the day before so some was in a hardened state and one was in a softer spread state. Although identical the different states of the cheese had different tastes and textures to the palate.

There was also a lovely Pesto flavoured cheese, now since I love the taste of Pesto as well, though it always has dairy in it when store bought, this was yet again another taste sensation from years ago. Freshly cut organic celery as well as home made Chia Bread/crackers were made in a special dehydrator. The celery and Chia crackers upon which we spread the yummy cheeses had wonderful flavours of their own.

Peeking into the Fridge you see many bottles and saucers and other containers, looking into this fridge is definitely not like looking into a Store bought, mass produced, pre processed food fridge, not at all.

Dinnertime was much earlier than I was used to as it was at about 530 ish, while my normal Dinner time is 7-8 pm. This is an important comment as I was wondering about being hungry later in the evening as sometimes with the processed foods which are nutritionally lower, I am sometimes hungry even in as little as an hour later. Well I can honestly say the quality of the foods kept me full right through to Breakfast time, which was also later than my normal timing.

pic of what breakfast looked like

this is what breakfast looked like

Breakfast was another exploration into the realm of taste, textures and sensations for the palate to savour and enjoy! I will not go into it except to say that everything was made from scratch using organic, raw and ultra healthy food as well as food combinations.








If you wish to know what the ingredients were, contact Chef Rhoni for a more detailed menu and consultation.

pic of an apple on grass with a lovely sun flower with a quote from Plato

caption from Food and You blog


As a closing note, most meals that I prepare for myself seem bland in taste and colour compared to the meals that Chef Rhoni whipped up with ease and confidence. I whole heartedly recommend her for Nutritional Consultation, for food preparation as well as food gathering as part of your journey to wellness and a return to Food Health.

Rated 110% out of 100%

The additional 10% was a surprise as her 7 1/2 yr old Son seems to be a Chef in training, full of information as well as food knowledge and skill. It is not often you see an almost 8 yr old boy make a Lunch from Scratch, whole preparation out of the fridge and cupboards with ease and eagerness.

As it was his idea to make the Wholesome and Yummy Lunch I watched closely and was impressed when he asked only two questions for clarification of his Chef Mother, then asked me a question on clarification on which added foods I liked (we both love Avocados).

Nice touch and impressive so when the Chef asks you food allergies as well as what types of food you like then follows up with medical history questions, answer honestly and you will get healthy meals designed to taste great and work for your body towards a healthy food healing result.

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Overcoming Nerves and starting to believe in oneself

Watching this video, I was not ashamed to email the person back who had sent it and say Wow, so incredible and there are tears rolling down my cheeks! Pretty strong emotional response from a Guy/Dude! Believe it or not that is what inspired me to write the poem this morning. I started to make Breakfast and the Poem just came to me, so I wrote it down and decided to share it with others.

Overcoming Nerves, breaking internal barriers, not listening to the voices inside your head from others and yourself that say you can not do it, your not good enough, your wrong, your bad and the list goes on and on. The Tally sheet of malicious people who cruise lives with evil intent or just don’t care how their words affect others!

Listen to his words, he was bullied and belittled, if One person in the world did not support him realize that he would not have finally got to audition and stood on stage. Take the chance bare your soul and help and encourage others. Be a positive force in the world and in others lives. Don’t Tell me your a good Christian or Muslim, show me you are for words are cheap or they are power so use the power of the words to Create not Destroy!

Nervous Man Nearly in Tears Ends Up Blowing a Crowd Away

When Christopher Maloney performs The Rose by Bette Midler… he will knock your socks off. You wouldn’t believe he was nearly in tears before this!

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Poem of the Heart

OK folks, now do not laugh at me, Poetry is not my thing though occasionally  I do try to create a Poem.

I pushed you away,
Let you walk,
and Look where it got me!

If I draw you in
Invite you to Stay.
Where will it take me?

~author me Wild_E, April 2013

Option Two  – so need help folks with the ONE work that will be in red, which version do you like as well as the punctuation! Punctuation seems odd in Poems to me and regular writing is bad enough now.

I pushed you away,
Let you walk,
and Look where it got me!

If I draw you in
Beg you to Stay.
Where will it take me?

~author me Wild_E, April 2013

My option is for Poem One as I do not beg and it takes on a different connotation. Now some will Say Poem 2 would be more in line with strong feelings, so give it a read, give it a shout and tell me what its all about! (sorry could not resist a little Rhyming poem…LOL )


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Easter update, Good Friday & Grandpa

Happy Easter to you and your family

Sorry to not be so chatty in the last while, Too much No work and sickness, not enough Work and moving forward with better luck and health.

Good Friday, my last grandparent died. My Grandfather was 101 1/2.. LOL he loved that he was 101 and a half. Although he would say he was 111 he got a little confused sometimes.
Regrets, I could not go to see him since I got sick. Not knowing what it was kept me from seeing him even at Christmas. I did not want to get him infected and die from what was almost killing me.

Since My Grandfather was a very Staunch Christian, it is fitting that he was taken to the next adventure on Good Friday. I am sure he is with his Loving wife my Grandmother, his Brother and Sister in Law who died in January in church.

He touched many people in his long life, we are all better people for knowing this kind heated man.

Some of my Favourite  memories;
Watching the fish and the water fall down the wall in the basement fish pond he build using the wall and floor that he modified into a rock wall waterfall and an in-ground fish tank/pond for the winter.
Watching the fish swim in the outdoor, in-ground fish pond in the shape of a heart for his wife my Grandmother. With lilies planted for the fish and for my Grandmother who loved them as well.
Wandering around the gardens at both the house and cottage
Magical times at the Cottage, build by the 4 of them by hand. Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle.

Cottage; reading and playing in the upstairs loft, that overlooked the living room, warmed by the wood stove that was in-between the living room and the kitchen
Learning to read, adventures on the high seas in a Canoe and sail boat. Travelling by the high seas to distant islands and scouring the shores and causeways by canoe. (high seas to a little kids anyways)
Hiking the trails, Bruce Trail, Heather’s Caves Trail, bush trails and the awesome trails around the large Water Falls near the Cottage and town.
Getting fresh spring water in the old copper milk containers from town and bringing it back to drink.
Watching my Grandfather plant more Water Lillies in the lakes and ponds around the Cottage, creating beauty and tiny eco systems for the good of nature and the sights for humans.
Helping to remove and get rid of Leaches that were tenaciously hanging on to his legs and feet after the Water Lilly plantings.

A kind and gentle man who was warm and caring, a man who smiled with his face and his heart. When he shook your hand and drew you in for an embrace you knew that was his way of telling you that he loved you!

Watching him turn up the hearing aids after Grandma would call out loudly Dord.. Dord her secret way of calling him, her special nic name for him. In a house so full of women, that he learned to turn down the hearing aids as he sat there, drinking Tea and eating cookies.

Always Tinkering around, he created many little inventions to make their lives easier in the house and the cottage.

One of the al time best things was a funny little thing, funny that I even remember it actually. He asked me to describe what a computer was to him (actually he asked a few times )
I responded, it is like a TV, Radio, Fax, telex, answering machine, writing desk all rolled into one. Eventually I showed him my laptop and my Aunt D’s Facebook page who lives in France as a Missionary Trainer. I dictated a message for him and uploaded a picture that I took with my phone onto my Facebook page. Has impressed and laughed and laughed.

For someone in his day, to write a letter, have it travel by ship, train to England and have it answered in O lets say 3-4 months, I am sure that a lap top computer and Phone with camera and messaging systems in place must seem like George Jetson, ultra fantastic To the Moon Technology.

Born in 1911 during the Great War, soon he emigrated from England with his Brother Al and moved to Canada.

One of my Favourite photos is of My Grandfather and Grandmother when they were still dating. Taken by him at a picnic, they are looking at each other smiling and laughing, wonder what they were talking about that made them so happy or was it just being together? Luckily he showed it to me and I retouched the photo up, so that it could be seen better. Happy to be a small part of that photo, it brought me closer to my Grandparents.

They bought a house that was at the top of the city, he explained this to me in his Nineties while I was driving him around.
We went on a tour, he showed me some of the old houses that were part of the farmers fields and setups where they bought some of their fresh produce a few blocks north of their long time home.
A few blocks North of the Danforth in Toronto, was the top of the city when they bought their home so very long ago. Now it is a continuous mass of houses, buildings all the way up past Barrie.

He lived in his Home until he was about 97/98 yrs old, the only home they bought, lived in from mid 20’s to early 30’s, man that is a very long time! Longer than anyone has been alive in the family.

Along came My Father T, My Aunt H and Aunt D,
then came other little grandchildren Hey that’s me 🙂

Innovations at the cottage for Lunches bought my Grandparents some needed down time from Grandkids;
Reading Lunches
Exploring Lunches
Puzzle Lunches
and the ever popular, Treasure Map lunches all designed to get little inquiring, noisy Grandchildren out for some much needed Time so they could have some quiet time alone.

Random memories;
Toby Mugs
Glass Paper Weights
packing the car for trips ( stay out-of-the-way! )
Generations of Chipmunks at the Cottage, that ate food from your hand, your arm, your shoulder and from the lofty tops of your head, for some of them.
Ultra smart Dogs named Tuffy and Butsy, who could open little cupboards on command and get out the treats.
Cleo the little dog,
a Cat who acted like a dog, cool cat! 

Photography that he took and that my Grandmother coloured
Toast, he loved his toast in the morning with butter on it, but it had to be held up with a knife so it would cool, then he would put jam on it.
Me I like toast warm, not cold.

Church was a big part of their lives as well.
Churches near their long time Home, Church up at the Cottage, Visiting Churches overseas in Great Britain and in the Middle East.

At 98 yrs old he had to go into the Hospital and Retirement Home, there he continued to be of happy spirits, smile a lot and generally make everyone around him happy.

Everybody at the Hospital, the Retirement Home, always said what a Joy to be around him!

Survived by;
My Father who is coming back up here from Down South
My Aunt D who is flying in from France
My Aunt H, who was the main caregiver for many many years, during his last few years in the Family Home as well as at the Hospital and Retirement Home and is to be commended for all her Love, caring and attention to her elderly Father that is deserved. Not easy that job, but rewarding but not easy.

Survived by 3 levels of Grandkids, that is a lot of generations to boot
Friends, Neighbours, Cousins and everyone who met him.
born in 1911 you have lots of friends and relatives proceed you, though I never heard him complain about that.

We are all better people for Knowing him and from the Luck granted to us from being part of his Life.

Rest in Peace George T, my Grandfather
forever in the Hearts and Minds of people who you touched along your long journey in this life
1911 – 2013


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Let Your Bigot Flag Fly! (or: Merry Christmas!)

Let Your Bigot Flag Fly! (or: Merry Christmas!).

Though I did not write this, the post needs to be reposted!

Last year I made a point of saying Merry Christmas to any and all non Christian associates and friends. In every case I was greeted with a big smile back and a hearty Merry Christmas in return. Please note here that most of them were Muslim, a Hindu and 2 Pagan/Wiccans!


The Politically correctness that invades the schools, invades our lives and would be best done away with. Please read her post and smile like I did, if you disagree, then post it here for others, though make sure you state politely why you disagree.

So, it is a great post isn’t it and I double Dog dare you as well.. too funny Double Dog Dare you for a Christmas message!




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Christmas Presents

Well saw the title in the Canadian Preppers site, thought about it and well here is my response and thoughts;

Re: Christmas presents for the non Prepper

Postby WildernessReturn » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:10 am

Why not make them a Mountain Man Survival kit!
make them a special EDC or small bug out pack;
** firestarters x3 or x5 different ways to start fires
esbit stove stand
cat can stove
Military Water Bottle with Canteen cup
Tea/Soup/coffee – decaf for kids and dogs!
SAS survival manual
etc etc.

Telescope, you both learn Night time Navigation together. Telescopes can also be used as spotting scopes with the right eye piece!
Or maybe a spotting scope to view the wildlife, together. This way you can teach them Trees, plants, animals camouflage, etc etc. Good for both Boys and Girls.
Boys Camo .22lr
Girls Pink or Purple .22lrGet them to shoot now, get them interested then when and if there is a full breakdown they can help the family and contribute by getting tree and roof chickens!
Hiking Boots
snow shoes
skis/cross country skis, telemark skis

a Toboggan that is bigger, so it can be used by the family for fun and for winter camping trips.
Compass, as in Silva Compass that way they can use it for signalling as well and learn the Canadian Military way. I can send you Cadet training material on compass and map use to assist as well.
Then go and spend some time with them out in the bush, hiking around and sharing with them! Maybe make one for the Wife/Husband – spouse as well, family time spent being out and about, learning etc.

** water/wind proof matches
** cotton balls dry – cotton balls rolled in Petroleum Jelly
** striker/flint/magnesium
** zippo lighter in ziplock
** sting for a bow drill

My Parents Xmas Prezzies this year will be;

Emergency Vehicle supplies
– candle in pop can air heater
– TP roll in can w/ Methyl Hydrate fuel for cooking/water boiling and heating
— pre fill the container, seal tightly
supply with Duct taped fire starter/lighter and a paint can opener, small bottle with Methyl Hydrate in there.
Cost about $5 = so they do not freeze to death

Will also add in 2 emergency space blankets
few packages of soup/tea/coffee
lemon drink, to drink cold or hot
small pot, made from a can with a wire handle & lid
granola bars, chocolate bars
emergency box cutter (US peeps) Utility knife for CDNs

I am thinking and adding in this now, I might make them a Hobbo stove as well, nest the other objects in there, to save room and increase the chances that they stay in the vehicle!

Last Xmas I blew a ton of money on them with electronics and other stuff that they did not use, or discontinued right away. So this year, they get stuff to put in their vehicle. If they break down in winter and freeze to death, I did my part!

Merry Christmas in advance!


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Scammer Alert Rough language warning


Hello People sorry to post this but trying to save a few others in Northern Ontario and mid Ontario I know about this Wackjob scammer.
I am no longer in business, moving to the north and was trying to assist someone. Turns out, they are quite the scammer, for lack of a better word.

In accordance with the email and veiled threats directed at myself, plus the fact I have No Tolerance for Stupid and Ignorant People, I posted this on Facebook to help others stay away from him.Update on Aaron Penny, scammer thief wannabe..

Aaron Penny

screen name .. again.. HOPITRAILS.. – Username:hopitrails

another site

Does not play well with Stupid People

Does not play well with Stupid People

I just found out that when he had my vehicle for 2 weeks while I was in the mine, to help him out and  LOOK after my Dog, which you read about that. The little jackoff,,, stole from me!

stole my Grandmothers diamond and gold necklace that I had given her, that I had in my Van to give to my sister as a Xmas prezzy!
It was hidden in a bag, in a zippered up pocket in a white wrap, inside a zip-lock bag.

= zip-lock gone, white wrap there, empty, zippered up pocket on the bad => no way for it to just fall out => stolen
when I had it made by my jeweller landlord the wholesale price at that time was $1100 dollars that was 15 yrs ago. The diamond alone was worth $900 wholesale, retail value of that piece was about $2 – $2.5 grand at that time!
so this little piece of trash probably pawned it or sold it for the gold. That would make sense as a couple of others that came in contact with him, questioned how he could afford the Gas money and all of a sudden had more money out of nowhere for food and clothing.

stole one of my bush knives => k-bar worth $100
stole a couple of other things from me that were just redundant emergency supplies in the Van.

I received the personal message that was sent to me about this lying cheating thieving scammer! He has been trolling the sites sending out messages, PM messages to people in Mid to North Ontario. I know this for a fact because he told me this in person. Of course it would have been before I caught onto his bullshit, I knew he was not all there but thought he might be ok to be on the property to do some low-level stuff. Be a property dweller to keep the thieves away, little knowing that HE is a thief!

This is a shout out about this piece of shit before he scams others in the name of his serious prepper returning to the land, bla bla bullshit scammer..

am I pissed, YOU BET I AM !!
will I get this family piece back, one of the two things I got from my Grandmothers estate? NO..

Posted in my Facebook account ….

a message from a scammer, posted so others in Ontario will not fall for his scams and leaching ways..

From Aaron Penny; “good luck with everything.Give Zelda a scratch for me. Im going to go it alone from now on as Im tired of the BS/I spent two weeks taking care of your dog and van,helping you find a place .And even though you knew my situation getting fucked at the muskoka property and being as you put it”without

 a pot to piss in”…and you still had the nerve to nickel and dime me and act like you did me a favour.Zelda had the best two weeks of her life and wasnt hit once.So again I wish you luck but I want nothing more to do with ya.oh and another thing dont get pissy just let it go,Ill not speak of this to anyone but stay away from me”

Wow… For a guy who claims he is so… “SMART” you’re a fucking dumb ass lazy Idiot !
could not figure out how to put air in tires
could not follow simple directions on how to check oil in Van, so it was 2.5 ltrs down.. since you are so.. smart… you know on dodge engines in the 3 series, at 3 ltrs down the engines warp (to sum it up, you let the engine level go down 2.5 ltrs on a 4 ltr engine!)

you allowed Zelda up on the furniture/bed
you allowed her to run up and bark at people into their personal area at will
you allowed her to become physically over powering to another large dog, to the point she was throwing the other dog around
you allowed her to chase the chickens, she never chases chickens unless they run from her, then she gave a little sport then stopped
you allowed her to poke the chickens at will

I told you never to change her food
you changed her food to a brand that is lower than low
you changer her food to a brand that is also always on the recall list for food production issues, one of the brand that killed off a few thousand dogs. Including my Sister and her partners Dogs!

I filled up the van to full in Cochrane! gave you $60 in advance to buy dog food if needed (knowing the food only cost $30), so you bought the cheapest $25 shit brand and pocketed the rest
you threw out her dog chain
refused to be a Man and a leader with an Alpha breed dog
use your little stolen Jack Russell Terrier as a security blanket against the world, so people with have more sympathy with a dumb ass like you. Worlds smartest man, serious Prepper,
put 3150 km on my van in two weeks
complained about the vans fuel mileage and how much it cost (no shit,, 3k in two weeks)

HIT my Dog.. never once have I hit the dog.. I do give her shoves/pushes, turned my back, set her aside with my leg all in a dog like fashion, fold over the leash 3 times and give her little taps, corrective taps for training and discipline.
. but O the worlds smartest Man would never ever have noticed things like reality, dog training or simple life skills..

Zelda ran around happy to see me for 30 mins, could not even sit still, abused dogs do not act that way, but O the worlds smartest MAN.. would not notice so trivial of points

Reality.. you’re a Scam artist / Misogynist / master manipulator / Con Artist / lazy.. so lazy you refuse to get a real job, since you can’t leave Jack the stolen dog from Molly. Did they teach you all that in Acting School, or did you develop this all on your own.

You prefer to beg rather than work.
When offered free food from a store, you chose candy.. only candy.. I had to force you into taking fruit. How prepared would you be then, candy.. please Dumb ass

Numerous times you were given money, food, van for two weeks, I overlooked your obvious lack of real world skills, bush skills, offered you tools and equipment. You refused to go to a scrap yard and look for a wood burning stove, refused to even attempt to create one yourself, repeatedly stated.. “Jeff will make one for me”

How much Money, food, tools, other things have you blatantly borrowed from people, O please loan me this money with the intent of never paying them back? = Theft !
How much of the Taxpayers money have you pilfered from the coffers of the government while being able to work, yet finding the poorest excuses of all for not working, ever! again Theft

Find me a place? I have a place in this world, I have two places to live in the Durham Region/in Cochrane there is a place I may rent, in Timmins 2 places, Iroquois Falls 1 place, in New Liskard area there are now two venues open to me, how convenient your misdirection of meaning with your words you are.

You Pissy, Self Richeous poor excuse of a failed human being.

Get pissy.. you little toad, I will be back up that area Next week, I will seek you out for a face to face.. um hhmmm umm well umm, discussion. (in your failed version of speaking.. phrased that way on purpose so others might recognise your scamming ways if you meet them!)

You can then extol the virtues of your full life of Study in the Martial Arts! Perhaps demonstrate some of those said, often stated skills!
sorry for holding back folks…
screen name hopitrails
real? name Aaron Penny
scammer/prepper scammer/life scammer

I encourage you to find me, to come chat with me!

ps. If you need help with the big words, either Google them, ask some other Poor Sap you happen to be Leaching off of or email me back for clarification in purpose with some smaller simpler words

ps… You were given $80 for looking after the dog,
plus food for yourself..
the following tags were put into the post to help others when they search for information to stay away from this little toad!

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